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  1. I am playing the absolute shit out of Middle-Earth: Shadow of War. It really sparked a passion for Lord of the Rings in general. So much so I'm actually reading Fellowship for the first time ever. (Having only read the Hobbit in high school.) What makes the game great though is that it works as both an adaptation of Tolkien's Legendarium and its own little sphere it created with itself with the orcs. It gave them distinct cultures and really strove to make them unique and very memorable. I even sort of hit upon a fun theory. All of the orcs can come from different tribes, have different c
  2. Steel Accord

    General Knight or Samurai ?

    The armor thing isn't true. Sidebar: Samurai also wore armor. Like, they're famous for their armor. You do know that knights fought pretty much everything that an army could throw at them right? Pikemen, cavalry, archers, massed infantry, firearms! Saying a knight can only fight another knight is like saying a tank can only fight a tank. Not only is a tank already nearly unstoppable to most ground forces, you usually send in a tank to kill a tank, because another tank is the only thing that CAN stop it.
  3. First of all, thank you for responding at all. Secondly though, that’s the thing, because it’s Equestria, they wouldn’t really know about Earth styles, or at least they wouldn’t call them those things. Part of his quest is actually finding the remnants of lost books, scrolls, and other traces of fighting forms. Because Equestria doesn’t see a lot of conflict, their knowledge of what we would call martial arts, that is to say, fighting systems rooted in warfare but with philosophy attached to them, by and large died out after the pony tribes united. (Unless one counts something li
  4. There's a character I would like to base a fanfic around but I'm having some trouble with his details and making him seem like he could plausibly fit into Equestria. Personality: To help matters, White Belt is an introvert but not at all shy or anti-social. He just prefers one or two friends to hang with as opposed to big groups or parties. He's very measured and cautious, preferring to act on principle rather than his gut. Lastly, despite his lifestyle and passion, he's not at all violent. He enjoys fighting because it's exciting, engaging, and he gets to learn about himself and his opponen
  5. That's more than I know so that's fine. I don't need encyclopedic knowledge, just enough so that when you create your main character and a bridge crew (and maybe some villains) it would be authentic. Would you like to discuss details? I'm handling the Star Wars half, which is why I was looking for a trekky.
  6. Pitch: Who remembers this old debate? Death Star vs. the Enterprise? Kirk putting the moves on Leia? Could a lightsaber block a phaser? One thing I never got though was why no one ever dug into the real meat of that divide. There are deeper and more important ideas between the preeminent space operas than which players would win in a fight. So why not explore some of those? In order to do that though, I need a proper counterpart. Not only do I love Star Wars, I'd say I stand with it, the Jedi, and the Force ideologically if asked which of these two franchises I side with. So I'm looking for so
  7. Merry Birthiversary! 

  8. Happy birthday bud! :mlp_yeehaa:

  9. Impossible to really say at this stage. I do martial arts but I don't really have the time to attend regular classes or advance in a meaningful way currently. So I'd like to think my final boss would be some sort of final opponent to attain some kind of high rank in Kung Fu. Make it like a Street Fighter arcade mode final boss.
  10. Not much honestly. I'm hopeful for the future. Anyone who knows history can tell that the human race has been on a steady up-tick with plagues, cultural collapse, and world wars only delaying that.
  11. I find that that's actually a bad start to a relationship if that plays out in real life. There's an app you can get called shazam though. You let it listen to a song and it shows you what that song is.
  12. Interesting way of putting it.
  13. I got a whole playlist of romantic songs. One about longing for love is Nickleback's Gotta be Someone.
  14. I got two go to romances right now that I think really hit the right buttons. One is a simplistic kind of romance that isn't really the focus but it still feels genuine. The other is a steamy, sexy, yet still somehow grounded and mature tale where the romance very much IS the focus. Tangled: the Series. For those who don't know, yes, the Disney movie had a tv spinoff. For those of us who grew up with the Aladdin tv series, that should feel familiar. Anyway, the romance between Eugene and Rapunzel isn't really the focus of the show, in fact it gets a lot less attention than Jasmine and Ala
  15. Ah, prior investment. Makes sense.
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