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    Be grateful for what you have;practice patience and understanding
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    I enjoy listening,as well as performing and creating music ^^

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    Varies science fiction (star trek, Battlestar Galactica, Dr who)

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  1. How's everyones evening going pons? :D

    1. Steam Control

      Steam Control

      going good :3 -boop-

    2. Valencia


      *boop* ^w^ 

      Great! :D

  2. waiter! there is a ______ in my soup!

    There's a @Stormfury in my soup! How it got there I have no idea, but I believe I really need a replacement for this, I mean, it's more like they're sitting on my bowl oh no, I'll keep this pone here with me, there's no need to take it away just bring another bowl of soup, I have uses for these types of things *Snuggles as the waiter walks away*
  3. -boop- for having a awsome Celestia avatar ^^

    1. Stormfury



    2. Valencia


      Thanks cuties :D:kindness:

    3. Stormfury


      Thanks, honey honey. 

  4. Hello my dears :rarity: I hope you're all having a wonderful day :D for me, today's going to be breaking bad, lounging, starting a book later and maybe some blaster Master zero ^w^ 


    Stay warm sweethearts :kindness:


  5. Time for me to sleep, night pons, sleep well or have a good day, remember to stay hydrated, eat your fruits and veggies, and don't stare directly into the sun :P

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    2. SolarFlare13


      aww :c goodnight :3

    3. Johnny1226


      Good night Valencia 

    4. Valencia


      Thanks lovelies ^w^ :kindness:

  6. Finally going to watch breaking bad, I best buckle in :ph34r:

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    2. Valencia


      Hope so! :D

    3. Sparklefan1234


      I hope you enjoy it, My Friend. :)

    4. Johnny1226


      Good show long one too hope you enjoy it 

  7. Ended up going out to eat with my family and my brothers girlfriend after all the wintry fun! :D went to the store afterwards- some doubted my truck could make it back up to the house through the steep twists and turns and eight inches of snow, but I had all the confidence in the world in Kathy B) 

    Also... They cancelled school again for tomorrow... Can you say... Five day break? :please: 


    Don't hate me @Fluttershy Friend >w< 

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    2. Lunalicious Alexshy

      Lunalicious Alexshy

      @Valencia: Mutually, mine dearest sister! :orly:

    3. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      @Valencia Mutually my princess, my good friend!:fluttershy:

      @Lunalicious Alexshy relax? In such circumstances like on the picture you posted it is veeery easy:D! *Is full relaxed*^_^

    4. Jade Fire

      Jade Fire

      lol gratz! ^-^ glad to hear youre having such a good time!

  8. How it looks around here :catface: I may post more if I actually go out into it :DIMG_20180116_144912.jpgIMG_20180116_144918.jpgIMG_20180116_144916.jpgIMG_20180116_151326.jpg

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    2. Flutterlicioustep


      *emerges from under the bench and snow boops @Fluttershy Friend:squee:

    3. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

       @Flutterlicioustep Could you move to the left a bit OK? Thanks! Now is good! Now close your eyes and  stay here where you are. I have something especially for you!:ph34r:


    4. Valencia


      *throws snowballs at everyone* feel my snowy powah!! :angry: hehe ^_^:lol: 

      I actually just got back from sledding with my brother and his girlfriend, it was a wonderful time!! :D 

  9. LOL just kidding I've been put to work cleaning the house, cause having days off to rest is stupid right? :lie:

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    2. Sparklefan1234



      I think Rainbow Dash must really like you cause she keeps giving you vacation days. 



    3. Valencia
    4. Stormfury


      I was eating fresh snow a few mins ago. Take a break and eat some. :lol:

  10. Why hello second snow day in a row, how nice it is to make your acquaintance! please, do make yourself at home, I'm loving this four days weekend! :D

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    2. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend


      I told you your vacation would last FOREVER! :orly:

      @Sparklefan1234 It seems that you really have power to make eternal vacation!:D

      Please do the same to me!:kindness:^_^

    3. Flutterlicioustep


      Do the same to me too! I need some time off :twi:

    4. Sparklefan1234


      @Fluttershy Friend @Flutterlicioustep

      Disclaimer: I am not responsible if Rainbow Dash is asleep in your area. 



      rainbow dash sleeping on a cloud by rainbowdashlover32

      rainbow dash sleeping on a cloudby rainbowdashlover32

  11. I need sleep, goodnight my friends, keep being wonderful, don't let anyone put out the bright lights that shine from within you :rarity:

  12. Feeling very isolated at the moment.. 



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    2. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      I am close to you. You have such many good friends here. You are not alone! *hugs tight*


    3. Johnny1226
    4. Stormfury


      What's the news?

  13. Thanks for the follow new friend :P

  14. Another day day off of work! :pinkie: ^w^

  15. I must sleep, I have work early :muffins: nighty night lovelies, sleep well or have a great day!! :D^_^