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  1. Hello everypony! I hope you all are doing well today!

    After a night of tossing and turning, here I am! This morning, I went online to check out my result for year 12. Some of you might know, in Australia, the result you get is called an ATAR, which is required for certain universities and courses. I don't want to go into all the details on what an ATAR is, but I'll simply say that it is a rank that shows how well you did in year 12 (for me, my year 12 is called VCE) in comparison to the other 2019 year 12s in the state. The ATAR is between 0 and 99.95, with 0 being the low end of the sate and 99.5 being the high end (I know, this ranking system is weird). It is calculated using at least 4 year 12 subjects, but for me, I did 6 year 12 subjects.

    Anyway, enough lecturing from me, I really wanted to share my ATAR with you guys.

    My ATAR for 2019 is...



    I was so surprised when I first looked at it. I never thought I would achieve 90+ because I didn't feel like I did well on the exams. But my ATAR puts me in the top 10% of the state out of all the 2019 year 12s! Honestly, I was so worried that it was going to be bad and I would let my parents down, but I guess I underestimated by abilities. My ATAR is high enough for me to get into my desired course (Computer Science) and I'm truly relieved. I was a little disappointed with my individual subject scores and believed I should have gotten better in some of them, but anyhow, I'm still happy with the ATAR I received!

    I just want to say, thank you to all my friends here for the continuous support throughout the year. This is a really big achievement for me, and I'm glad I could share my success with all of you. I'm grateful to have all you guys as friends! Thank you all!

    Image result for mlp internet hug

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    2. Tacodidra


      Congratulations, my friend! :pinkie: You did an awesome job! :yay: Which should really be no surprise, with how awesome you are yourself! B)

    3. RaraLover


      @Totally Nyx @Tacodidra Thanks so much, my friends! My year 12 journey has been a wild ride indeed. I'm so glad it's over, and I'm really happy with the score I ended up with. :BrightMacContent: Thanks both of you for being so awesome! ^_^

    4. Phosphor


      Congrats @RaraLover! Now you can get some much needed rest  :fluttercutehat:

  2. Tomorrow morning, my final result for year 12 will be released. :dry: Whatever result I get will determine whether I can get into my university course or not. I just hope all the hard work I had put in this year will have paid off. I'm so worried it will be a bad result, because I didn't do as well as I hoped in my exams (well, that was how I felt afterwards :please:).

    Anyhow, I'm off to bed. Praying that my result will be a good one. Tonight is gonna be stressful. :worry:

    Good night, everypony! I'll see you all tomorrow morning. :mlp_smile:

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    2. Tropical Melody
    3. FestiveEnergy


      Goodnight my friend! I hope your results are good enough! :fluttershy:

    4. Mellow Mane

      Mellow Mane

      I hope you did well enough, good luck!:fluttershy:

  3. @RaraLover What do you think of Sonic the Hedgehog?


    1. RaraLover


      I think Sonic is cool! Though I don't play many of his games nowadays, but I used to back in the day. I loved the classic Sonic games (though I'm not very good at it, to be honest :(). But him as a character, he is really awesome! B) And with the new Sonic movie coming out next year, I'm really excited! :pinkie:

  4. Thanks for the follow! :D

    1. applesjck


      @RaraLover No problem! And thank you for the follow back!! :kirin:

    2. RaraLover


      You're welcome, my friend! :yay:

  5. Thanks for the follow! :D

    1. MidnightDawn


      Sry woke up a bit ago, thanks for the follow as well:mlp_icwudt:

  6. *Hugs @Tacodidra, @TBD, @Phosphor, @DivineCheer1000, @Splashee, @Frosted Heart, @Sparklefan1234 and @Toshigami Equine*
  7. @RaraLover You deserve some warm and fluffy hugs from the princesses!


    1. RaraLover


      Awww, I'm always up for hugs from these two amazing, fluffy, adorable princesses! :wub:

      Related image                 Image result for mlp princess celestia hugs

      *hugs Celestia and Luna*

  8. Hiiiiiiiiiiii

    1. RaraLover


      Hello, my friend! :kirin:

      How are you doing today? :coco:

    2. Frosted Heart

      Frosted Heart

      Pretty good.

      How about you?

    3. RaraLover


      I'm doing quite well, thanks. :BrightMacContent:

      Nothing much is really going on for me at the moment. Just staying at home and binge watching MLP stuff. Nice and relaxed. :twi:

      I hope you've also had a nice weekend, by the way. ^_^

  9. Sorry, the code must have expired. Though, the MLP Gameloft Wiki page says it's still active, but not 100% sure to be honest. https://mlp-gameloft.fandom.com/wiki/Gift_Code Use this link to keep track of the new gift codes that Gameloft will occasionally release.
  10. Happy birthday! :yay: I hope your day is an awesome one! ^_^


    1. JingLBabe


      YAAAAAY!! Thank you so much!!

  11. I think it's fine. It solves my problem at least, and that's what I was concerned of most. Thanks for asing.
  12. OMG! How did you guess that?!? Jk... Haha, I wish that were so. I must say, you have a vivid imagination. But true to reality, I'm just sitting at my desk, on my laptop. But I'll say this, you were right about the "sunny day". It's quite beautiful outside now, where I am.
  13. Where I live, it's 13 and a half hours into Saturday. It's afternoon now, so there's quite a distance between us.
  14. I'm from Australia. I still live in my birth country.