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    1. Deerie


      Aww snuggle pile of cute

  2. I  squish

    1. Kyoshi


      I...squiborshkee. Yes. :P

  3. yay dreeeeeeeeeeeeeeam cookie

    1. Dreambiscuit



  4. this girl is awesome


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    2. Princess of Luck 🍀⚡🔥

      Princess of Luck 🍀⚡🔥

      @Cyberhoof There's only three books tho (or do you actually mean books as in the ones that you read)?

    3. CypherHoof 🐎

      CypherHoof 🐎

      the series continues with a new avatar called Kora, as the book of air. they update the world to be more modern (think 60's era chicago) and only Katara of the original crew is still alive (but Kora is taught airbending by aang's son, and Toph's metalbending descendents are now the cops....)

    4. Princess of Luck 🍀⚡🔥

      Princess of Luck 🍀⚡🔥

      Ohhhh, I'm just consider them to be two different series. (Which they are since Legend of Korra's first book is named as Book 1).

      No spoilers but more than just Katar returns lool. I think I enjoyed that the most, seeing old characters return to a completely different world 

  5. do you wanna squish the care bear?


  6. I  sent u a bunch of private messages...............

    tell me what u think

  7. How’s it going? :grin:

    1. strongwilled_pegasus


      You came back!     I  just woke up from nap but yeah I'm doing fine how about  you?

  8. EEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW, who cut the cheese?


    1. Kyoshi


      Meh. This is of no concern to me, if I am honest. In terms of politics, right now my eyes are on this:

      This is going to spark extreme backlash depending on how far he takes this. The vast majority of people, regardless of political views, are against any kind of government regulation of the internet.

  9. Huskie is such a gentle giant    :wub:



    1. Deerie


      Aww :3 I love husky they are big flooffs