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    I have a crush on Fluttershy
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    Watching MLP mostly episodes with Fluttershy in them
    Favorite episodes Filli Vanilli and Buckball Season I really love how Fluttershy uses her tail to play Buckball
    Fluttershy is my favorite member on the Ponyville Buckball team

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  1. Fluttershy she is hot and I love everything about her just listen to this
  2. NathanW200

    Create a stupider MLP episode title than the one above

    Can you believe objects landed inside her behind instead of just falling off you got to admit that is funny
  3. NathanW200

    Have you ever dreamt about MLP?

    Oh Yeah I have dreamt the craziest things about these ponies one time Applejack was working on the barn and the banging from the tools she was using caused some objects to fall from the loft of the barn on the outside where Applejack was working and then the craziest thing happened when those objects hit Applejack in the rear end they went inside her rump instead of just hitting her rump and falling off those objects landed inside her rear end instead of just falling off that was the most funny thing I ever saw and when those objects were inside her rear end Applejack was running around all over the place on her hind legs with her front hooves grabbing her butt saying help help get it out get it out in a loud panicking voice it was so hilarious finally some pony had to dig in Applejack's rump to get whatever was stuck in there and was able to get all of it out one of the objects was a safe If I saw that for real I would be laughing so hard
  4. NathanW200

    What will G5 be like?

    I don't know I hope it's a good experience like G4 and I hope it stays epic like season 8 of G4
  5. NathanW200

    Why does everyone like Princess Luna?

    I lot of fans love Princess Luna she's a popular character to me she's okay
  6. NathanW200

    Which of the Mane 6 would you date?

    I would too
  7. NathanW200

    Spoiler Season 9 Wishlist

    All I ask for is characters from the movie like Princess Skystar Queen Nova even Tempest to return in season 9 so if they do confirm season 9 to be the last season that we would at least see are favorite characters from the move before the series is over if season 9 is the last season then I would be satisfied with the series ending
  8. NathanW200

    Nightmare Moon, Daybreaker and ?

    Midnight Sparkle is Twilight's evil form Cadence's evil form is still unknown
  9. I don't think the strongest man in the world could even lift Princess Celestia horses can weigh anywhere in the range between 500 and 2500 Ibs and Princess Celestia probably weight in the higher range of that since she's a big horse one of the biggest characters on MLP Id say she weights 2000 Ibs or more so unless you have a man that can lift 1000 Ibs in each arm good luck finding a man that could do something like that I'm sure you'll be searching for years to come Twilight and her Friends would probably weigh around 700-900 Ibs at the most the strongest man in the world would probably have a hard time lifting Twilight let alone Princess Celestia
  10. Yes and they could care less
  11. NathanW200

    Do you like Starlight Glimmer?

    Yes I find Starlight Glimmer so sexy and attractive her and Applejack sexiest ponies around I would so want to date either of them but they would be a second choice for me since my love is for Fluttershy
  12. NathanW200

    Early Seasons vs. Newer Seasons?

    I enjoy the later seasons better because I enjoy the story going forward it's amazing I can't wait to see what FIM has in store for us in the future