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  1. Happy birthday! :) I hope you have a fantastic day c:

  2. If you know me, you know I love Big Macintosh. He's just so chill, 24/7. He just seems like the kind of guy that can be very calm but also not ice cold, because he loves smartypants and loves applejack.
  3. This reminds me of my life and all the things Ive messed up. Just mostly the tune and beat make me very sad. another song is this It makes me very sad. This song always reminds me of friends: I always used to listen to this song ALL THE TIME! This is another son that reminds me of the past This is just another BAWWW song
  4. Coolius rpi

    1995 style

    Is this real?
  5. Well thanks for all the advice. It seems people really want me here! . I'll consider it. Plenty of... interesting... characters in this fanbase anyway.
  6. It is my life and my existence. There are songs I listen to when Im feeling alone, sad, or angry. There are songs that I can relate with, songs that make me feel better when something is wrong, and songs that make me think. Music has affected me greatly throughout my life. The first band I got into legitimately was Green Day when American Idiot was released. Since then, music has been insurmountably important to me, even though I don't play an instrument. some of my favorites: 3 doors down all that remains a day to remember audioslave breaking benjamin candlebox cookie monsta datsik doctor p earlyrise excision feed me flux pavillion foo fighters kamelot knife party liquid stranger marilyn manson nirvana of mice and men rusko seether shinedown sick puppies sixx am skillet the devil wears prada theory of a deadman three days grace tomba
  7. So... the fanbase is STILL extremely high? I didnt even know it was high to begin with! So, are they like, chronic, or something? I like to get high too, I might join back in that case. twilicorn? is that a spoiler? I dont quite want to know. I hope you didnt just give anything away, bro. better back up. 5char 5char
  8. Well I'll certainly consider it. Iv'e never been that artistic so I don't know if I can make any fanworks, but the show is just starting to interest me again.
  9. Alright, lets see here. Coming out as gay, bi, or transgender is WAY different than coming out as a brony. People have been disowned and sent to Christian 'pray the gay away' camps because of homophobia. Dont ever compare coming out as a brony with coming out as anything else.
  10. So, I quit being a brony in November of 2012. I just couldn't wrap my head around the appeal of the show. I don't know if much has happened since then, but Iv'e felt the need to rejoin this delightful little subculture as of recent. Is the fanbase still insane? Is the show still cute and prettyful? Where has it gone? Are the fans still making fanworks? Do people still even like this show? I'd love to hear your thoughts.
  11. Hey, I wasnt not taking that rarity joke about whining. jokes are suposed to be funny, and that joke wasnt funny. It was annoying, so why dont you quit it?

  12. im back from my huge ban. and my vacation from ponies! I leARNED THAT I REALLY DO LIKE THEM! SILLY ME !

    1. Pinkazoid


      Welcome back I guess xD

  13. Why are you mentioning your penis size and sexual interests on your profile page? D:

    1. Coolius rpi

      Coolius rpi

      Because, Shaoni! Because!

    2. Ink
  14. I wish I was smart enoguh to write something like this! what is a long way to equestria about? 5char