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  1. @Dynamo Pad@DwhitetheGamer @dragon4111 @Canteen_the_unstable @reader8363 (It's been real, and I'm still open to doing a sequel, but I've clearly lost steam on this one. I appreciate you all for sticking around till we got to an end!) "Were it so simple," was all Tricis said, still gazing out the window. __________________________________________________________________________ Ray and Tatterhoof met up outside of the arena beside the hotel pool, watching fans clear out from the nearly obliterated stadium. "Dai said thomething about thtaying in Equethtria a while. Said she
  2. @dragon4111 @Dynamo Pad @DwhitetheGamer @reader8363 Tricis put a hoof on Jade's shoulder and turned to Shining Armor. "And Rokata is...?" Shining Armor nodded. "Help me up," Tricis said to Jade and Dynamo. She needed them to help her stand, and when she was able to stand, she walked over to the window by her bedside. "Well, if that's all done with, I'm gonna leave," Dai said to Draco. "I don't think it'll be hard for either of us to find the other, when we need to." Quill tugged on Shining Armor's elbow and spoke to him loudly enough that Jade and Dynamo could
  3. Onyx stopped for a moment, hearing Dynamo's request. He turned his head slightly to let Dynamo know he heard him, then he walked away without a word. The vial Rail provided was placed near Tricis and Shining Armor opened the cap. The purple lifeforce shot out and immediately seeked Tricis out, returning to her in the same way that Rokata had taken it less than a day earlier. A lifelike glow returned to her skin and Jade could see her distinctive aura return, like she could see the life return to her. Her aura was still weak, having given nearly all of her energy to Jade, but she was a
  4. @DwhitetheGamer Then I have my answer straight from her. Exactly what he said he wanted from me, but it was all a lie. I was never meant to beat him. I was used. Onyx hoised Selene's body over his shoulder and walked away, passing by Copper as he exited through what remained of the west gates. He didn't say anything to the combatant, but gave him a passing look in his stoic expression, still with a hint of respect. Cumulus and Shining Armor lead Jade back to the medical ward with the aid of Dynamo. It was far from a fully fledged hospital, and the treatment rooms were all
  5. "No." Topaz shook her head, wiping the expression from her face. "I've had enough of this. For this year at least." She said.
  6. The lighter landed in the cracked ground, slightly dug into the dirt. The brass cover that once hid the button was pushed back over it when it dropped, safely preventing it from being pressed. Topaz silently watched as Rail fell as well, landing next to his lighter. She gulped, swallowing down the shock without showing any other emotion. Rail always had a plan- a scheme- a backup. She couldn't be sad or angry. The surprise of realizing that this really was the end overwhelmed what little feelings she still had for him. When she looked back up, Draco was already walking away. She pi
  7. "If that's the case..." Rail hovered his lighter close, his aura surrounding the hidden red button, ready to press. "GAH!" Rail stiffened up and held his mouth agape with a shocked expression plastered on his face. He didn't seem to expect one of Jade's companions to actually attack him. Sweat dripped down his brow and the veins in his forehead bulged as the blood pressure in his body sharply dropped thanks to the hole Draco put in his chest. Topaz covered her mouth and dropped her mic. From Rose's interactions with her, she seemed disconnected with her father, like she cared more
  8. @dragon4111 @reader8363 @Dynamo Pad @Canteen_the_unstable @DwhitetheGamer (I'm done dallying. Let's get a finale going.) Rail tilted his head down, keeping his eyes trained on Jade, then Dynamo when he came to aid her. Rose wasn't faring much better. Team Lotus was exhausted, but victorious. After all, the threat had subsided. "Do you really think that's wise?" He asked, the normally civil, businesslike tone to his voice suddenly dissolving into something more psychotic. Perhaps it was too much to expect a calm and peaceful resolution from someone who they found out had downright gen
  9. "That's a ridiculous question," Dai said with the flick of an ear. "Of course I'd reclaim that if I could. Anyone would!" "I'm not about to turn this into a choice." Rail said, tossing the vial to Shining Armor, who caught it without taking an eye off of Rail. "And what are we supposed to do with you?" He asked. @Dynamo Pad @DwhitetheGamer @Canteen_the_unstable @reader8363 It seemed like everyone else was leaving the rubble filled stadium, but there was another matter to attend to. "Well, what happens with Tricis remains to be seen, but as for me, I've already lost my f
  10. "I can't believe it, but it really looks like Rail is telling the truth!" Shining armor added, walking to Quill's side, but then she dampened the mood in her typical, tone-death way. "Indeed, you could use that to bring Tricis back," she said, "But do you think that's what she'd want? It seems to me that Tricis came here able and expecting to die. Would it not be wrong to change that?" She asked. "That's absurd," Shining Armor shot back. "Of course she would want to live, she trained Jade to win this, and her life is the very prize she won!" @dragon4111 As Draco left the aren
  11. @dragon4111 @Dynamo Pad @Canteen_the_unstable @DwhitetheGamer @reader8363 Rail lifted his tie and held out a small glass vial in his hoof. There was a purple, nonsolid, crystalline structure in the vial, swirling within the glass and emitting a faint light. "We had a bet." He said, "High stakes as I recall." "What is that?" Quill asked, fascinated by the bizarre item. Rail tapped the glass, hearing the faint ring it made. "Of course I never expected to fail, but I ensured Tricis' body adequately protected, just in case." It certainly wasn't the first time Dai had been i
  12. @Unicorncob @Dynamo Pad @dragon4111 @reader8363 @DwhitetheGamer @Canteen_the_unstable Sorry again. I've been moving my house these last two weeks while working long hours. I think I'll be able to make time tommorrow.
  13. @Dynamo Pad @Canteen_the_unstable @reader8363 @dragon4111 Topaz watched the dust fade away in the wind, lowering her mic with an expression of shock. Rail walked up behind her when it became clear that she wasn't going to make a call. "It's alright," he said to her before raising the mic to pick up his voice. "The winner of the Dark Tournament is Team Lotus!" He lowered the mic and walked closer to Jade. "Those of you who've remained in the audience will remember this for years to come." He looked at Jade and Shining Armor. "And I believe we had an arrangement as well." Dai
  14. @Dynamo Pad @Canteen_the_unstable @reader8363 @dragon4111 Rokata's claws glowed with an intense purple aura as he used all his strength to root himself in the ground and stop Jade's charge. After being pushed nearly to the opposite wall between where Onyx and Jade's teammate's were sitting, the movement stopped. Rokata was able to root himself firmly in the ground. Rokata stood tall, grasping the orb Jade was encapsulated in and slowly contorting it as his arms squeezed around it. His primal screams drowned out any sounds made by the remaining onlookers. "Only a few more moments no
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