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    I have a crush on Fluttershy
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    Watching MLP mostly episodes with Fluttershy in them
    Favorite episodes Filli Vanilli and Buckball Season I really love how Fluttershy uses her tail to play Buckball
    Fluttershy is my favorite member of the Ponyville Buckball team

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  1. If you could have a Flutter pony as a Girlfriend who would be the best match for you
  2. NathanW200

    G1 fan club

    There's several characters from G1 I really liked that I wished played bigger roles in the G1 TV series like Morning Glory, Rosedust, Forget Me Not. Baby Lickety Split these were some of my favorite characters from G1 but it was a major disappointment they didn't appear much in the series Baby Lickety Split especially they changed her appearance and voice in the series and it just wasn't the same and it wasn't fair either
  3. NathanW200

    G1 fan club

    Baby Lickety Split was also really adorable and she played a big role in the movie I just wish she played a bigger role in the TV series but apparently she only appeared in a few episodes and I think she had a new voice and later in the series she had a new appearance which was also a major disappointment I liked her old voice and her original look the best but there's nothing we can do about it that series ended a long time ago so were stuck with it to this day and forever
  4. Pinkie Pie's Designs were great I liked them both
  5. Here's the Comparison between Pinkie Pie and Surprise I really like Both Designs
  6. This was Pinkie Pie's original Design and her name was originally called Surprise I liked this Design Do you like Pinkie Pie's original Design
  7. NathanW200

    G1 fan club

    Here's another picture of Rosedust that's just plain adorable
  8. NathanW200

    G1 fan club

    I love Wind Whistler she is just so sweet and Kind hearted I'd like to ride her too like Megan always does Surprise is pretty awesome especially when she sticks her tounge out I wouldn't even mind if she spit on me and reminds me of Spitty Pie My favorite of the Flutter Ponies is Rosedust after all she is the leader so she has to be the most loved right Of course Morning Glory is another one of my favorites I think she's very sweet and Kind hearted I love her voice too but that's just me Forget-Me-Not is also a very unique pony I really like I also think her name is unique as well ans her look personality and nature
  9. a lot of loose ends would be hanging I would've been so upset I wouldn't even be part of the fandom if it ended at the end of season 3 Rainbow Dash said specifically she wanted to be a wonderbolt that was her main goal she explained tat in the very first episode and that wouldn't even of happened if the show ended on season 3 that would of made me so furious Rainbow Dash didn't become a wonderbolt like she said was her number 1 goal because the stinkin show ended before that could happen that would make me so made
  10. I love your new avatar bro.

  11. I'll be going all 4 days
  12. You know I don't think I have ever had a dream about Fluttershy which is so Ironic since she is my favorite of them all I have had dreams about the others though such as Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and most recently Moon Dancer and Starlight Glimmer and I possibly dreamt about Pinkie Pie too but I don't remember but I know I have not have had a dream about Fluttershy yet which is so Ironic