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  1. Gaming Games that simply make you 'happy'

    I am with you there 100% words can't describe the feelings that game gives me. It was the first Zelda game I played all the way through to the end. The unbroken expanse of the ocean made it feel like a real adventure. Just being able to see something off in the distance, often through the telescope, and deciding to cruise on over to it and find out what's there. Maybe it will be an island with a Great Fairy, maybe it's a platform of bad guys you have to slay swashbuckler style, maybe it's just those treasure hunting guys with the diving helmets. Plus the story was grand. Starting with a simple rescue mission that takes you through an odyssey of challenges.
  2. Gaming Games that simply make you 'happy'

    Awww heck yeah! Love that game for so many reasons. The vehicle is cool. It's just a relaxing, no stress tour. Most of all though, it's neat just to see the Pokemon in something close to an environment they'd inhabit acting like animals in the wild. Very immersive.
  3. Spoiler Possible Villain Reforms?

    I wasn't disagreeing with the point that he's not reformed according to canon. I was only saying that it's not impossible within the universe of the show. I'm not saying, nor have I been saying, that they are canon.
  4. Spoiler Possible Villain Reforms?

    Well to be fair. They had the Pillars plus the Mane Six. The threat was less about defeating him so much as it was how they were going to and whether Stygian was worth saving. I certainly wasn’t disappointed in the ending since it felt suitably big. With the Shadow creature being sealed away but Stygian being saved. Canon or not, it is a part of the franchise. It exists. So it can’t just be dismissed only because it doesn’t affect the show proper in terms of themes, ideas, or executions thereof. Canon only comes into play when one is talking about specific events or chronology. You have the right, of course. Just personally, don’t agree.
  5. Spoiler Possible Villain Reforms?

    Call me idealistic. (Ironic in this case.) I think that door has been pretty firmly shut. By the character in question even. Chrysalis had her chance with Starlight and she pointedly refused it. In the comics, she was even doing jail time and she showed no sign of remorse or penance. A brief digression: Chrysalis might be the best villain on the show simply by virtue of being the only re-occurring antagonist that remains firmly on the side of evil. What's more is that she's not a possessed demigoddess or the embodiment of an arguably negative force. She's powerful and definitely something less than natural but she's not as high up on the ontology of malevolent forces in this world the same way whatever parties what slumber gave birth to the Pony of Shadows are. So what does it say that demons and fallen angels have aligned with the side of Harmony but Chrysalis seems defiantly committed to conquest, consumption, and vengeance? It may not always be to our liking, but they are professionals. Of course they know what they're doing. I've heard this chestnut since season 2 and it really needs to be put out of circulation. If I might chip in, I agree. On the one hoof, it gets kind of predictable. Speaking for myself, I grew up with a lot of Saturday morning and Friday night anime. The amount of villains who become heroes I saw got pretty ridiculous and it even as a kid I could sort of tell who was going to eventually make the turn around. Therefore it kind of sucked some of the tension out since I could guess the outcome. It also means that a lot of times, the actions of said former villain don't feel properly punished. So it almost seems like mercy came at the cost of justice. Arguably the worst offender in this case was Starlight as she ran a genuine communist cult and when that was ruined for her, she almost destroyed the entire world. I mean, it's almost ironic, that Starlight did more damage and potential damage than Chysalis ever could. Yet we see her properly vetted and gone through a genuine arc where she admits her fault, feels guilt, reconnects with old friends, makes new ones, and then saves the very world she almost destroyed at great personal risk to herself. So her being redeemed truly feels earned in the sense of having sought and gained redemption. So if Tirek were to be redeemed, it would have to be a very fresh take on a concept we've seen explored in different characters already. (Which was good, Luna, Discord, and Starlight all had different attitudes and experiences with their respective redemption roads.) To the second point though, it would almost feel unearned as, he's done so much damage and meant so much intentional harm, that simply being let off the hook feels like he's escaped any form of punishment for what he's done.
  6. Spoiler Possible Villain Reforms?

    Of the two, Tirek seems the more likely. He has a connection with his brother Scorpan. Something to reconcile. In some ways, it would actually kind of book end Celestia and Luna. Celestia unwittingly lead Luna down a dark path through Luna's resentment of how loved her sister was and that drove her to become Nightmare Moon. Tirek unwittingly lead his brother down a benevolent path by sending him to a land of friendship and he saw this as a grievous betrayal. Grogar . . . maybe it's just the years of fanon hype since Tirek was far more intimidating than Grogar was in G1. I just feel like he should be something truly vile and powerful. (And hey, if the Smooze has turned into a total, disappointing, non-threat, surely only a semi-big bad could become something truly sinister.) For one thing, between the restored Elements of Harmony AND Pillars of Equestria, four five technically Princesses, basically an archmage in Starlight, the entire Changeling hive, the Dragonlord, and Discord; the villain would need to be a threat that would rival Old Scratch himself just to pose any kind of obstacle to the heroes. Something that evil I don't think could be "redeemed" in the sense that has thus far been shown.
  7. Mega Thread What book are you reading?

    Just started Furies of Calderon part one of the Codex Alera. Giving me some Game of Thrones vibes only with magic being much more common at the start. Hopefully, from what I know of writer Jim Butcher, this won't be hero punishingly depressing as A Song of Ice and Fire.
  8. I have figured out who Scootaloo's parents are

    Brings a whole new meaning to the question, "who came first, the chicken or the egg?"
  9. General What Is Your Religion?

    Roman Catholic. And still practicing, I feel the need to clarify.
  10. Ask the Mane 6

    Why do neither of those surprise me? (Rhetorical question.) Thank you.
  11. Ask the Mane 6

    @Sparklefan1234 What can I say Twi? They look good on you. And I mean that in the adorable fashion. Thank you though for your words. Last question I have is actually for Rainbow Dash. -Rainbow: One time loooooooooong ago you were teaching Applebloom in what was distinctly a karate gi. Couple things, I don't doubt your ability to kick ass but are you actually formally schooled in the martial arts? Care to give me a brief lesson on where they came from in Equestria? I ask because I'm something of a martial arts enthusiast myself. In case you couldn't tell from the sword in my mouth at the side there.
  12. A cordial greeting to everypony!

    You'll satisfy all those needs here. Believe me. People here are so cordial and mean well almost universally.
  13. A cordial greeting to everypony!

    Hello Ms. Berry Bliss. Name's Steel Accord. Welcome to the MLP Forums. To answer those in order. -Flutters was one of the first characters on the show I really fell in love with. Why is she your fave of the mane? -I found it because I was looking for online roleplaying for the first time in my life, of course it would be ponies that convinced me to, and then just lead me here. -Long story. Short version: Saw a clip from a PMV, looked up the PMV, researched the show, watched the two parter opening, never looked back.
  14. Ask the Mane 6

    Fair enough on all counts. Second question, sorry if I'm bothering you guys. I'm sure that time when you published the friendship journal is still fresh in your memory (or maybe Tempest and the Storm King made you completely forget about it, which I wouldn't blame you if THAT took priority in your memories). This is going to sound fairly petty so maybe I'm not that different from the ponies who harassed you but seeing them all act that way made me feel really guilty. Guilty for the actions of others. Actions not committed by myself because I was afraid you now saw us, your fans who aren't little fillies, as . . . I don't know a really bad part of your lives. Do you guys see me and others as one of those ponies? Shouting about "your character" or "Twilight was better before she got wings?" (Which, for the record, I was stoked when that happened Twilight. "You're not helping your case there, me. You're just sounding like Spike around Rarity.")
  15. Which Pony has the Prettiest Mane

    I've always been a fan of Fluttershy's mane. I'm just a sucker for long hair on girls in real life. While Rarity's hair is also pretty long, it's always stylized. Not a bad thing mind you by any stretch, just that for me, long natural hair hanging down free and unbound is just a thing of beauty. (And if Fluttershy is reading this, yes, I meant every word.)