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  1. Happy birthday it has been a long time but hope all is well with you.

  2. Not sure if I know you or not... sooo 5/10
  3. These last few week have been WAY TOO STRESSFUL D:

  4. Just got back from my trip to Houston. Got a bunch of onride as well as offride videos from Kemah Boardwalk and the new Galvestion Pleasure Pier. So I'll start off with a pleasure pier pov: Here is another one:
  5. Just got back from Galveston, TX... so yep...
  6. Just got an Instagram, so if anyone wants to follow me then :

  7. Can't...stop...watching...Harlem Shake videos bahhhh!!!

  8. Hmmmm...why isn't just homework up there? That's what it seems like I do when I get home until I go to bed... Quite a boring life I must say.