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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Happy birthday bud! :mlp_yeehaa:

  3. Impossible to really say at this stage. I do martial arts but I don't really have the time to attend regular classes or advance in a meaningful way currently. So I'd like to think my final boss would be some sort of final opponent to attain some kind of high rank in Kung Fu. Make it like a Street Fighter arcade mode final boss.
  4. Not much honestly. I'm hopeful for the future. Anyone who knows history can tell that the human race has been on a steady up-tick with plagues, cultural collapse, and world wars only delaying that.
  5. I find that that's actually a bad start to a relationship if that plays out in real life. There's an app you can get called shazam though. You let it listen to a song and it shows you what that song is.
  6. I got a whole playlist of romantic songs. One about longing for love is Nickleback's Gotta be Someone.
  7. I got two go to romances right now that I think really hit the right buttons. One is a simplistic kind of romance that isn't really the focus but it still feels genuine. The other is a steamy, sexy, yet still somehow grounded and mature tale where the romance very much IS the focus. Tangled: the Series. For those who don't know, yes, the Disney movie had a tv spinoff. For those of us who grew up with the Aladdin tv series, that should feel familiar. Anyway, the romance between Eugene and Rapunzel isn't really the focus of the show, in fact it gets a lot less attention than Jasmine and Aladdin's relationship. However the show surprises me all the time with just how serious Eugene takes his commitment to Rapunzel. He's the familiar rogue we know and love him as from the film but no matter what Rapunzel wants to do, from entering a contest to jumping off cliffs, he never once complains or protests. When she's feeling low or unsure of herself, he's always there to give some words of encouragement, and it's not like he's just telling her to make her feel better. When he says that she can do anything, you really feel like he believes it. It kind of hit me out of the blue why. (Movie spoilers) He literally died for her! And yet it's because of her that he's alive again. So this is a man who laid down his life to save a woman and she repays that by giving him new life. Eugene's devotion to Rapunzel is absolute. It's simple, yet it's also incredibly deep. The next is Lore Olympus. It's a webcomic detailing the romance between Hades and his eventual wife, Persephone. For those who don't know, the biggest myth Hades is known for that doesn't have him as a side character to a hero is the taking of Persephone. Where he spirits the goddess of spring to his home in the Underworld to take as his bride. (As promised to him by Zeus.) Without going into the whole myth there's some debate as to how consenting Persephone was and even if she wasn't at first, in all subsequent myths where Hades appears, Persephone is always at his side and even is possessive of him when other suitors try to make a move. In stark contrast to Zeus' many, many affairs with . . . pretty much anything with a pulse, Hades remained totally faithful to Persephone and again, that devotion was returned by her. I mean A) this is already hits my romantic buttons. B ) the webcomic greatly expands upon this dynamic. At this point in the comic they're not even together yet but their chemistry is unbelievably well written and very real seeming. They're relaxed around one another, they talk honestly with one another, they give each other meaningful gifts, they want to touch and hold the other (even though they know they really shouldn't), they can call the other out when they made a mistake but not in a petty way, and they miss the other when they're not around. I don't know, part of it is coming from one of my favorite Greek myths, and another definitely is that Persephone as depicted in the comic is the sexiest character I've ever seen illustrated, but I do think there's just something to how the romance really works as both a re-telling of the myth and a very good depiction of healthy relationships.
  8. Well to put it into two categories . . . Personality/Hobbies/Habits: -Effeminate/girly. I like a woman who wears her femininity on her sleeve. Not that she can't like manly things as well or that she NEEDS to be a Princess. Just leaning more towards Rarity or Fluttershy rather than Rainbow Dash or Applejack if you catch my drift. (Although the cowgirl, Southern Belle thing also has its charms, not going to lie.) Such does NOT exclude girls with a more gothic sensibility as that can be a part of a sort of "dark lady" persona. -Something to learn. I'd like it if we actually learned not just about one another but from one another. Maybe she has a perspective I didn't consider. Maybe I have something to teach her. -Martial Arts. Not strictly necessary but would be a great bonus. There's something very appealing about a woman who can kick my ass. And it'd be a shared passion we both have that's both deeply personal, requires a lot of hands on physical contact, and constantly pushes us to be better. -Intelligence. That is strictly necessary. Dumb is a total turnoff. Not that she has to know everything but I really appreciate women who are deeply knowledgeable. Especially if it's in a subject I'm not that smart in because then she has something to teach me. -Teasing. Dear God, if there's one thing I learned from my only relationship thus far, it's that I like a girl who pops my monocle. Someone who just likes to flirt, but only with the one she's with. As it shows she has somethings that she doesn't share with everyone but does with those she loves. There's a level of trust there. And, I just liked the dynamic. She says something mildly scandalous, I blither in faux-shock, she laughs. . . . I miss that. Physically: -Not blonde. Not that blonde hair is unattractive. Just that I always have a thing for hair color other than it. Brunette, red head, especially black or raven hair. -Long hair. I don't know what it is, but long hair on a woman just drives me nuts. We're talking like down to her back, Rapunzel hair. Especially if she wears it tied up and then lets it loose. -or- Pure seduction right there. This also covers big fros for black women. Speaking of which. -Black women. Not like exclusively or anything. After having . . . something, I'm not sure what it was honestly, with a neighbor of mine (definitely felt like more than friendship) though, I just find them to be appealing on some level. (Said neighbor also was a fan of Classic literature so she already ticked my "intelligence" requirement.) -Curvy. Inching up to a point that's getting a little uncomfortable for me to really dive into. I'll do my best. You know the song "Baby got Back?" Yeah switch that around to the "upper portion" of a woman's body and that's where my preference lies at. She doesn't need to be a supermodel or anything, just so long as what's up top is bigger than what's in the middle.
  9. *cough* As for a . . . real weapon?
  10. Why use a stun gun when you have your fists and feet? I mean those are my weapons of choice if I had to defend myself. The topic question, for me, is more just what weapon I'd like to own for fun. (Even if I just kept it at a shooting range not my own home. Although my home would also have swords mounted on the wall.)
  11. Nice to know I'm not the only one who goes old school.
  12. Any particular reason it appeals to you? Not disagreeing, just curious.
  13. Not sure if I would want to own one, but I LOVE shooting lever-action Winchester rifles. Just something satisfying about locking it back before firing. Proper wild west weapon. That doesn't really contribute to the topic. If you want a gun that doesn't hurt anyone, buy one and keep it stored properly. Maybe out to a shooting range once or twice. That weapon will never hurt anyone. My Dad has one of those. It's his favorite thing around the house. Me? I can't bear to use it. I try to scoop up bugs and just take them outside.