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  1. Pandaren are my favorite race in WoW. Seeing as how much I love the Draenei, the Pandaren really just had to push all of my buttons to knock them from that perch. There are two scenarios involving them I thought could be fun to RP in my most reliable RP community. First contact: You play as a member of your preferred or mained race right after the Pandaren join the Alliance/Horde. I journey to your starting area and/or capital as part of an envoy with the monk class trainers. We meet and just adjust to the other’s culture and become friends. Pandaren Ex-pat: Based on my actual RP experience. This takes place in Pandaria proper. You play as a local pandaren meanwhile I’m a member of the Alliance that’s grown so tired of the war with the Horde that I defect. Only you don’t know about that detail. We befriend each other as I’m trying to lay low and the interesting bits come from the fact that spending so much time with the Alliance has left me out of the loop on some Pandaren (especially native Pandarian) culture and I’m also a bit more hardened than the laid back Pandarian. Eventually the truth comes out and your character has to square the reality that I look like one of you, are one of you, but are also a foreigner at the same time. I think both of these would be fun to play although the first is obviously a bit more casual. It’s just a matter of what you want. Hope to hear back from you soon.
  2. MATRIX LOGIN:SITE: DAKIDAKILOVECLUB:ACESS=APPROVED“I was recommended to this site by a chummer of mine who doesn’t want to admit we’re friends.Running doesn’t leave a lot of room for romance. Plenty of flings for sure. Old fashioned as I am though, that’s not what I’m looking for. No I’d like to meet a woman willing to slow down and talk in between jobs.Common wisdom is don’t shit where you eat, but if real friendships can be formed during the planning and doing phases, why can’t a relationship? Certainly having a fellow Runner as a partner makes more sense than hiding a double life from her.So a little about myself.-I’m a dwarf.-Originally from the Pocono Mountains, currently living in Seattle as it goes. Also spent a couple of years in Hong Kong doing work for Wuxing.-I’m Awakened. Pretty hard to avoid talking about it since it’s how I make my money. I don’t mind talking about what I can do, I just want to lay my cards down right away.-Also raised Catholic. None of that cafeteria drek either. Still practicing. It doesn’t really factor into my preferences for women, just like the Awakened thing, I feel the need to be upfront about it.-Pretty mellow all things concerned. No Neo-Anarchist rants or conspiracy theories from me.As for what I’m looking for. Someone different. Living in my melting pot home country as well as abroad gave me a love of the different.-Different meta-type. (Hey elf ladies. Let’s shatter some stereotypes!)-Different country of origin.-Hell, even if chrome obviously doesn’t jive with me, it does hold a fascination. So bring on the razorgirls, lady deckers, and Rosie riggers.-Changeling girls. Cat girls, bird girls, are mermaids changelings? (Sorry if that's inappropriate.)-. . . Maybe even a shapeshifter if one has Matrix access and sees this. (Don’t shame me!)Anyway, yeah. Hope to hear from some people.” ~ ~ ~ ~ ~In-character portion over. An RP set in the Sixth World of Shadowrun. The character I described above is preferred overall but I could make some changes if you wanted. The list of traits for partners above is not all inclusive, just some options I’d like.The idea of the story and romance focused RP would be we’d both meet either on Jackpoint like you responded to the above or maybe we both get hired for a job and hit it off.-Don’t sweat word count.-Third person preferred but not required.-Could take it to Discord now or later.Hope to hear from you.
  3. “Oh Pendrew.” Immanuel said to himself. “The Combs,” Jeeg said. “The other Rangers,” Phi said as the two held hands. “Lock it up!” Grid ordered. “This is exactly what we trained for. The Rangers will retreat to the fallback positions and wait for further orders.” He turned back to the Jedi. “It’s the clanker I’m worried about.” “Agreed. Regardless of how strong Torah’s will is, a droid’s mind can be easily reached. Worse is he’s . . .” Senotho took stock of his company, especially the captain and seemed to become more guarded with his words. “Torah must be freed from the Excursion lest what he has fall into the hands of our true enemies.” He turned back to the Captain. “For now Captain, I suggest we resupply with haste. All the better to return you all home more quickly.” When the starship could at least see Arrgaw, it was a planet orbited by massive rings. Only these rings were not of rock and ice, but metal. The rings orbiting the trade planet was where the major business transactions take place, while the surface was dedicated to industry.
  4. The Minister sighed and was about to speak again. "Minister. What are you doing at the console?" The Stormtrooper from behind asked. Layton panicked and fired his blaster behind him but missed wildly. His cover blown, he blasted the console so they couldn't trace the signal to the Righteous Indignation. The signal terminated violently, leaving the Minister's fate in question. It was only a second later that Master Senotho came in with his entire Rangers crew in close following although they had the decency to wait outside the office aside from Grid, loyally at the Jedi's side. "You wanted to see me Captain?"
  5. Hey guys, where do we post our ponysona character sheets? I know there's a database or something but the ones I can find are locked down.

    1. Dark Horse

      Dark Horse

      The database is being rebuilt for the revamp of the Roleplay section, so they're unavailable at the moment. Until then it will have be done via blog post.

  6. I had considered it but a couple of things stopped me. A ) someone else’s OC already has it. B ) That would imply White Belt is particularly Taoist in thinking and that’s not inaccurate but he’s not Lao Tzu either. He’s just as much a deliverer of Buddhist philosophy and Bushido.
  7. Huh. Don’t know how you got a shade of blue that specific but it works. Thank you.
  8. An OC for my planned fanfiction has a white coat. His name is White Belt so it's kind of a Pinkie Pie, name/color scheme match. However I'm trying to think of a mane color that's better than just black yet not totally eye searing in contrast. Could use some help, especially if a specific shade of white would go better with a specific mane color. Secondly, I have an idea for a cutie-mark but I'd like to hear other suggestions. As you might tell from the name, White Belt's thing is the martial arts. Although he's not particularly violent. Rather his special talent is that he's basically a walking introduction to the concept of the martial arts as spiritual and physical self-improvement. That training to fight and looking for a fight aren't the same thing. He's always looking for other great masters or lost techniques to learn them. So his cutie-mark is a spear crossed with a scroll. Any better ideas of what he could have or is that good?
  9. “Captain! I can’t speak for long. They’re watching me.” Layton took a moment, looking behind him to make sure he wasn’t being observed. “The Antarian Rangers were attacked. Their base was raided. Master Senotho’s droid companion was taken to the Excursion, they’re going to get information out of him to find him and you.”
  10. Just as he spoke an communication was coming through, from Antar 4. “This is Pendrew Layton attempting to contact the Righteous Indignation. Master Jedi, Captain Jellico, anyone, come in!” > > > > > > > > That same vision. The one from the Catacombs. The twin archers. One ornate and robed the other armored and stern. Their arrows meeting. He saw this same vision but its meaning still alluded him. He saw himself. His body in relaxed meditation. Floating in the void. It was warped and hard to decipher though. Around him the Force warped and bended as it shouldn’t. The warp drive! He sat there, as space was wounded around him, but the vessel . . . wasn’t there. It doesn’t exist in the Force. Or . . . they removed themselves from it! Senotho’s mind came crashing back into him, it felt like he was dropped a great distance. The previously floating items likewise dropped to the floor. To be so hyper aware and then snap back to the limited senses was always jarring. Now though, the previously comfortable and luxurious surroundings seemed sterile and decedent. He pulled a small metal tube from his tunic. “Rangers,” he spoke into it. “Drop what you’re doing and converge on my position.”
  11. Understood. Just wanted to make things clear. Thanks for your contribution buddy.
  12. We’ve talked before. You know I’m devout. At the same time, I did make it a point that understanding and respecting Buddhism, Taoism, etc. is not the same thing as worship. And I said the “possessed by tiger demons!” thing as a joke about histrionic people who think any practice or hobby outside of Church is Satanic. I would also like to note that Buddhism and Taoism are hardly of the occult. At least depending on how you define it. Funny because I did that just last night. I needed to pray but I was angry. Praying in anger wouldn’t be right so I needed to calm myself. Using the mediation I’ve been practicing as part of my Kung Fu, I was able to calm myself and push the anger from my mind while I prayed.
  13. Hey friends. Got a little discussion topic for you. As some of you might know of me, I love to practice the martial arts. Specifically in the Chinese disciplines of Kung Fu. And the reasons people do such are many. I’m not looking for self-defense or mere entertainment, although both are nice bonuses. No for me, it’s a spiritual pursuit. I compare it to video games. Video games are something I love but they require nothing of me. No commitment or sacrifice. Kung Fu, by its literal definition of “skill through hard work” requires much of me. As someone who once hated working out, it stood out as strange that one of my favorite hobbies was so physically strenuous. Although I later figured out that was part of the point. God wants sacrifice on our part. To put our faith into practice. God calls me to the martial arts in the same way He calls me to Mass each Sunday. It’s always worth it even if it’s not always fun and requires something of me. Now, I’ve heard religious arguments as sensible as “it’s okay as long as you don’t accept the spiritual stuff” to as far afield as “you’ll be possessed by tiger demons!” And I disagree with both. Certainly it doesn’t hurt to learn, know, and understand the underlying Buddhist or Taoist principals behind Shaolin Fist style versus Tai Chi. Indeed it’s why I prefer these schools to modern MMA or even my base style of Kenpo Karate. Both utterly divorced from ANY spiritual precepts. Without which, they’re just efficient methods of combat. Which is not what I’m looking for. However, I would like to know your guys’ thoughts on a question I have. Given that I am a Christian, and Catholic specifically, how exactly can I fit the traditional martial arts into theological perspective? Not in the sense of protecting myself or others from violence, how would (theoretically) the pursuit of Kung Fu, training to fight without looking to fight, bring me close to God? Or is the path God wants me to walk?
  14. Jeeg didn’t nod as it wasn’t exactly that. He explained it as best he could. “For most, it takes a lifetime.” He looked at Senotho’s back in sadness. “There once were many like Master Senotho. Trained since childhood in the ways of the Force. They were the Jedi Knights, guardians of peace and justice, servants of the Republic. More than protectors of people’s lives and homes, they were our connection to something . . . beyond ourselves.” Jeeg was trying to convey something to Shantra. Something that even those against the Empire mocked and dismissed, even hated and feared. Meanwhile . . . The Thirteenth Sister sat in her almost pitch black chambers in deep meditation. Or at least that’s what it looked like. In truth her mind was a storm that wouldn’t calm. A cylinder of carbonite slowly began to rise in front of her. She began to grimace, her teeth grinding. The cylinder shook and dipped before collapsing back to the ground as her eyes shot open. She growled and kicked the cylinder away, getting to her feet and pacing in frustration. Her door opened. There stood Moff Caprid. “I requested seclusion.” She said. Her back to the Moff. “A privilege your superior can ignore if they so choose.” She drew her lightsaber on him, the blade extending right up to his chin. The Moff was unmoved and unintimidated. “I answer to Lord Vader.” “As do I, at the Emperor’s discretion. Whom we all serve. While I do not fully trust your methods, I’ve exhausted all other avenues of finding that vessel. Something we both want.” The Inquisitor glared but didn’t protest as he was correct in their mutual interest. “Thus, I’ve brought you something that might aid you.” He stepped aside as three stormtroopers entered. One had a blaster aimed at a prisoner’s back, two carried said prisoner by the arms. Torah. Master Senotho’s droid companion. He was dropped to his metallic knees on the floor. He looked up at the Inquisitor, her helmet opened with her face exposed. “Yral Tel.” He said. She ignited the other end of her lightsaber and held it above his head. “Silence droid!” She looked to the Moff. “This droid. He . . .” “Is the personal droid of the Jedi. His confidante. Who knows his secrets.” The Inquisitor smiled at the Moff. “I accept this gift.”
  15. Happy Birthday Man