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  1. MidnightFire1222

    Midnight's Commission Shop

    I forgot to mention, but my prices have changed to be a bit more specific now. The store has already had the changes done to it, so it's alright for me to post this now.
  2. Well, this offer closed, but I'm still gonna post all the submissions as I get them done. I'll be including the original image and my rendition of said randomized image. Speaking of which: First one was from @Admiral Regulus, which he sent me through discord.
  3. MidnightFire1222

    What type of Pokémon is the above avatar?

    Normal type (Avatar is blank, I do not know what else to go with)
  4. Last chance! Once tomorrow comes I won't take anymore submissions! I'll be drawing every pony that you guys send me (though the one per person rule still applies)! There's no raffle or anything to see who gets picked for me to draw. I'll be drawing all of them! So come on, send me those randomized ponies! Only a few hours left!
  5. Only a few hours left! I'll be doing all submissions that I get. There's not gonna be any random selection of the ones i will do! All will be done! Last chance!


    1. Arc Flash

      Arc Flash

      I can't wait to see them!!:ph3ar:

  6. Today is the last day to submit an entry for free art to my Randomizer Challenge! Come on, send me one if you haven't already! Challenge me! Test me! I want to do this! No entries will be accepted after today!



  7. Tomorrow is the last day to get this limited time free offer! Free art for anyone that su


  8. Not sure i can fit the cage and paper bird into a cutie mark, but I'll try.
  9. 2 days left to submit to the randomizer challenge I'm doing. Art is free for everyone that submits a picture of their randomized pony on the thread below. Details are in the link!


  10. 2 days left! Submit while you can!
  11. Not a bad looking design that came out of it@Sure Shot.
  12. 3 days left! The art is free; get it while you can!
  13. 3 days left!!! Free art for everyone!!!


  14. 4 days left! Art is free!!! Spread the word! Submit one while you can!!!!!


  15. 4 days left! Art is free for all submissions! Will not accept any new ones after January 12th so get it in while you can!