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  1. Just got back from the dentist

    1. strongwilled_pegasus


      did the dentist give u a clean bill of health?

    2. Eternal Nature
  2. merry christmas everypony :3

  3. Asuna-chan!

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    2. Overdrive
    3. YuiStrawberry


      yay that's good ^-^

    4. Overdrive


      Yep. If anything, I'm a bit stressed, but that's just life.

  4. wow so many great pics these are rly good
  5. I'm kinda shy, and because i'm shy I don't have many friends, I really only have a few close friends. And lately I've been feeling sad and pretty lonely because I don't many people to talk to, and the fact that one of my best friends died not very long ago doesn't help. So I've been trying to find new friends and ummm I was just wondering if maybe anypony would want to be friends >.<
    1. YuiStrawberry


      I got my funko Fluttershy figure today ^-^ I love it here is a pic of wut it looks like


  6. I really like soul eater but the soul eater manga is much better than the anime