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  1. a lot of loose ends would be hanging I would've been so upset I wouldn't even be part of the fandom if it ended at the end of season 3 Rainbow Dash said specifically she wanted to be a wonderbolt that was her main goal she explained tat in the very first episode and that wouldn't even of happened if the show ended on season 3 that would of made me so furious Rainbow Dash didn't become a wonderbolt like she said was her number 1 goal because the stinkin show ended before that could happen that would make me so made
  2. I love your new avatar bro.

    1. NathanW200


      thank you

  3. I'll be going all 4 days
  4. You know I don't think I have ever had a dream about Fluttershy which is so Ironic since she is my favorite of them all I have had dreams about the others though such as Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and most recently Moon Dancer and Starlight Glimmer and I possibly dreamt about Pinkie Pie too but I don't remember but I know I have not have had a dream about Fluttershy yet which is so Ironic
  5. Yes I have in fact it's hard to explain but it was totally random I'm not sure where it began but I remember that Queen Chrysalis and some other characters I'm not sure about were trying to hold water back it was a wired dam under an awning so bizarre eventually Queen Chrysalis and the others eventually gave up holding back the water and said surfs up this took place during the day Then I went running with Moon Dancer and Starlight Glimmer surprisingly I was able to keep up with them in real life Ponies can run faster than humans and this run took place at night but we were able to see with the street and city lights on so I was able to continue running with Moon Dancer and Starlight till we went through some small clear tunnels/tubes and had to climb ladders to get up to a parking lot I was somewhat familiar with at the edge of the neighborhood on the other side of the trees on like a cliffside I saw Moon Dancer behind the trees on the parking lot close by behind the trees so she made it up there okay and she kept running from there and me and Starlight where having some trouble me especially climbing across the gap between the clear tube to the trees and parking lot at the top of the cliff Starlight made it of course and started running to catch up to Moon Dancer to finish their run sadly I was not able to make it and they continued without me so yeah the ladder going up to the top of the cliff was broken and the gap between the plastic tube and the top of the cliff was too wide for me to jump across the Plastic tubes were high above the ground for sure we previously climbed ladders to get up to the plastic tubes It would of been a risk for me to jump across so I had to get out the plastic tubes the way we came and climb down the ladders we used to get up to the plastic tubes and went back to the house to wait for Moon Dancer and Starlight Glimmer to return and I Know for a fact it was not my house or any ponyville house for that matter it was a multi million dollar mansion with stairs leading straight down to the street with a huge Chandelier all lit up so I waited for Moon Dancer and Starlight Glimmer to return but only Moon Dancer returned and what was really Ironic is she was my sister and she apologized about not giving me a heads up on what to expect when we were running but Starlight never returned so I was wondering why but my dream ended before I got that answer which was kind of sad but I guess that's that I always give my dreams genres I have a dream journal by my bedside looks like the genres for this dream are: Unusual, Exciting, Ironic, Sad, and Interesting
  6. I think Starlight Glimmer is one of the Hottest Ponies there is I'd want her as a Girlfriend
  7. I heard Tempest was in the Episode Sparkle's Seven is that true
  8. Oh yeah most definitely I'd want to be the first to marry her

    hay I emailed you a video and text have you seen it yet it's under the same messages as the story I sent you earlier 

    It's in the inbox under this title: it's me NathanW200 I thought I could tell you what I would want to do with Fluttershy

  10. it's me NathanW200 I thought I could tell you what I would want to do with Fluttershy

    It's under this Inbox