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  1. Movies/TV Disney Thread

    Oh God, I’d watch the shit out of that!
  2. Movies/TV Disney Thread

    So like what? A proposed shared sequel between the two films?
  3. Well like all art meant for consumption, shows live and die on how much an audience enjoys the product and supports it. Maybe not "save" it, but the Brony community certainly contributed to the show's staying power when the likes of Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, etc. long should have supplanted it.
  4. Do you find the above *character* attractive?

    Yyyyyyes just not that picture of her. I do have a softspot for redheads and I think the two of them always made a great couple in the comics. How about mah bae Mei?
  5. Movies/TV Disney Thread

    Hey guys, not sure if this has been brought up before or not but if it has, I apologize. While the Disney brand shares some common elements like broad aesthetics, character types, and overall tone, they have rarely tried to bridge into crossovers and shared universe concepts. When they do, it's usually a one off thing such as the tv crossovers like the (surprisingly good) Aladdin and Hercules tv team up or something like House of Mouse, essentially a room full of cameos where they're interaction and co-existence isn't the point. The times when they DO try to make big, arch, cross pollination epics, they tend to be very hit or miss. There was the planned shared universe between Atlantis: the Lost Empire and Gargoyles that never even got off the ground. (Why God?! Why?! :'( ) Kingdom Hearts is good, don't get me wrong, but let's face it, you could swap out the Disney worlds and characters for stock video game locales and allies and it wouldn't affect the plot or cosmology at all. Which really irks me because it means these true icons of animated film and important, life-shaping stories end up taking the back seat to characters and events that will NOT outlast any of them. Then there's Descendents, which starts with a killer premise and then proceeds to diminish it. None of the big name villains are recognizable as their original characters which makes the stigma of the main characters being their offspring come off as even more arbitrary than the tired "other side of the tracks" cliche the movie has about them. Not helped by the kids doing nothing particularly bad or challenging to the audience. I mean nothing as bad as Gideon from Zootopia clawing a child Judy's face. Or Kuzco's carelessness of tearing down a village for a summer home. I mean say what you will about Treasure Planet but at least Jim actually felt like a troubled, delinquent kid with an asshole Dad. In many ways it's sad because I can't quite tell if the creators didn't WANT to take the movie in the direction it needed to go or they weren't allowed to, because either case is tragic. The whole thing just feels so painfully clean, polished, and toothless. The only good version of this premise I can think of thus far is Once Upon a Time. I'm not finished the series so I don't want to dwell on it for fear of spoilers. Anyway, what I wanted to actually ask you guys here is, if Disney DID decide to do a cross-branding exercise of multiple characters and worlds of their animated canon, how would you want that to look? I'm not asking if they will do whatever you're thinking of, just what form would you prefer or imagine this to take? Would it be a movie? Animated or live action? What would be the story? Would it all be the same setting or would they be separate but magically accessible worlds? Would it be a shared sequel to the previous movies? What do you guys think?
  6. General What was your first view on Bronies

    I think a lot of us can relate to that snowballing effect.
  7. What is something you wish you were pro at?

    Awesome! Me too. Why do you want to be though?
  8. What is something you wish you were pro at?

    I know how you feel. If it’s any consultation, I sucked at math and got to college.
  9. Animation What are your favorite cartoons?

    MLP: Obviously, but I feel the need to specify I know it’s not the best cartoon ever since the likes of Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, etc. are of far greater overall quality. MLP though will always be more personally important to me even if I like those other shows. That being said . . . Avatar: In my opinion, one of the most important cartoons to come out in years. At my college, several people accredited it as inspiration for their writing work. It is the new Lord of the Rings in terms of foundational exposure and forming of fantasy fiction for a generation. The setting is so well thought out and internally consistent that it feels almost real. The limits and uses of bending are creative and ever a visual splendor with its sharp, fast paced fight scenes. Of course the characters are all a joy and ever watchable. People you could drop into any situation in your head and you know how’d they react. Star Wars Rebels/Clone Wars: Yes I’m counting both of them because BOTH ARE AMAZING! I’ll be more specific Rebels is good and a worthy successor! With that out of my system, as a Star Wars fan who loves the saga in its entirety, I love the new canon and both shows have gone to great lengths to establishing the new context. Consolidation is the key word as both shows feel genuinely connected to each other and feel authentic to their respective movies and eras. Which is nothing to say about the characters and stories. Movie characters are fleshed out and made more interesting and new ones such as Rex and Ahsoka have become icons in their own right. The stories too are cool, Clone Wars was very experimental with the conventions of threat, setting, and genre. The Zillo beast, the Phantom Virus, the Mandalorians, the Mortis arc etc. Where Rebel’s characters have more strained but more human connections, people brought together by equal parts desperation and high ideals that don’t always match up. Meanwhile the stories aren’t as experimental but the stuff with the Force, the Empire, it feels genuine to setting.
  10. What is something you wish you were pro at?

    Martial arts. I want to get there some day, just wish I was better at them now.
  11. General What was your first view on Bronies

    My first impression is kind of what convinced me to join. After seeing my first PMV I looked up the show, found out what they were, saw Lauren Faust’s name on it, and thought, “well, this show must actually be pretty good then.” The rest is my life.
  12. What Would Your Magic Power Be?

    “That’s not how the Force works.” ~Han Solo Seriously though. If you are lazy, the Force won’t just magically work for you. It requires study and discipline to hone. Otherwise all you’ll be able to do is move one small object at a time, and that’s being optimistic.
  13. S07:E25+E26 - Shadow Play

    Ho . . . ly . . . . shit. That was amazing! I know I'm late to the game on this but hot damn was this worth it. First of all, the foreshadowing was great. I really missed this when building to the season finale was done by sprinkling in little bits of lore, world-building, or other information. Starswirl's journal way back when the Crystal Empire first re-emerged, the keys, even the Grand Galloping Gala. (Isn't that a blast from the past?) It also felt organic. Somnambula and Meadowbrook were both a part of history and left behind legacies that were brought up as background details in episodes not neccesarily related to them as characters. Whereas Mistmane, Flash Magnus, and Rockhoof, were exposited on AS legends that focused on them. Of course we've known about Starswirl since all the way back in Season 2. They didn't bring them up all at the same time. Of course not leaving out that this kind of shit just pushes my buttons. Pre-cursor heroes. Revealing that the heroes we follow now are part of a legacy left behind by other great heroes. It's an appealing meta narrative, that as old heroes die, new ones arise in surprisingly similar conditions to fill in the job. Helped by the fact that the Pillars are just interesting characters in their own right. Okay, they don't have the same depth as the Six we love, that's just bound to happen when you have A season with a few cameos versus seven seasons and counting of character development. On that note, it was nice to see the Mane Six all together again. Each one of them was given a moment to shine and even showcased their growth. Rainbow Dash using actual cunning, Fluttershy sneaking in a sort of snide joke but not really, etc. Maybe it's just because I was on a bit of a hiatus but it felt like forever since it wasn't just Starlight and Twilight or Spike or the CMC. (Not that I mind those guys at all.) Speaking of being all together though, I liked seeing the Pillars interact with each other. It's sort of a Jason and the Argonauts or more relevantly Avengers sort of feeling. You hear about these big legends and their amazing feats only to have them meet and bounce off each other. Except with a further twist, it turns out that the Argonauts not only already know each other, they're friends. Just something I find very heartwarming in that Fellowship of the Ring style camaraderie that arose out of saving the world just as much as simply being friends. Though one need not be the end or beginning of the other. I also liked Stygian. Side note: why the Hell would you call yourself "the Pony of Shadows" if you're given name is Stygian!? The river of the Underworld?! Which we know exists in this world! Anyway. First of all the animation on him was spectacular, how he shaped himself like an inky mist. Second of all I liked his design, a sort of Nightmare Moon Sombra hybrid thing going on. See that's how you do a hybrid villain, looking at you Storm King! I also liked that he was sort of the one that brought them together. He was the Jason in my Argonauts metaphor or you could call him the Nick Fury/Coulson in the Avengers example. Or to bring it back to the Fellowship, the Frodo. I like how he said he came up with plans and did research. That's a cool image that Stygian was the brains of the operation, in the command tent coordinating his friends. That he felt underappreciated as the relatively normal guy amid legends kind of strikes a familiar cord. We sure SPIKE isn't the one who should have talked to him? Anyway, I even like how casually the ending flips the status quo. The Elements have returned (though they never really left so to speak.) And so have the Pillars. You'd think with these now living legends they'd be too cool to keep around but that's clearly not the case. I wonder how their living descendants or followers are going to react. In any case. I'm finally caught up . . . with the show itself. Now to get back to EQG . . . oh joy. How many movies are we on now?
  14. Your male/female MLP character crush?

    One of my first early fandom freak outs was realizing I had a crush on Fluttershy. As an overtly feminine nurturer with a submissive streak, she just pushed my buttons. The same happened with Rarity who appealed to my classical romantic fantasy of a knight and his lady. Now that I’ve had more time to think it over, I think my most likely partner would actually be Pinkie Pie. An eternal optimist who could counter my occasional and much despised bouts of melancholy. (An aspect that runs counter to my prized idealism.) Plus she’s very physically affectionate, a major requirement for me. And she offers gentle encouragement when she sees flaws rather than being either directly confrontational or permissive.
  15. Merry Christmas everypony and a Happy Heartwarmings Eve!

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