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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

    1. MontagnaMagica


      Thanks! I was confused for a bit because you're way early for my time zone, and I kinda forgot my birthday was tomorrow. Thank you! :)

  2. Ew, Equestria Girls thing is in the lead!?! #NotMyPonies
  3. It hasn't even happened yet, or even been leaked, and there is already fanart. I love bronies!
  4. Guys. @Angel voted for Meadowbrook. I say we call the vote off. It's over!
  5. I am 2,001% done with this if Mage Meadowbrook fails to qualify! WOW!
  6. Same. I gave season 4 a chance, and, honestly, it was worse! BUT, they stick the landing, as I like to say. The finale was incredible, and the show, IMO, found itself again with season 5.
  7. Aww... The bronies have grown up now! I feel old. Rest assured, there are plenty of younger bronies out there. It's just that younger people tend to have less of an online presence.
  8. You RUINED it! Haha! No worries. You just have to list another word to keep the game going.
  9. The title is self-explanatory. What happens to the user above you who just touched poison joke? Hard mode: Come up with a nickname! Without further ado, I'll just boop this funny-looking blue plant...
  10. Aw, man... First time I missed my votes. Songbird Serenade got left behind? Sad!
  11. A solid 8.5/10! The most important thing I like about the show is the adventurous atmosphere of the show. It's clearly a pretty dangerous world, and there's mysterious magic just waiting to be discovered. I also like the cute characters, wonderful voice acting, slapstick comedy, and continuity and character development. There's a lot to like! It's too short for its own good sometimes. See: Alicorn Twilight, Starlight's reformation, Shadow Play. I would have liked to see more multi-episode story arcs throughout the seasons. The show showed some pretty neat potential with its multi-part premieres and finales, and I would have liked to see more episodes in that 44-minute format.
  12. Yes, in very specific areas, I would! I was contacted by a recruiter for an amusement park in Qatar, and send in my CV and application. Never got the interview though. I'm also looking into some of the new projects in the United Arab Emirates. So, no, I'm not afraid to move to the middle east, but there are only a couple of countries I would consider. As much as I love Persians, for instance, I wouldn't be safe in Iran.