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  1. Clarity

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    Vaguely bewildered but otherwise chill
  2. Key Sharkz is right. People don't necessarily have to be in the LGBT community in order to care about issues which negatively affect it. There's a concept called allying, after all. And why are you so interested in why he's "so passionate" about it? Why does that even matter to you? The only explanation that I can think of is that the idea of straight people agreeing with the absurdity of this censorship is making you uncomfortable, because what you're implying right now is basically "only gay people would think this is stupid." Not the case here, as you can see
  3. @@Rainbow Dashe, This kinda thinking is pretty reliant on the assumption that everyone should think marriage is a sacred religious bond. Furthermore, each one of those reasons are unsupported by evidence and rather just by blatantly homophobic generalizations. So, uh. Not valid reasons, I'd say.
  4. Clarity

    Unpopular Opinions Regarding the Show

    Marble Pie has the personality of a dishcloth. :okiedokielokie:
  5. Clarity

    Clarity's novice art

    WTF THANKS :@ Your potential for this is high, having seen your latest pieces. Using a tablet is basically drawing with pencil on paper, though, so I can't say it improves my skill that much. But it's so funnnnn to uuuuuusee Thanks a lot for the advice! I did try my best to be patient even when it seems as though the drawing was going to turn out to be a failure, and it paid off. Sort of. As of now this is mostly sort of a hobby instead of an obligation, so I might be okay with taking it easy for now. As for the Octavia drawing... who knows? She has a great design and it seems like it'd be fun to draw her.
  6. Clarity

    Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    Hey, Shimmer fans! The following picture is actually drawn by yours truly in order to practice shading techniques, and who better to choose than best pony Sunny?
  7. Clarity

    Clarity's novice art

    Well, unfortunately it doesn't seem as though many people want to give me any pointers. I understand that my art is incredibly mediocre, but the only way I can improve is to receive advice. Anyway, I have actually made a third piece in order to practice coloring and shading. Voila! This took a while—three days, to be exact. Shading is a very new concept to me and I mostly just searched up other pony artworks and took pointers from them, but ultimately I was unable to successfully emulate the degree of depth that I preferred. Still, A+ for effort, right?
  8. Clarity

    Which episode gets overhyped?

    It's true that the Alicorn Amulet influenced Trixie, but in a sense it amplified her already innate desires, so it is indeed a kind of redemption in that Trixie does feel apologetic about wanting to get revenge on Twilight. Regarding the second point—you do realize that the fanbase isn't just these forums, right? The fandom is spread far and wide into several different Internet communities, and in Equestria Daily, for example, she's quite loved. She has a fairly substantial following, especially considering how she only appeared in two episodes and a movie. So I'd say she's quite popular—and your third point, regarding how people want her to show up in S5, only proves it, which is kinda ironic. Also, uh, maybe cut the unnecessary hostility a bit? It'd be best for all of us to hold a reasoned discussion.
  9. Clarity

    favorite Equestria girl of the mane six (seven)?

    Gee, I have to think reallyyyy hard about this...
  10. Clarity

    Which episode gets overhyped?

    Look around this thread—you can basically say that for just about every episode mentioned here. My being in the minority is actually precisely why I think The Cutie Re-Mark is overhyped, as that would mean most people do enjoy it, which is more credit than I believe should have been attributed to this two-parter.
  11. Clarity

    Which episode gets overhyped?

    The Season 5 finale, the Cutie Re-mark—by far one of the worst pair of episodes I've ever seen, but it seems to be enjoyed by the majority of the fandom.
  12. Heya, forumers! For Christmas I received an Intuos tablet—something I've wanted for quite a while—and in the past two days I've been having a lot of fun with it, despite my ineptitude for digital art and art in general. So far, digital art is something I'm enjoying quite a lot, and hopefully I will improve as I continue practicing. I created this art thread in order to ask for advice and critiques, so if you spot anything off with my art, feel free to point it out! The very first thing I drew was, of course, my favorite pony—Sunset Shimmer. For a first attempt, I'm actually quite proud of it. Obviously there're some issues with consistency—some parts of the linework are bolder than others, for example—and her cutie mark was the death of me, but I think I did well for my first ever tablet drawing. Unfortunately I had to go with solid colors since I'm a complete novice at shading, and I'm certain that if I attempted to do so I would have probably screwed it up. The next piece I only just barely finished at the time I'm writing this—it's a (late) birthday gift for a friend of mine. There's a lot of issues with this one—notably the badly drawn background and my poor handwriting . I also accidentally made Rainbow Dash's cutie mark way too big, and the bolt looks kind of ridiculous, but all in all it could've been worse. I like the way her rainbow colors meld together. So far my art style has been basically clean(ish) lineart, then paint bucket everything. I'm not sure if that's the kind of art style I want to establish, though. I'm looking for something a bit more original, and hopefully more shady and colorful. But I'm new to the digital art biz, so it might take a while before I find what I'm looking for. Anyway, critiques are welcome! I hope your eyes didn't burn out from all my terrible art.
  13. I have to concur with what Shift said. I also used to be a pretty popular member, back when the forum only had one-third as many members as it does now. Unfortunately, time passes, friends leave, and you find yourself as a faded smudge in the background while new people take the front stage. I know how it feels to not even bother participating in the community when your contribution just goes unnoticed. So my advice is to contribute anyway—someday, it will pay off.
  14. Clarity

    Which user is that?

    Er—no idea, sorry. This user is a Homeworld Gem. Oh hey, I was mentioned!
  15. Clarity

    Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    Happy New Year's Eve, Shimmer fans!