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  1. I've watched the show from season 3 to the mid-part of season 7. Haven't seen a lot of mid-7, 8, and 9 aside from viewing clips here and there on YouTube, although I did watch the movie when it came out. I've heard a lot of mixed reviews for those seasons as well. I might watch them all and give them a personal judgment, but I just don't have enough time. And if I do, I keep watching anime instead. But I think the journey is still worth it. Even though my enjoyment slipped around mid-season 7, the episodes that came before still spoke to me and gave me a lot of enjoyment through my impressionable and angst teenage years. And I'm sure that's the same sentiment for a lot of people here, no matter if they enjoyed the latter seasons or not. I think it's pretty amazing that a pony show like this could last up to nine seasons and still introduce a new story or arc every season, in my opinion. Not sure if I've ever seen a kid's show like that in my life. Sure, a lot of them are the same 'villain + ponies save the day' formula, but it still kind of works IMO. If you like the epilogue, that's good. A lot of people do too, in fact. But not everyone has the same opinion as yours. It's unhealthy to consider an opposing opinion to what you enjoy as a personal attack because it invalidates the honest experience of the other person. People's tastes change, especially within ten years, and their enjoyment of the show back when they first started watching isn't the same as it is right now. What matters is that you enjoyed the epilogue and the entire show before it. Nothing else. And, like what everyone said above, one bad episode =/= the entire series is bad. P.S. I'm sure you will find another show that is worth watching for you. I was kind of in the same position back when I was starting to get bored with MLP. /weeaboo hat on But then I discovered anime, particularly the show K-ON!. I loved how similar, in a way, to MLP it is, except the main characters are high school girls (think Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks without the villains and that it is a 100% slice of life/coming of age story). It even has some great musical numbers, which reminded me of MLP as well. And look at me now, I'm pretty much a full-on shitlord weeaboo. /weeaboo hat off Not saying you should watch anime (you can try, though. And if you are interested, you can DM me for shows that feel like MLP). I've also heard of great cartoons from this decade too. Gravity Falls, Star vs the Forces of Evil, Steven Universe, and a couple more that I can't think of right now. And it doesn't need to be cartoons either. The bottom line is, keep searching, and you'll find a show worth watching. (I don't what I'm writing anymore at this point. But this thread got me thinking, so I guess I might as well chime in. )
  2. Futaba Rio - Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai
  3. 9/10 Love the guitar work a lot. Guy's singing isn't too shabby either, I loved his falsetto in the chorus.