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    Varies science fiction (star trek, Battlestar Galactica, Dr who)

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  1.  Merry Birthiversary!





  3. Happy Birthday. :(

  4. Happy birthday! :pinkie:

  5. Hey Vale,I know..I've been gone for awhile,but I'm back,just hope you're alright

  6. Hey, Valencia,

    For the little while that we knew each other, you were always a good friend and one of the first people I met when I came back to MLPF, but, now that I'm no longer part of the fandom and have decided to leave the forums, I just wanted to say that I miss chatting with you, and I'm hoping we can get back in touch again via Discord...

  7. Valencia

    Greetings, all

    Thank you Lulu, it means so much for you to welcome her like that *hugs tightly*
  8. Valencia

    Greetings, all

    of course you can ^W^
  9. Valencia

    Greetings, all

    Hello love 💗 I'm glad you've joined me here, I have a beautiful group of friends around me and I've been more than excited to share them with you ^w^ I know we can have great times here together
  10. Valencia

    Hello there everyone/everypony!

    I was sharing who I thought butters should try and talk to in a post on his page and you were one of them @Nightfall Gloam
  11. Valencia

    Hello there everyone/everypony!

    See @Butterscotch Pony? Told you and I didn't even mention you to him xD
  12. Valencia

    Hello there everyone/everypony!

    Oh so fries sent you my way he's a sweet one ^w^
  13. Valencia

    The WPCC Lounge

    if you go back and read, its not terribly long- like one page oh aren't you one of the best ^w^
  14. Valencia

    The WPCC Lounge

    indeed it is my fluffy yellow pone :3 *grabs and cuddles- petting your mane as if you were a cat*
  15. Valencia

    The WPCC Lounge

    a wild roleplay between @Mirage @Alexshy and myself ^^ thats what I was referencing with that last post