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  1. Sweet! I could do my sona if I felt like it! She's an earth pony. Either way, I'm glad it's a long deadline. I need to think about what to make. One more question; is it only one entry per person?
  2. Okay, so canon characters only and not OCs. Nightmare version like Nightmare Moon or Nightmare Rarity, but those two along with Stygian can't be used as they already have Nightmare/Dark forms. That about sum it up? Forgive me for asking it again, but I'm one of those people that sometimes needs to be entirely clear on something before i actually get it. ^_^;
  3. Wait, are we not allowed to draw Luna, Stygian, etc. or am I misreading that?
  4. Working on a Celestia seapony. I can't wait to share her when she's done.~ :D

  5. I feel loved. But why just put specific names. I give hugs to everyone!
  6. I hope someone invites me to the Bon Bon/ Lyra wedding, and might give me hugs and balloons too! (badges, lol)


    Oh, and a box of cupcakes too! :D

  7. I think I might start looking through Requestria a little more during the times I have no commissions to do or no ideas to draw, for the threads that don't get responses to them, maybe even in the older archived ones. I've done that a couple times and it was pretty cool to make those people happy.

  8. Found an old request thread by @SkyPie looking for someone to draw a pair of characters called Ruby Aura and Iolite and decided to fulfill it. Here's the result. Ruby Aura (left) and Iolite (right)
  9. I finished the AJ seapony! Have a look!


  10. New seapony! Meet 'Anchorjack"! She has the tail/fins of a great barracuda.
  11. Applejack is all sketched. I can't wait to work on her lining and stuff tomorrow.

  12. An Applejack seapony is coming next! I have a pose all worked out and I just have to actually put in the details of the pony. Lol.

    1. Dark Horse

      Dark Horse

      Can't wait to see it! :D

  13. You're very welcome! Glad you like it!
  14. Sailor Midnight (AKA Kat) for @Emerald Heart (one of those request posts in requestria)