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  1. Steel Accord

    Mega Thread Christian bronies: meet, greet, and mingle!

    Twilight would be proud. Congratulations and God bless my man!
  2. Steel Accord

    Swimsuit Ponies Fan Club

    Well, somepony likes Rainbow Dash. Not that I blame you.
  3. Steel Accord

    Swimsuit Ponies Fan Club

    This is one of the many reasons I love summer.
  4. It’s my favorite holiday today! Have a fantastic day my friends!

  5. Steel Accord

    Do you have any siblings?

    Two younger brothers. They're my best friends.
  6. Steel Accord

    Sports Who does/has done Karate or any Martial Art.

    Why is that exactly? Why was it a chore and why did you lack the discipline? I ask because my practice is a passion of mine I could never grow bored of so I’d like to see the other side of that coin.
  7. Steel Accord

    Any fans of country Music here?

    I'm a casual fan. I couldn't tell you a lot of bands I listen to but I love the song "Dirt on my boots." As well as "the Devil went down to Georgia," but come on, everyone knows that song. Admittedly, and this is something I kind of hate to admit because it makes me a hypocrite, I started listening to it because it had such a bad rap. Both of my brothers made fun of it as a one note genre for simpletons and the rest of the country conflated country music with everything they hated. (Such as even passively expressed patriotism. Can't be proud of the U.S.A these days apparently. ) So I started listening to it. Which is reactionary logic which I hate but I don't regret the decision even if I regret the reason for I made it. If you have any recommendations OP, I'd love to hear them. @AJ2489 Oh wait, I take one thing back about not being able to name bands and artists, I LOVE Johnny Cash! Man in Black all the way. "God's gonna cut you down." "A Boy named Sue" "The Man Comes Around" SO good!
  8. Steel Accord

    Gaming Video games that mean the most to you.

    I also wanted to put Fallout 3 on my list for the same reasons. (Plus legitimate connection with the father character that I could map to my relationship with my own Dad. And not a small dosing of burning patriotism in my heart.) In keeping with the OP's wishes though, I narrowed down my list. To its credit, Reach did get me to care about characters in the series who I unanimously see as victims of a tyrannical regime. No small feat.
  9. Steel Accord

    Gaming Video games that mean the most to you.

    One of the first games I completed all the way to the end. More than that though it was a bonding experience for my brother and I. We played the multiplayer sections a lot and for the final story sections, we both switched back and forth between the characters along with our third brother who played the Knuckles section. The final battle was particularly fun, with the soundtrack, stakes, and my brother and I passing the controller back and forth to one another the same way Sonic and Shadow were trading places fighting the final boss. An unforgettable video game experience. Keep in mind, the games we'd played up to that point were Goldeneye, 1080, and Banjo Kazooie. Nothing with a more in-depth story that wasn't tongue in cheek. This would set the precedent for my experiences later in life. My first Zelda game. Sure, I had played Ocarina at my cousin's place but it didn't stick with me. This did. For a number of reasons. As a young kid who grew up on a small island, this kind of touched a particular nerve with me. It hit close to home and made it seem like Link's adventure across the sea could be my own. It really was an adventure as well, that grand music that played as you glided across the waves of a seemingly endless ocean, little dots off in the distance that could be another thing to explore. Once the discovery was done though, there was a quest to be had, one that scaled up and got bigger at the plot progressed. It started out humble, tag along with pirates, rescue sister. Then you find a magical talking boat that says he'll help you get your sister in exchange for also ousting the very guy who kidnapped her. Then you start collecting magical do dads and encountering ancient demi-gods that hint at greater powers at work in your quest. It just goes up from there. By the time the final battle has come, where you started from is staggering to consider yet it feels natural because the escelation was well paced. Maybe a bit predictable. Still, one of the things I love about this game is that the "world" part of the title feels accurate. Azeroth feels like a genuine world. I mean sure, magic, subways, and inter-dimensional rock ships, all coded with a decidedly exaggerated aesthetic. Yet it all doesn't fly apart at the seams because the cultures of the Alliance and the Horde, ridiculous as some might seem, remain internally consistent yet actually have evolved and changed over time. That's really the key to it all. Starting back in vanilla up to now, the world has undergone remarkable change, ancient foes defeated, massive government reformations, the gods themselves have abdicated their positions. As my mains, split between a Draenei Vindicator (Paladin) and a Pandaren Monk (because the Pandaren are unironically awesome and I will fight you on this!), I feel like I have been a witness to history. On that subject, by the way, I ADORE the classes in this game, even the ones I don't play. Because they aren't just "warrior fights with swords, mages throw fireballs" and that's it. The classes actually have specific places in the cultures of their respective races. Your race selection limits your class choice to match that race's values. The class list expanded for various races precisely due to those internal changes over the years I mentioned. As a roleplayer, your class not only determines how you play, it determines how you fit in the world of Azeroth, what you want to say about yourself to others. My first true RPG. The game that let me create an identity all my own. I could become the master swordsman, quick draw gun-slinging, heroic swashbuckler I wanted to be. More than that though, it also gave me characters I actually cared about. Hammer was a lot of fun, Garth was a badass, their banter was great together, most of all though it was the first game that gave me a family. Not just a sister like in Zelda or indeed in this game, but a wife and children. For context, this was Alex, a unique NPC that came with an interesting backstory of a former suitor who took his own life and the vengeful ghost contracted me to break her heart. When the time came though, I couldn't do it and ended up marrying her myself. Said spirit actually understood and found himself at peace that she was happy. It was a nice happily ever after. That's when things get interesting, in order to rescue Garth, I had to become a guard for the bad guy. This was no snatch and grab, this was a deep cover infiltration that took several in-game years to accomplish. I had never seen a game do that, wretch that level of control away from me. I actually thought what would happen to Alex, would she be mad or even think I was dead? I was actually thinking about this while playing this section. By the time I returned, Alex had a little someone to show me, a little girl who asked, "are you really my Dad?" More than any other time, I wished there was a "pick up and hug very tightly" button. I won't say anything further for spoilers but let's just say that no game since has made me more genuinely emotionally invested in seeing the villain fall.
  10. Steel Accord

    Sports Who does/has done Karate or any Martial Art.

    (Sorry for the late reply.) Keep in mind, "Kung Fu" is an umbrella term that covers a wide variety of different schools and styles. Broadly speaking there is Northern style and Southern style. My own Wah Lum technique draws its lineage from Northern Praying Mantis, for instance. (And again, neither are unified in technique or philosophy.) Northern style tends to favor kicks, quick stance transitions, and acrobatics. Southern style is more rooted, favoring close combat and hard strikes. If you watch Avatar at all, a good delineation is that fire and airbending have more in common with northern style while earth and water bending have more in common with southern.
  11. Steel Accord

    Sports Who does/has done Karate or any Martial Art.

    HEY! I also did Tang Su Do but I was like eight or something so I don't really count it. Well what are you asking exactly? What's the atmosphere? The techniques?
  12. Hey friends. Just published an article if anypony is interested. It's about Fallout.

    Fallout: An American Fantasy

    Warning: It's NOT satirical. Ironic that it not being satire warrants a warning, isn't it?

  13. Steel Accord

    Sports Who does/has done Karate or any Martial Art.

    My base style is Kenpo Karate but I've been branching into Kung Fu as well. My experience has been more than positive, the study of the martial arts feels outright affirming for me.
  14. Steel Accord

    Mega Thread Christian bronies: meet, greet, and mingle!

    It did sound a little overzealous at parts but you're point was solid.
  15. Steel Accord

    Mega Thread Christian bronies: meet, greet, and mingle!

    Something I said to a friend of mine is that we don’t act as we do because we’re looking for a reward that might not even come but because we believe in a greater order to life, we must be cautious of our actions or inactions since we don’t know what larger effect they may have.