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  1. I have this idea for anypoony interested. It's an RP that takes place during and after the events of Rainbow Rocks. Basically it's an off screen romantic side story between Adagio and an OC who she sees could be useful for tasks they can't do themselves. At first, it's just Adagio being the manipulator and temptress that she is, but eventually, her emotions toward him start to become real despite herself. This doesn't interfere with the canon in the least bit, but it does add an extra dimension to the story. Plus, as the now permanently de-powered Sirens weren't seen being arrested or some such, who's to say they didn't have somewhere to go afterwards?
  2. Steel Accord

    Do you believe in magic?

    If you mean casting spells like in Harry Potter OP. No. If you mean do I believe there are forces at work between Heaven and Earth, than absolutely yes.
  3. Steel Accord

    Romantic sub-plot

    @Adderbane Well about that. Saffron’s reconciliation arc is meant to sort of be “done” more or less by halfway through the story. Although I suppose I could stretch it out, maybe send them to some mother-daughter counseling with Glimmer.
  4. Steel Accord

    Design for love interest OC

    @Adderbane No that’s actually a really great idea as well. I was only thinking of making “doesn’t understand math” jokes for the protagonist but having NOPONY understand what she’s trying to explain could be just as funny. And could also potentially play for some light drama if a pony does understand the math and they start geeking out together and suddenly our hero feels insecure at not really getting his marefriend’s entire shtick.
  5. Steel Accord

    Design for love interest OC

    I never even considered orange. Let me see if that works. To Pony Creator! Batman wipe That . . . is actually a brilliant idea! Mathematical yet beautiful. And something I have absolutely no clue about. I picked pieces of her character to contrast with the protagonist who is just as arithmaphobic as I am.
  6. Steel Accord

    Romantic sub-plot

    Oh yeah it is, I was just trying to sort of demonstrate how Saffron passes "the Mako Mori test" of love interests being complete characters outside of being love interests. As for the rest of the plot, here's the general run down. Conversion Bureau story. If you know what that is already, skip this. If you don't, it basically means Equestria has opened up clinics on Earth for humans to "ponify" and go to Equestria. Family wants to ponify and go to Equestria. One of the brothers doesn't want to even though doing so is the only way to save his life from a terrible disease. Main character goes through with it and ends up pulling off a heroic act that gets press coverage in both worlds. Brother goes AWOL in an attempt to find the cure. Main character tries to track him down and they both end up encountering a web of conspiracy that could end both worlds.
  7. Steel Accord

    Is the concept of a human in Equestria cringey?

    Well for one thing, I can name at least five other fanfics exactly like that, so being not slice of life isn't itself that much to make it stand out. Also not revolutionary. Also not the case with later versions of the idea as the self-insert Gary Stu backlash got bad. Okay, that's a problem. A character, especially the protagonist, needs a flaw. It doesn't have to be anything huge, it doesn't even have to be a personality flaw. But the character needs something to overcome or deal with otherwise the story doesn't have dramatic weight. Sample flaws: Twilight: Paranoia. Applejack: Stubborness. Rainbow Dash: Egotism. Rarity: Vanity. Pinkie Pie: Thin skin and depression. Fluttershy: Anxiety. It's been said you can make a good movie out of anything, and I think there is truth to that. Execution is everything. The above points I made are simply illustrating that your proposal is not exactly high concept. HiE has been done in every variation you can think of. The thing that makes a HiE fic good or bad is character and story. Both the said human or humans, and the show characters they interact with.
  8. So I'm writing a fanfiction and I have the love interest's personality fleshed out but I can't settle on a look for her. Or I should say, I have a design in mind, it's just incredibly uninspired. (Don't read until you've read the rest of the post!) To give you some idea of where to go, Saffron is a shy girl with a talent and passion for mathematics. Her mousy demeanor is not a natural disposition but a result of growing up under an abusive father. As soon as she gets away from him, she slowly starts to come out of her shell to the point where she can stand up to him when he catches up to her about his mistreatment of her. Saffron doesn't completely flip the script and become Rarity or Rainbow Dash, e.g. the self-confidence of a concrete rhino. She's still dainty and reserved, however she's also no longer terrified of the world around her and is even accepted into Celestia's school for gifted unicorns due to her math skills. Saffron's last emotional hurdle was finding her mom, who had left the family when her husband's drinking became too much. Greener Pastures deeply regrets not taking Saffron with her, but she did leave her own daughter to suffer at the hands of an abuser. Saffron understandably wants to reconnect with her mother but she doesn't instantly forgive her either. Opting instead to "work on it" from a distance and return to Canterlot with her boyfriend (the central protagonist) rather than stay with her re-discovered mom. So, when I describe this character to you, what does she look like?
  9. My best friend from first grade is as close to my family and I as one of my own brothers.
  10. Steel Accord

    What is the loudest thing you have slept through?

    When I was on a ship, there was a major storm. It woke up all of my friends but I just woke up the next day and were astounded I wasn’t roused.
  11. Steel Accord

    Romantic sub-plot

    So I'm revisiting my old fanfic that I never finished. Specifically my first ever. Let me start off by saying Jesus Christ I was bad! I mean I'm ashamed to have written this crap and this is like my third draft of it! With that out of the way, there are parts of it I'm actually impressed with myself about and I think hold up even by my current and admittedly meager standards of quality. Near the top of that list is the love interest character Saffron Sets. Having come from an emotionally abusive household with an absentee mother, Sarah fled her alcoholic father to go to Equestria and begin her life anew. While ponification didn't solve all of her problems, it was a step in the right direction as she makes her own friends and connections that give her a sense of self-worth she never had before. Now, as Saffron Sets, she's even accepted into Celestia's academy for gifted unicorns to explore and develop in her passion of mathematics. After something of a falling out with a dear friend of hers, said friend manages to track down Saffron's mother, now a pony living in Appleloosa and the two of them share in a tear-filled reunion and reconciliation that finally lets Saffron grow out of the arrested development she had been in since her mother left. So . . . yeah. I fully fleshed out character with an arc that is observed by but not dependent on the main character, her love interest, to be there for its inception or completion. Now though, I'm wondering. Is this a character I should keep? I mean as much as she is a three-dimensional character, she doesn't necessarily need to serve the plot. She's introduced as early as chapter three and her and the main character's relationship develops very quickly. Which on the one hoof, is kind of refreshing. Instead of dragging out the build up of a relationship between two characters and having them get together near the end with a big damn kiss accompanied by an orbital camera shot; meet cute, first date, first kiss, first fight, make up, here's the rest of the story and these two are an item throughout. On the other hoof, it means that potential love interest characters and teases are effectively locked out as the story develops. Canon AND OC. It also might be fair to consider that maybe Saffron's story sounds a bit too . . . Oscar bait to put it in terms. So I suppose it simply comes down to what makes a better story? An early met, quickly established romantic relationship that lasts the whole story or wait for the adventure to begin and the romance is part of the overall quest?
  12. Steel Accord

    General If you were in charge of Hasbro...

    Since we're totally fantasizing . . . -The first G.I. Joe movie would have the subtitle Real American Heroes, screw what anyone else says. Would have more shootouts and play more like Zero Dark Thirty with a slightly lighter tone. -Michael Bay can keep the first Transformers movie but every subsequent film gets a new director and new team. Make it like the old Planet of the Apes movies where it's the same setting but the premise, characters, and even genre keep changing. -Jem and the Holograms wasn't even a show I was aware of as a kid but Jem was an insult to its fans. I don't know what a good Jem movie would be but I'd at least give another pass at the script before signing off on the film that does exist. -The MLP movie . . . I could go on, and on and I liked the film. But to spare you a lecture for another part of this site, I'll just say that the MOVIE shouldn't feel less substantial than the seasonal two-parters. Give it a better villain, higher emotional stakes, and more connections to the actual show.
  13. Steel Accord

    How many MLP forum members have you met in person?

    Just one person from an old RP group. We didn't really connect sadly, especially since the RP in question had been over for quite a bit. I'm actually closer with a lot of people I met here whom I've yet to meet IRL.
  14. Steel Accord

    mutants vs robots

    Ask the X-Men and how many times they've beaten Sentinels.
  15. Hey everypony. Been a long time since I posted here. Just that I want to write something original and could use a suggestion on what I should be focusing on.

    Kung Fu Zombie: a story following the misadventures of a zombified martial artist as he pummels his way through hordes of his fellows, eats living humans, and shambles through a mystery of how the outbreak happened in the first place.

    American Swordsman: a story set in WWII about a Japanese-American sent to kill an ancient samurai resurrected due to a curse placed upon the U.S. since the Revolutionary War.

    The Last Master: In the far future, the last practitioner of the traditional martial arts lives a peaceful and low tech life on a remote planet before he's challenged by a group of cyborg ring fighters trying to prove his obsolescence.

    So which of these do you guys think is something you'd want to read?

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    2. Steel Accord

      Steel Accord

      Can't promise anything but I'll let you know.

    3. HereComesTom


      The American Swordsman one really looks interesting to me, too.  Though for a kind of a strange reason.

      In WWII, Japanese-Americans were being interned, and there was a lot of prejudice against them in the USA.  So it's making me wonder:  just who is sending the swordsman on his mission?  The USA's government wouldn't trust him, and Japan's government would likely be out of communication---though if the story takes place before Pearl Harbor, or if Pearl Harbor happens during the story, that might be different...

    4. Steel Accord

      Steel Accord

      Nope. It is the U.S. government doing it. They recruit him right out of the internment camp. You know, like a lot of Japanese Americans who gladly signed up and served during WWII earning more Medals of Honor collectively than any other American unit during the war.