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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. This is what we had. crisahys, on 05 Mar 2016 - 01:59 AM, said: At the sigh of relief, Veiled Spike replies, "Thank you, Celestia! I cannot tell you enough of how much I am happy that you made it safely. It is overwhelming. For the dinner, -" Just as she was about the continue about the food items available, the stress of the protest out-crying outside of the venue made her forget. So she continued, "follow me to the catering, and I will show you the available food items. It's quite diverse." Big Mac nods and moves to follow, looking around at the strange images around him. They were a little unsettling… kind of like Veiled’s eyes. But, unique, like her eyes again. They soon found themselves at the table spread with no new incidents. Seems some security showed up to dampen the crowd further. Comet Tail, on 05 Mar 2016 - 02:00 AM, said: In response to her silence, I pause, deeply regretting what I'd said about the bear. My mind starts racing over things I could say, should say, what else could I say? I've already given something of a small speech on this. I'd carefully built a house of cards, then in the blink of an eye, knocked it all down. I absolutely can't let this go unredeemed. I absolutely have to do something! But what? "Welp, bed time! No sense in prolonging it, big day tomorrow!" She heads to bed. I bite my lip - something - something - what? - whhaaat? "Twilight!" I call, almost a full three seconds after her declaration. I hope it wasn't too much of a bark - though it sounded kinda snappy. But there certainly wasn't any anger in it, just, yelled in the sort of way you'd yell if you were suddenly surprised by something, or scared by something suddenly popping up. - If she stops, She pauses a moment, and in that moment you are suddenly at her side. Saying weird, but cute things to try and make her feel a bit better. And then you hug her! The blush slowly spread across her face as she plays with her mane a bit, slightly embarrassed. But, for the attempt, she rewards you with a small kiss on your cheek and a brief hug, looking back at you. Then she mumbles, “T-thanks Comet. Get some sleep. We’ll, uhh… it’ll be a long day tomorrow.” Gloomfury, on 05 Mar 2016 - 10:24 AM, said: @@Octavia's Bow, "Thank ya kindly." She said, taking off the other hat and putting her back on. "It was my da's before he past. So it's very important to me. I always wear it when I train and when I walk into a ring. I place it on the turnbuckle of my corner so it'll seem like he's always there cheering me on. Anyway. May I have your name miss...?" She nods and turns to her mannequins, “I’m Rarity darling.” She straightens up her things, “I run this boutique, and another.” She straightens them up a bit. “Now, I suppose the question is, what can I do for a boxer. Did you perhaps want a new robe, darling? They can be quite fashionable.” Count Paradox, on 07 Mar 2016 - 12:39 AM, said: @@Octavia's Bow, @@Comet Tail, Paradox nods excitedly. "No, no, I don't mind at all if Vinyl tags along!" 'At least it should give me a chance to get some sweet revenge on her for apparently setting me up and not helping me. At least I got my date with Octavia set, though.' He thought. "So, would it be beneficial for me to just hang here with you guys, or should I just head home and get ready so you can keep an eye on Vinyl's friend while he uses your piano?" Octavia looks over at her piano and purses her lips. Without a word, she grabs a grey beanie and a red scarf, wraps it around her neck twice, then takes his arm. “If I stay, I will glare him down. However, he seems to like Vinyl, which means eventually, I will know where he lives. Shall we away?” She shoots another pointed glare at her piano. Skylord Nexus, on 06 Mar 2016 - 07:15 AM, said: "Ticktock it is, then, pard'ner." AJ replies with a tilt of her hat. When you mention "two as well at the same time...", RD's face droops and pales as though someone had poured white paint on her head. But when you say, "more spice than you can," her attitude changes. The sheer amount of dread in her face would lead you to think she were being compelled to a gallows, but her iron determination to prove herself makes her seem like one of those war heroes that would go down in history saying she only regretted she didn't have a second life to give for her country. But even heroes often flinch in the final minute, and she looked about as eager to accept the challenge as to have a noose placed on her neck - heavens' knows the peppers have about the same effect, albeit involving a lot more fire, brimstone, and just about everything else involved. Her ears flopped, "Eheheh, well, uhm - " Her facade of bravery is holding up about as well as a house of cards in a hurricane. "Crescent rolls, STAT!" Pinkie zaps into the kitchen, leaving the swing door flapping in her wake, distracting RD for a brief moment. She turns back to you - "You're on!" "Now hold on, there, both'a you," AJ interrupts, "I don't think that's right fair 'till Ticktock's tried one to challenge'em with two, Rainbow. Ya don't bump it up in these contests until the second pony's copied the first pony." "You know what? AJ's got a point." All of the paleness and anxiety seems to wash off RD as if AJ had just thrown a bucket of water over her. Are her eyes still wet from the peppers, or did they just get a little wetter from almost crying with relief at not having to accept the challenge? Rainbow takes another drink from the milkshake. You don't know if you've ever seen a pony so happy to drink a milkshake. A continuous stream of loud clanging noises comes from the kitchen as Pinkie begins throwing together some crescent roll dough. AJ then turns to you - "So Ticktock'ere has gotta eat one a'fore he can rightly be made to eat two." She gives you a friendly smile to make it clear that she's not upset, so much as explaining the rules. She then takes a few steps towards Rainbow, positioning herself so that while she's facing you, RD can't see her mouth, and then whispers, "You'll thank me for this after you've had one, sugercube. I'm honestly worried what'd happen to somepony if they ate two... Please don't." (See OOC thread) Count Paradox, on 07 Mar 2016 - 12:39 AM, said: HackTune, on 05 Mar 2016 - 08:29 AM, said: Vinyl slides in to her music station, primed and ready to go. She grins and eagerly awaits your cue. (Assuming you do), if/when you do start, she'll simply be counting rhythm at first, then grinning as she feels the bass about to drop. And pony, does she drop it! She's all over this one. Her entire body's moving with it, she's feeling it as clearly as the wild grin on her face. Orion Caelum, on 06 Mar 2016 - 02:33 AM, said: At the, "I cannot say that I do not care," there seems to be an ever so slight lift to the corners of her mouth. It would take a perceptive eye to notice it - but rather than some fleeting thought, it seems to be something that stays up until she speaks. Orion Caelum, on 06 Mar 2016 - 02:33 AM, said: "I am glad you are beginning to see, as painful as it may be, the truth behind the consequences of my longevity," She cracks a bit of a smile as she continues, "but although twists and surprises are oft considered bad, in truth, it really means you are merely waking up to a wider existence more rich than before. That is why you must always try, because you will always fail, but it is not really over until you stop trying, and you'll only get more and more, the more you give..." She leans forward, smiling as a bit more of a lighthearted attitude comes over her, "There are ponies who would consider that 'the mood,' to read from books so heavy as to make the moon feel like a paperweight. No matter how odd it may seem," her giddiness is replaced with a more calm, and deeper happiness, "-it is most wonderous to see two ponies, so different from everypony else, find like company with each other." Orion Caelum, on 06 Mar 2016 - 02:33 AM, said: Whatever your fears may be, she doesn't seem to mind at all. In fact, her smile and small amount of ear flop would even seem to say she liked it. Although her eyelids always seem to be slightly lowered, they seem to have come, slightly, even further, making her appear even more cool, content and relaxed than normal. Orion Caelum, on 06 Mar 2016 - 02:33 AM, said: She shares your chuckle. "Why yes, of course." She accepts the offer and begins nibbling down the food. Now's your chance to take initiative, if you want, or you can wait for her to. You'll have to decide.
  3. *Shrugs* I'm just not active on this forum anymore. It's not fair to them that I forget about it for a month then go, "Oh s***. I forgot again." So, I knew eventually, I'd need to pass it off. I can't just give excuse after excuse for another 2 years. I remember when this was well and truly fun for: a sophomore/junior in high school without a ton of romantic prospects, and a huge crush on AJ. I wrote poems and stuffs. Those replies came in at least semi-regularly. Not, like, thrice yearly. But you still have the spot if you want it. Besides, I haven't seen the new season. If there is one thing this whole shindig is, it's one massive spoiler. So there. *Sighs again* Another batch, coming up. But I'm serious guys, look at eachother, and try to think about who you'd like to see next. I won't be around forever.
  4. Uhhh, I could probably do that. I think Comet had most of his written. I dunno if I did mine or not.
  5. I have come to the conclusion that Comet is gone. So, here's the deal. I'm a in college now, and the truth of the matter is that my interest in keeping this up as a moderator has grown very slim. My suggestion, if you wish to continue, is to elect Paradox, Caellum, or Steel into the writer role. I would stick around and update the front page if you decided to use these materials, and maybye write for the person doing everyone else's replies. But as the person in charge, I'm warn out. I'm sorry mates. Here are your pros All three have respectable language skills, and have displayed the in the past. Doxy has been here since the beginning, maybe even before me. Steel has a wonderful sense of adventure, and enough experience. Caellum is fairly descriptive, and knows how to get where he's going. If Comet shows back up, then I expect that he'll regain his position, should he want it. Just be partnered with whomever get in as monsieur head honcho. Good luck mates.
  6. Well, first I gotta receive a message from my confederate. Or decide that he's gone for good, which would be sad. Then I gotta decide whether I want to continue on my own, since I'm not particularly active either. And then I got about 4 or so forms I forgot about. And I'm pretty sure my rules said I'm not supposed to tell you who's taken, so you have to take a risk~ It's more fun that way.
  7. Update: It would seem Comet was last active almost 2 weeks ago. Just trying to get in touch with him right now, and then we can get back to it. Hope he's having a good vacation, last we spoke he sounded like he needed it.
  8. Right, well, I just pulled my head out of the sand (got done with finals this semester). So in the loneliness of the summer that I generally enjoy, I should have more time to allocate to this particular facet of creativity. While I may pick up a full time job, me and my beard should not be occupied by that job for too long nor every day. Thank you folks for sticking around, and anyone else who's lurking.
  9. Night Lance is a patient person, Comet. Of course, the people still here a pretty patient too. But he's your charge. I don't see the harm in it, if it's fine to the rest of the group.
  10. Pucksterv, on 16 Dec 2015 - 04:15 AM, said: Trivy felt her heart racing as her confidence quickly returned. She was glad she wasn't the only one cable of stammering like that. It was actually really cute how she responded, quite the opposite from what she had expected. In her mind, she had imagined she was already send half way to the moon because Twilight had ordered Celestia to do so. She let out a small breath as a huge weight had left her shoulders. Not that was completely gone of course. She still needed to how the rest of it would turn out. ''You know you look really cute stammering and blushing. I mean, at least you're not as bad as me.'' she said with an embarrassed smile while she rubbed the beck of her neck. Then realization suddenly hit her. ''Oh uh... Totally forget. I suppose introducing myself was something I should have done first.'' she said with a soft smile. ''My name is Trivy. Trivia Hecta.'' she said as she made a small bow. ''I'm pretty much new here in Ponyville so I don't suppose you know a good place to go for a-a first d-date?'' she said, still having trouble saying those last few words. Twilight perks up instantly, “Uhuh! One second.” She bounces to a shelf and pulls out a very, very thick guide to Equestria’s places, that you are beginning to suspect are outdated. She suggests a few things, but most of the options are pretty similar and very rustic. Comet Tail, on 16 Dec 2015 - 04:26 AM, said: (I just had the funny realization that the sooner I finish everyone else's replies, the sooner I get my own reply! ) I'm amazed at the clockwork feat, everything moving with such extreme precision. I blink twice, taking it all in. "Woah. You know, typically, adventures have some brave stallion rescuing a damsel in distress. But I get the feeling that if we go on some kind of adventure on the moon, you'll probably be the one saving me," I chuckle. Looking at the teddy bear and its impaled injury, I look back at her and comment with a smirk; "Well, you've saved me from missing the stop at the station and lots of heavy baggage, but I'm a little concerned seeing as you didn't save this teddy bear from a possibly mortal injury." Fortunately, I catch the implication rather quickly before I let it go; "But like I just said - it's what happens now that matters, and you did save me from the baggage and missing the stop, so even if you let Teddy get impaled in the past -" I glance at the bear, then back at her, "You've proven tonight that you wouldn't let that happen now." I shoot her an understanding, close-eyed smile as I levitate the stuffed animal over to her in an offering gesture. (All the way up until we go awol, yeah.) When you open your eyes, the bear is gone and she’s not looking at you, though you get the sense it’s not from embarrassment. After a bit, she tries her best to sound normal, “Welp, bed time! No sense in prolonging it, big day tomorrow!” She heads to bed. Count Paradox, on 16 Dec 2015 - 08:59 AM, said: Dox's heart sank when she shook her head no. Had he said something wrong? Been too predictable? He felt the situation getting away from him, and he was about to give up, until she mentioned something a bit more interesting than a traditional date. The fact that, even though she shot his idea down like other stallions before him, the fact that she was giving him another route meant that she must see something different in him than the others, right? "Uh, sure! That sounds fun! I've never actually been myself, so it'll be an interesting new experience for the both of us." He gave her a small, nervous smile. "So, uh, how about sometime this afternoon? Unless you're busy, I can go with a different date for our date." He let out a nervous chuckle, realizing how cheesy he sounded. A thought passes through her mind of asking about another mare jokingly, but decides to spare you that very brief jab. She nods, “Sure. If it’s at that time, maybe Vinyl would like to come with us. That is, if she isn’t to busy with her new friend.” She waves at her silent, DJ buddy. Gloomfury, on 16 Dec 2015 - 12:05 PM, said: @@Octavia's Bow, Shamrock smiled and gave a bow. "Shamrock, at your serves. Though I am also known as 'Sledge-hoof' Shamrock. Because my hooves feel like being hit by a sledgehammer." She did a light one-two combo with a cocky grin. "I'm a boxer, if you havn't caught one. Also, would you mind giving my hat back?" “Umm, ahh, yes. A boxer you say?” she very hesitantly gives you your hat back, though it’s obvious that she doesn’t understand WHY you would want such a thing. Script Dangles, on 17 Dec 2015 - 12:04 AM, said: Things had a funny way of working themselves out, sometimes. Script hadn't gone straight home. No, he had a lot that he needed to have done before seven, and the sun was already setting over the straight-line horizon, dusk encroaching into what was left of daytime. So once he'd turned away, he'd headed back into town. The next hour or so, he'd spent spinning about the immense gazebo-like structure that served as its center. He'd looked in storefront windows, at first, but when that searching frustrated him, he started to stop ponies that looked like they might be helpful. Excuse me, miss...can you tell me where I can find a florist? Pardon me, sir...I'm new here. Can you recommend a nice place to take a mare to dinner? Preferably one where maybe they play soft music by your table? Oh, and is there a river nearby? Something with maybe a bridge over the top of it? It was a lot of questions asked to a lot of strangers and Script felt terribly self-conscious about asking them. But what he had discovered, after he had finished and turned his back on Ponyville for his house, was that he'd learned a lot about his adopted home. He had learned about all the shoppes in town, learned their keeper's names, and studied their wares. He'd also discovered that the ponies here were kind and friendly and always seemed to have a moment for you – even when you asked them questions that he knew probably seemed strange and annoying. The birds were out and singing and the sun had set fire to the sky before disappearing. It wasn't Chicoltgo...but maybe it was even better, in its own charming way. There was only one way it was going to get better, he considered. And she was going to be at his house at seven. If she shows up at all, he reminded himself, opening the door to his house once he'd arrived and shutting it after himself. It wasn't like you exactly gave her a choice. He tried not to dwell on it too much. He had his flowers and he had his reservations for their dinner at a quaint little outdoor cafe. He'd planned out the route on which he'd take her afterwards, if all went well, for a nice walk under the stars. That was ever Script: The plan, written out carefully, like the plots to one of his novels. He got into his shower and cleaned himself. When he finished, combing his mane and brushing his teeth, night had claimed the day. It was almost time. He waited in his living room listening for the door. He couldn't help himself; he imagined how he'd feel if her knock never came. 7 rolls around, and nothing. 7:30, still nothing. 7:45, you begin to despair. 7:50, still no sign. At 7:59, there’s a knock on your door. Strong Copper, on 17 Dec 2015 - 9:41 PM, said: @@Octavia's Bow, For a moment, a very different thought ran through Strong Copper's head about the invitation that he had just received. It was short lived however due to the fact that his mother had not raised a pervert, but it was entertaining while it lasted. Accepting the invitation and stepping inside Zecora's tree home, Strong Copper took a moment to look around to admire the place before closing the door behind him. "I have to admit, this place is rather nice." It was both exotic but also rather homely at the same time. She shrugs, “My home is small, but it is mine. No room for all, but for me, just fine. Now then, what would you know? I have much knowledge on things that here grow.” crisahys, on 27 Dec 2015 - 9:26 PM, said: Veiled Spike, both surprised and anxious, took a closer look at the picture to verify that it's indeed of her. For sure enough, she replied, "That's a printed replica poster of my self-portrait artwork I've done. I assumed that you went to the merchandise booth before it closed due to emergency reasons. Are you hurt? Was it difficult to get in? I'm sorry for the fact that this most recent inconvenience has held you back." One of the backstage caterers notified Velied Spike that dinner is ready, Veiled thanked the caterer and asked Big Mac, "Looks like dinner is ready. Would like to eat with me?" Big Mac shakes his head no at her question of being hurt, before nodding yes for the dinner. He awaits your lead, ma’dam.
  11. You can, but this isn't really where I'd recommend starting. This RP has special rules and such, and isn't like more traditional RPs that would better help you get your feet wet. If you'd still like to join, I need a character sheet and a date target, and I'll get back to you when I get a chance.
  12. Mmmmmmm... Listen, this is my fair warning that's about 3 months overdue now. Between college, online class, my job overworking me, and me trying to obtain a social life I've had little time for things like my health, sleeping, eating properly, exercise, and this ask section. So yes, we are technically all accepting and toy knowledge Fluttershy is relatively slim on takers. But my posts are anything but fast. Most I actually find myself semi disappointed because they aren't at a level I'm overly proud of, regardless of what others may say. Among the many things I ponder, the future of this page and what I want for it comes up often. So, yes. She treads water, but she's open. I'll review the join forms before the end of next week. Cosmo, 'on schedual' would be Thursday. Be a good mate and grab the pitch. That hole there's a bit bigger than the others. Tallyho.
  13. I feel sick and tired and stressed. Fun. With my content pages down it's harder to check up on this too. Fiddlesticks.