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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Trevor Bright


    Eh, I wrote up this character in highschool. I haven't bothered to update him for years. Whatever you want to call him, go for it. I don't really care any more.
  3. Holy crap. The forums UI got a major change!! :o

    1. Contrast


      Really, how so?

      I'm on my phone, so I might not notice it at the moment.

    2. Trevor Bright

      Trevor Bright

      Well, it has been months since I was on this that might explain why I think it changed...

  4. Happy new year 'n stuff. Yeah. By the way, has anyone here on the forums ever played GURPS before?

    1. Joker Q

      Joker Q

      I'm more a Dungeons and Dragons player

    2. Trevor Bright

      Trevor Bright

      But you've heard of it?


      What version of D&D?

  5. Yeah, eventually get a better job. Any help my roomate have faith in humanity again. Seriously, he lost it. It's pretty depressing really. Same
  6. Okay! Thanks! I'll get on that. Right now I'm exhausted so I need some rest, but I'll see about doing it when I wake up
  7. @@Lloyd, Maybe...I was thinking Lee (link in signature) but I haven't read over his bio in a while. Been about a year actually I think. I need to read over it and make sure it's all grammatically correct and makes sense 'n stuff. Or! I could use one of my guards? Paladin. A night guard.
  8. I change names and faces a lot so it's possible. Then again, I was gone for a looooooooong time. Nope. I don't. Nice to meet ya though
  9. Yeah. Not to bad at all. Do you like politics?
  10. Morning/Night all! I gotta work at midnight so Imma get some sleep. See you folks on the flip side. Merry Christmas!!!!