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  1. I already stuck it in the September/October contest page, but decided to share it here too since it is one of my pony pictures. So here you go, Derpy and Doctor Whooves dancing while dressed in 1920's-inspired outfits. I'm incredibly proud of this one.
  2. They have a mix of modern things as well, considering some of the places they've been: Las Pegasus has an indoor roller coaster, Manehattan has skyscrapers - modern ones, Ponyville has a bowling alley, Vinyl Scratch (DJ-Pon3) has used headphones, and let's not forget her mobile stereo system from the Slice of Life episode, and the fact she used similar modern speakers in the Canterlot wedding, Pinkie used a flashlight before, and these are just the examples I could think of. Above all, we have to remember that it's a fantasy world, where modern and medieval things collide and combine from myth, legend, and the like. Art is open for interpretation, and that's why they say 'art is subjective'. Either way, I can't wait for any other submissions that come, and can't wait to see who the winners will be.
  3. I'm not the first person who submitted a 1920s look @DJSuits. @Gaines did it before me on page two, and all three of them are awesome looking pictures. They're all under those 'spoiler' things. I don't expect to win anyway. I just had a lot of fun drawing it. There's no need to point out something like that.
  4. Been working on this for the last 3 to 4 days, mostly because of work. I'm not entirely sure it hits the subject matter, but I'm incredibly proud of it and had a lot of fun drawing it. Inspired by 1920's outfits.
  5. I'm finally getting something sketched up. Finally got an idea and will just hope it fits in the scope of the category.
  6. So it's been about two years since I've made any sort of a CreepyPony. I still love them, and want to do more of them. Because it's October, I wanna start doing some more of them, where i turn creepypastas or something creepypasta-like into a pony. I've done this for the Sally, Sonic, and Amy EXE's (though the Sally and Amy ones are a bit mixed with other interpretations). I've also done it for Slenderman, Jeff the Killer, Tails Doll, Ben Drowned, and a character belonging to Chibi-Works pn deviantart. These were all a long time ago, and a slightly more recent ('recent' being 2 years) one called The Nurse Ann. Now, back on the subject of the .EXE's. Just over five and a half years ago, a user going by Misse-the-cat on deviantart suggested I draw Amy.EXE and Cream.EXE. I never got around to the Cream.EXE, until now. i don't know much about the Nightmare Series games, but I do know that several characters are turned into demonic sort of versions of themselves. Doing some research on Cream.EXE, I found her colors changed and that she was also a lot more brutal even though she seems to put on a well-mannered front in front of Sonic.EXE. Since I haven't gotten any suggestions on this journal: https://www.deviantart.com/midnightfire1222/journal/Spook-tober-is-here-Send-me-your-creepypastas-856820736 I figured I'd go back to find the suggestion for the Cream.EXE I got a long time ago, and this is the result that came from it. I'm proud of how this came out. By the way, the offer in the journal is free, and open until November 1st, 2020. Send me a note or a comment or something if you're interested in seeing me turn some of your favorite creepypastas and scary characters into ponies. I'll even redo ones I've already done before if someone asks. (If no one can see it I can just repost what it says to my page so it can be seen.)
  7. Thank you! I love drawing seaponies. Been a bit since I've done another one, but I always like how the ones I do come out. If you're ever interested, I do do some commissions.
  8. Commission for @Arc Flash. He's now got a new bat pony he calls Bone Crusher.
  9. Commission for @Arc Flash. He's now got a new bat pony he calls Bone Crusher.
  10. She might not be a pony exactly, but it still counts for this thread! Meet Chrysanthemum, or 'Chrys' as most call her! She's another resident of my town, Hickory Hills. If you're interested in her backstory you can read it here (just a warning, it's a little dark and depressing in the beginning and part of the middle): https://www.deviantart.com/midnightfire1222/art/Chrysanthemum-Chrys-855394181
  11. I've never had the stuff, so I couldn't tell you. Would you rather be a unicorn or a kirin?
  12. I sketched out a new resident for my town, Hickory Hills. She'll be up once I finish lining and coloring her.