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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Merry Birthiversary!

  3. SilyGeny

    General Do you like dogs?

    HELL YES Big furry dogs are the best
  4. I might actually be back on the forums y'all

  5. SilyGeny

    Andy's Art Thread

    Agh you've grown to be such a greaaaaaaaaaat drawer! AND THOSE FURS
  6. Coming back to France in two days! So hyped. :3


    1. Toothpaste




      Thenk u, SilGil ;u; <3

  8. Some water actually, I'm a healthy kinda guy *coughs nervously*
  9. Some are truly wonderful, and whenever there's one inside I try to get it out so it can fully live
  10. Motherfricking mosquitoes, I caught the Zika flu and Chikungunya because of one of these little shits so mosquitoes.
  11. I'm really glad she does tbh, but I'm still waiting for her to perform a full song or something close to one
  12. I feel like a huge piece of garbage Today I've kept crying all day, all while having a tremendous headache that just kept on going. I feel really lonely and it's just like I didn't mean anything to anyone at all. I'm really tired of being on my own all the time, and I don't know who would even dare to care about me since there's nothing interesting in me. Gosh how I'd wish I was gone, no one would even see that I'm not here anymore since nobody really knows me
  13. I'm okay I guess. I have a lot of negative thoughts on my mind but that's an usual thing for me. I'd say that I feel rather lonely but once again it's not like it was something new for me.
  14. I actually don't really care anymore... I just buy stuff that I think looks cute so well xD I'm not really really happy about it but since I don't really go out often It just doesn't bothers me to don't have that many clothes and stuff. So yeah that's that
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