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  1. I'm finally getting around to it, after the promises and the waiting! I've got 8 new pictures to share today! First up, the commissions. Next up are the first 3 submissions i got from the Ponifying Challenge i made back in October. And lastly, we have one I did for myself. That's all the new pictures I have to share with you guys for now. More will be coming, including possibley more commissions, a possible Christmas/Hearth's Warming image, and someday a picture of Daybreaker to go along with the Nightmare Moon one I drew back in October. If you want to commission me, please send me a message, or you can post about it here as well!
  2. Next one was pretty easy, so I got it done pretty quick. Wander from Wander Over Yonder, submitted by @SkyPie.
  3. Okay, it's been...a lot longer than I would have liked in order to get another one of these done, but I have! So for the number 2 submission we have Riko from Made in Abyss. I don't know anything about the series personally, but she was submitted by @Lord Valtasar.
  4. Oh lord I feel like a dirty liar. I'm so sorry I forgot to post the new pics here. I'll work on getting them on here tomorrow though; promise. In the meantime, if you're interested in commissioning me, feel free to contact me! You can find my information and a link to my shop on the firs page. Alternatively, you can also click the link below to be taken directly to said post for more information on my prices and what I will and won't draw. Commission Info, Pricing, and Link to Shop found by Clicking Here!
  5. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  6. Okay so it's been...over a month since I posted anything here. Whoops. Rest assured this shop isn't dead; I've been lazy, tired, and distracted lately but I do have pictures to share! I'll add all the new ones once I get the current commission I'm working on done. I'm still always accepting commissions though, even if I take forever to share them here. So feel free to contact me with a private message if you're interested! My prices can be found on the first post of page one, or if you request it I can send them to you directly with an info image.
  7. I*'m proud of myself. I opened my laptop and cleaned the fan out and put it back together after without breaking anything. Not it's much quieter plus the laoptop is still working, which I'm happy about since I'm not that tech savvy. I feel proud of myself. :proud:

  8. Yay, the site's working again! The staff are amazing!

    1. Dark Horse

      Dark Horse

      You're amazing. ;)

  9. Welcome back! I don't know you myself, but I like the way your alicorn pony looks! Very striking colors. She looks like she'd be fun to draw @Elemental Moon.
  10. So I did get one of them done last week. Forgot to post before but here it is now. Submitted by Wiste on discord, Ghost Rider! I tried something new with flame mane and tail and stuff. I think it turned out pretty decent.
  11. Sorry I'm kinda slow with these. I'm gonna get them started soon hopefully and we'll see how well I end up turning these characters into ponies.
  12. Well, another two weeks have gone by, and I have 3 new pictures to show you all. First is a pair of commissions. I have one more picture to share, a Nightmare Night image of a sort, starring the Mistress of Nightmare's herself. That's all I have to share for now, but worry not, I've got more commissions hopefully coming, with one in the works, plus a few ideas of my own, one with my sona and hopefully a companion piece to the Nightmare Moon one starring Daybreaker. Plus there are all the submissions to start on as well now that the ponifying Challenge is no longer open to them, so look forward t hose coming as well. And as always, my commissions are always open! So if you're interested, feel free to contact me here or to send me a private message!
  13. I forgot to mention this, but the challenge is closed. I won't be accepting anymore submissions from anyone. I might start on them the weekend after this one, when I get a long weekend break .Or maybe sooner; we'll see what happens.
  14. Good morning, or afternoon for me as I type this. There is so much I could say on the topic, but I fear I just don't possess the vocabulary and articulation necessary in order to fully divulge what I'm feeling right now. I suppose to start, I will admit I've already seen the ending. I've seen something of what comes after, and depending on the way you look at it, it's only the beginning. A chapter closes, another opens, or one story ends while another begins. Even then, does a story really end? Just because we reach the end of a book from cover to cover, or reach a series finale, or watch the end credits roll on a movie or a video game, can we not go back and replay, rewatch or reread? Still more, can we not continue to create our own stories after the telling of one ends? As long as there exists out there the people dedicated to keeping the fandom alive, through stories, drawings, or other media, can we really say it's 'over'? I don't believe we can, and that's why I'll continue to draw, why I'll continue to look at fan-made stories and animations and whatnot, and why I'll continue to love this show and the people in it. As for what lessons I've learned along the way? That's hard to sum up in a few words. I suppose, being an adult, it's more like relearning the concepts rather than learning them for a first time. We all need reminders from time to time, to be patient, to listen, to be understanding, to not just tolerate but to accept, to celebrate our differences while we share what brings us together. To the people I've met along the way: @Crecious @PathfinderCS @Spoopy Horse @Arc Flash @Trix or Treat @Dynamo Pad and to all the others whose names I don't recall, Thank you all so much. I love this forum and I love all of you, and I hope we'll all be around in this fandom for yeahs to come. And to @Admiral Regulus especially. You've done so much for me, and in you I've slowly been able to find someone i can love, and someone that loves me in return. I know you put up with a lot with me, so I can't even begin to thank you for everything you've done for me since we first met here on the forum over four years ago. So to everyone, everypony, I hope we'll all be around in the coming years even as we say goodbye to generation four and look to what the future has to offer with generation five, all the ups and downs. And I implore you all; remember this: to be kind, to be generous, to laugh, to be loyal, to be honest, And most of all, remember this: that no matter what, friendship is magic.
  15. @Galaxical Phoenix Interesting. Was there a specific race you were thinking? If not I was imagining changeling, before the reformation.