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  1. Dusty Soul

    What's your favourite fast food place?

    I love Subway and Arbys. I love Subway's selection and Arbys' kick-butt roast beef sandwiches and turnovers.
  2. Dusty Soul

    Writer, Artist, Musician, or Anything else?

    I mostly make music. I used to be a lot more active, but recently I've been worrying about other things. I have also tried writing a fan-fic. It was a horrible one. Anywho, I mostly used to just make music. https://soundcloud.com/dakota-schilling-1/fire-in-my-mind-re-recorded This was the only vocal mlp related song I did, and I never fixed the vocals.
  3. I mean just look at that lift hill. I absolutely adore minimalist support structures so this one just freaking floors me. I also love how almost all of the structure is wooden.
  4. I like Slipknot, but honestly they grew pretty tiring after a while. I still really like Snuff and Psychosocial, but I'm not that big a fan of the other songs. I love metal though. It's my favorite genre.
  5. Dusty Soul

    MLP Fan Music Playlist

    For some rock: Most songs by Mandopony Wonderbolt-DBpony Daddy Discord-DBpony For Electronic Discord-Living Tombstone Sleep-Echelon Alex S songs Awoken-Glaze
  6. Dusty Soul

    Your Daily Post Count?

    Now I don't post more then 4 or 5. Back when I was on this site every day and almost all day, I used to make up to 300- 500 posts a day.
  7. Soulwax is alright to me. They aren't really my cup of tea though. I listen to some more to come up with a better picture of their overall sound. I actually forgot to mention Rammstien on the bands that I already listen to. They are killer. German really is the perfect language for metal.
  8. Now I'm talking about bands like, Pinn Panelle Korn (Songs like Get Up and Narcissistic cannibal) Aviators Imagine Dragons I'd like to get some band suggestions. Some good rock riffs mixed with some cool synthetic sounds.
  9. Dusty Soul

    How many friends do you have

    I've probably got more then I think. I seem to have a wide array of friends. Probably more then 40. Out of those 40+ there are probably 20 or so close friends. On the forum I don't have many. I probably have 2 I've actually had a full conversation with.
  10. Dusty Soul

    Recommend me some good artists (as in musical artists)

    I think you'd like Pinn Panelle. They are an electronic rock group. I'm not sure though, they have done slower songs, but they do speed up more. Check out their album Ghosts and Liars. It's a great one.
  11. Dusty Soul

    Why Are MLP Hooves the Same As Their Coat?

    Its a stylistic choice. FIM has a very simplistic character design, so I'm guessing they want smoother lines. It fits for other characters like Big Mac, because he's not a main character and he has a design that matches his hooves.
  12. Dusty Soul

    What is you guys' favorite SAD fanfic?

    I cried at Not My Destiny. Beautifully written fic with multiple endings. I liked the uber happy ending much better then the sad and normal ones.
  13. Dusty Soul

    Will Season Four End With The Equestria Games?

    I think they may be in the same episode. I'm thinking something happens at the games that makes them have to rush to open the box to defeat the villain. The ending could be a three parter also. (Actually that last sentence may have been proven wrong by some official announcement a while ago.)
  14. Well, I hope there's no decrease in quality. I'd hate to see it go the way Spongebob did. At least another 5 years, I'm pretty excited to see what new songs are released in those years.