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  1. i hope youre okay my friend *giggles* im sure you are, and i hope you have fun but we miss you *hugs*

  2. Hello again my most wonderful friends!! ^W^ I hope you've all had  a most splendid day/ night! :D *hugs everyone tightly*

    Im sorry again for taking off like I do... I  just get caught up in life stuff,I and then I get anxious about coming back after I've been gone so long :adorkable:

    Ended up having to take my grandmother to the ER this evening,. And it's was pretty stressful there for awhile, but it turns out she's doing okay and they're gonna keep her for observation overnight:catface:


    And other than that... That day has been AWESOME!! :pinkie: from outta nowhere I get this gem 


    And THEN the new Pokemon trailer has me HYPED TO THE MAX!!! :pinkie::yay: 


    Pokemon was my childhood... I can't help it pons :lie::muffins:

    *Kisses @Princess of Snow lovingly, then relaxes in my favorite cushy chair* do tell me my wonderful friends, how was your days/nights? :rarity:💗

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    2. Alexshy


      Well, hot tea actually helpeth against becoming thirsty again fast *dainty alicorn smile*

    3. Tacodidra


      Hello! :D It was a good day in general, not the most eventful one but still enjoyable. :)

      I'm glad to hear your grandmother is alright. :kindness: I hope there won't be any more stressful things happening!

      I listened to that "Africa" cover – it's a good version (and it was interesting to hear how it came to be). And I loved Pokémon as a kid too – I've fallen out of the loop but I still have great memories from those days. :rarity:

    4. Wannabrony


      *hugs back*

      Hey Valencia! ^_^ Don't worry about it, sometimes real life and the forums are just too hard to juggle, you just have to put one down for a bit. :)

      For me, I've been doing well. But yesterday I got a sore throat and it hasn't gone better since, maybe it'll get better by tomorrow? :muffins:

  3. Time for me to head to bed lovelies :catface: I'll be back tomorrow ^w^ thanks for the warm welcome back and the wonderful welcome to my marefriend ^w^ 

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    2. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      Good night. Have pleasant dreams!:fluttershy:

    3. Valencia


      Thanks wonderfuls ^w^ :D i thought I'd posted another update earlier today about work and how I'd be back later, but I guess it didn't go through :lie::muffins:

    4. Jade Fire

      Jade Fire

      these servers arent the most reliable at times *giggles*

  4. Valencia

    Greetings, all

    Thank you Lulu, it means so much for you to welcome her like that *hugs tightly*
  5. Valencia

    Greetings, all

    of course you can ^W^
  6. thanks for the follow new friend ^w^ 

    1. Vinyl.Scratch


      Ohh Thanks a lot ! You "two" seems to be so nice and friendly ponies *hugs*

  7. I'm happy you're *so* happy, BFFFF! :yay:


    I wish both you & @Princess of Snow nothing but happiness! 




    1. Valencia


      thank you wonderful BFFFF, you're always a delight to talk to and I"m so glad we're friends :rarity::D

    2. Sparklefan1234


      You're Welcome! :squee:

      I'm *so* glad we're friends, too, Best Forum Friend For FIve-ever! ^w^ :D

  8. I broke the charging port on my phone :(

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    2. Valencia


      yes muse its not liked me recently and now its been put the fast track to retirement >_< :lie: I'll have to find a solution to this issue

      I'm thinking I'll probably end up selling my ps4 pro I don't use so I can have the necessary fundage to buy a replacement :catface:

    3. Alexshy


      Well, if 't be true thou hast some platform for gaming still... I can't promise anything, but mayhap I can find some time for online gaming, despite being busy :orly:

    4. Valencia


      oh I would love that!! :pinkie: I have all the consoles and a pc, whatever you'd wanna play I'd be down for grace! ^W^

  9. _hugs and cuddles her regal blue sister_ I'm sorry I've been away dearest :rarity: but I've brought my marefriend @Princess of Snow with me :pinkie: ^w^ 

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    2. Valencia


      ohhhh @Sparklefan1234:rarity: you're such a gem <3 and I"m very happy to be back where I belong here with my most amazing royal counterpart ^W^ :yay: *tackle cuddles @Alexshy and buries my snoot into her chest floof*hehehe:pinkie:

    3. Alexshy


      Awww!!! I'm arrant happy to see thee, sunny... and for you both... and... and... *kisses your snoot and jumps around like a filly* Squee!!! yaaay.png.8473b4332247d31a72c33c63d2054a6c.png


      *rushes to greet your marefriend personally* Squee!!!

    4. Valencia


      I've told her so much about you muse :kindness: she knows I think the world of you :rarity::D I so happy to have all of us together like this ^w^ 

  10. Valencia

    Greetings, all

    Hello love 💗 I'm glad you've joined me here, I have a beautiful group of friends around me and I've been more than excited to share them with you ^w^ I know we can have great times here together
  11. I'm sorry I've been away but things have been a roller coaster of very good and bad, but things are starting to calm down for me :rarity: 

    Hard stressful work, domestic abuse and exciting new ventures all the same time, it's been a ride :lie::blink::muffins:


    I love you all, I mean that, I'm sorry I left like that :( 


    But now I have someone very special I want you to all meet, she's someone that I've quickly came to love dearly and plan on building a life with here in the n zt couple of months, please, everyone go and give @Princess of Snow a big pinkie pie welcome to the forums on her welcome post!! (That is is she's out it up by the time I've made this post) 


    Pons she really mean the world to me, if I could describe how we are, it'd be like half halves of the same piece of artwork, where you could lay one over top of the other and make the full image :wub: she hasn't been into ponies for a good bit, but she still likes the culture of the fandom and wants to meet all of my lovelies!! ^W^ :yay: She cares enough to make an account so we can change out here together :wub::rarity: do please go and say hi 💗


    I love you my friends, I've never felt more at home in a community, and I simply HAD to bring my girl home to meet my pone family ^W^ :pinkie::yay::lol::P:wub:


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    2. Valencia


      I"m sorry I didn't respond to these new messages pons, I dropped and broke the charging port on my phone ;~;:( I've been in a rush to try and back it up so I won't loose anything xc

    3. SnakeEater


      Welcome back!

      I'm so sorry to hear that things have been difficult for you, just know that we're always here for you buddy. :smug:

    4. Johnny1226


      Ah welcome back Valencia we've missed you I've definitely missed you my friend and I've now added princess of snow as a friend as well 

  12. Hello...there! :fluttershy:

    1. Valencia


      _hugs tightly_ hello my friend!! ^w^ you've you been? :kindness:

  13. Hope you're doing well. ^^

  14. Come back soon! 

  15. Hey hope you're not working to hard :squee: