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    "Time is a companion that goes with us on the journey. It reminds us to cherish each moment, because it will never come again. What we leave behind is not as important as how we've lived."
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    Team Fortress Two, Transformers, (Old) Doctor Who, Laser Tag, Math, and of course Robots.

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  1. Having a wonderful afternoon, I hope all of you are too ^-^

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    2. Unicorncob


      I'm having a good evening, but enjoy your afternoon :3

    3. Commander Tangent

      Commander Tangent

      Aren't time-zones a wonderful thing ? I am currently doing college homework at 9 PM. Relaxing almost.

    4. Barpy


      XD yes they're

  2. Hey, anyone else here play Helldivers on PC ? :D Looking for squadmates

  3. Very sleepy over here XP Going to take a nap soon
  4. Feeling pretty great, though also quite busy
  5. Is that a Vehicon in your avatar ?

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    2. The Gear Spinner555

      The Gear Spinner555

      Oh my god SAME!!!! :D I love all gens too, though I'm mostly an Aligned-verse diehard. :D

    3. The Gear Spinner555

      The Gear Spinner555

      Also, I added ya 'cause I liked your profile. :)

    4. Commander Tangent

      Commander Tangent

      Roger Roger :D


      Same here, WFC through RID, probably my favorite continuity.

  6. You have a Mid East US accent like me then Kyoshi We just dont register it as much since we are used too it.