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  1. SilyGeny

    General Do you like dogs?

    HELL YES Big furry dogs are the best
  2. SilyGeny

    Andy's Art Thread

    Agh you've grown to be such a greaaaaaaaaaat drawer! AND THOSE FURS
  3. SilyGeny

    What was the last thing you drank?

    Some water actually, I'm a healthy kinda guy *coughs nervously*
  4. SilyGeny

    Thoughts on moths?

    Some are truly wonderful, and whenever there's one inside I try to get it out so it can fully live
  5. SilyGeny

    An insect that you hate

    Motherfricking mosquitoes, I caught the Zika flu and Chikungunya because of one of these little shits so mosquitoes.
  6. I'm really glad she does tbh, but I'm still waiting for her to perform a full song or something close to one
  7. SilyGeny

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    I feel like a huge piece of garbage Today I've kept crying all day, all while having a tremendous headache that just kept on going. I feel really lonely and it's just like I didn't mean anything to anyone at all. I'm really tired of being on my own all the time, and I don't know who would even dare to care about me since there's nothing interesting in me. Gosh how I'd wish I was gone, no one would even see that I'm not here anymore since nobody really knows me
  8. SilyGeny

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    I'm okay I guess. I have a lot of negative thoughts on my mind but that's an usual thing for me. I'd say that I feel rather lonely but once again it's not like it was something new for me.
  9. SilyGeny

    Are you happy with the clothes you have?

    I actually don't really care anymore... I just buy stuff that I think looks cute so well xD I'm not really really happy about it but since I don't really go out often It just doesn't bothers me to don't have that many clothes and stuff. So yeah that's that
  10. SilyGeny

    S06:E08 - A Hearth's Warming Tail

    This episode was so darn good! All the songs were great, and the fact that they managed to put Luna in the episode just blew me away, I'm glad to see that musical episodes are going to be a recurring thing now in MLP :3
  11. It depends, I usually don't care at all what the people that don't really know me at all think about me But if I kinda know the person I get way too fucking worried about what this person could think of me, sometimes I just avoid talking to them just to make them forget a little about me. Makes no sense but I do that a lot ugh
  12. SilyGeny

    Which Mane 6 pony can you relate to the most?

    I'd definitely be a mix of Pinkie & Fluttershy, It just depends on the situation but most of the time I'm extremely shy and introvert, but once someone knows me a little better boy get ready for party cannons
  13. SilyGeny

    People who commit crimes

    "People who commit crimes" Oh... these are criminals ! So what do I win? As someone that has been followed in the streets, robbed and happened a lot of weird stuff I can only say that karma will bite them in the ass one day or another.
  14. SilyGeny

    Plushies you own/owned

    So I used to have a huge Pikachu plushie when I was younger, a Bolt plushie from well the movie Bolt, and and the little bunny from Bambi Now I have a little Turtle and a Tofu from Dofus
  15. SilyGeny

    Song Titles Game! [Updated rules]

    "I Hate This Part" by the Pussycat Dolls