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    I really like drawing cute things, I guess it was poresoque I started to like ponies! I remember that when I was younger I used to play on a website called `` Poney Valley '' it was lovely!

    Currently my data interests to do online courses (drawing and finance), I plan to make this my own venture! I also like to sing, sew, make crafts .. I have a lot of fun! I also like positive things in general.

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    Cadence!! ♥
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    Swettie Belle
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    my Big Brother best friend forever
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  1. quarantine day 20: starting to take singing lessons :kirin: maybe I should take advantage and take English classes that I need more :D

  2. They have released a news in which the United States offers 15 million dollars for the capture of the president of my country ... it reminds me of the time of the cowboys but I support the initiative! :D 


    1. Alastor


      That is quite the sum of money :o 

    2. Berry-Bliss-Sundae


      @Alastor According to the news, yes, although it seems a bit cheap :huh:... but, do you know a lot of things that I could do with 15 million dollars? I would open a boutique and buy a house and then rent it! :D

  3. These days of quarantine have been quite productive for me! :ButtercupLaugh: I have sewn masks for my family, I am learning to knit, making a couple of commissions, watching online courses ... the only sad thing is that sometimes I miss the sand under my feet :blush: (I live in front of a beach). Anyway I hope everyone is doing well and having fun despite the possible limitations.

    What things do they do to distract themselves? or are activities still normal in your countries? I'm curious :fluttershy:

    1. LegoshiLunA


      Not as much mostly eaither lockdowns or stores closing early and cant sit down to eat anyware sadly.. also its interesting when some people are quaratined they become more productive xD as for me well just catching up on gaming , watching more shows and catching up xD

    2. Rikifive


      Heh, that's nice! ^_^ That's great you have something to distract yourself, stay safe! :fluttershy:

      Personally I was thinking of game deving, as that's a great opportunity to be productive in regards to hobbies (when the job doesn't bother me and stuff), but I'm not allowed to work on stuff when my younger brother is around. :mlp_icwudt: Since we are all stuck, he constantly pokes me to play something together, so we're playing tons of games online pretty much all the time, currently Minecraft. :P

      Feels bad I didn't really do anything productive during that time, but well. :mlp_icwudt:

  4. I like the FIM universe better since it has a high magical repertoire! which is synonymous with adventure for me , it even reminds me of that time when I was playing Spyro 1 for psx (many things in MLP remind me of that game). on the other lake EQG is more similar to humans so ... it depends on what kind of story you want to do, I would go more for the magic! Since it is a love story, what about a significant title? Like "Cotton Candy" they mentioned above that your OC is a pegasus, the clouds look like cottons and the candy .. well, it's a love story, it must be sweet

    Hello! This is probably no more than a simple coincidence, but I wanted to notify you anyway from here just in case. recently wrote me an instagram user who claims to have a character similar to Berry, his first drawings date from January 3 of this year. I do not write this in order to create Hate towards the user, as I say it could be a simple coincidence given the basis of the ponies that is usually almost the same except that the hairstyles and colors change. This is rather a prevention in case it is not a coincidence. these are the images of the pony nicknamed Lemon Cakes



    Those who have known me here for a long time know that I have a fairly similar character called Berry Bliss Sundae, which has officially existed on social networks since March 2018 (although its conceptualization was done a few months before), you can check it from my website Deviantart where this first post about it appears with date included Berry's first official publication


    oooooooooooooooo.jpg.fdbb1813606c4fae6977f84527cf346c.jpg bliss.thumb.png.24033f54f01741c8e6a157868de44e25.png



    Another thing to note is the color of the magic, as you can see in the drawings, the magic of Berry is of a pink color and that of Lemon is purple (moderately similar tones). As I mentioned before, I don't want to incite hatred towards the user since he even kindly approached me to tell me that Berry had a resemblance to his Pony Lemon, it could be a simple coincidence and maybe I'm making a fuss about anything, but given the high number of similarities I wanted to make this publication with the sole purpose of protecting my character in case of plagiarism.

    1. Alastor


      I have seen many OCs that are similar to my OC Rave Darkmane. Mostly female, but there has also been a male one who was only different due to his goatee. 

      It happens :ButtercupLaugh:

    2. Berry-Bliss-Sundae


      @Alastor that's why I clarified that I may be making a fuss about noothing :awwthanks::ButtercupLaugh: anyway a friend scared me about it so I don't know, I'm confused :muffins:

  6. Time without updating! Although I was a little missing in January due to a couple of anxiety problems, the truth is that the commissions are still open all year (and now I feel much better animically,. tha's good!). As I mentioned the commissions are open all year so do not hesitate to send me a private message to request drawings, commissions ... not only from Ponys but anime style, furrys, humans, the store is open to all kinds of commissions That said I come to publish some works that I have done in definition of the new MLP shorts, PonyLife is the feeling now! for the price of $ 12 you can request your drawing PonyLife (with simple background) In other news we also have more elaborate drawings such as the commission shown below, commission requested by @Alphabet Soup I feel it looks like the poster of an anime movie or the cover of a comic, I liked this final result! seeing this kind of illustrations sometimes makes me make small mini comics of MLP, I guess I will have to improve the conceptual art first and the expressions of characters anyway I hope you like this type of illustrations
  7. I recently finished watching this beautiful series with my brother (who has already finished his first season), has anyone seen it yet? What do you think about it?

    I never got bored in my chapter, the coughs were really funny or enjoyable, I really like the family theme they convey ... it's wonderful ♥ and I love the opening and ending's song :wub:


  8. Little is missing for the long awaited Valentine's Day! Remember that if you want a drawing commission for that date (or for any other day of the month of February) you can check my prices in my art store, remember that we will be at 20% throughout the month, hurray!

    art store here: BBS Store


    I wish a happy month of love to all my friends and contacts of MLPForums, even if they are single as I hope they have a great time, I plan that ... maybe invite my mother to a restaurant or eat hamburgers, in any case. I know it will be a good day! Do you already have plans for that day?



    1. Alastor


      Me and @Kamii don't exactly have thought out plans. But we are hoping that we can go to a Greek restaurant that we recently discovered and enjoy a nice Valentine's meal :)


  9. First of all I come to report after several days disappeared ... the last time I shared something here I felt pretty bad about myself, right now I feel much better after taking time away from social networks.

    above all ... I wanted to thank those who took the time to send me a comment to cheer me up, although I did not respond at the time but I want them to know that if they encouraged me their words, they are very kind and I feel with all my heart the little gesture, Thanks a lot! :rarity:



    1. Alastor


      It is good to take a break from social media from time to time, it can get tiring at times. 

      Good to hear you are doing better now~ :)


    2. Berry-Bliss-Sundae


      @Alastor The good thing about all this is that I can resume my sales, I was inactive in practically everything :worry: Even now I am much more positive than before! I hope you are fine by the way too :catface:

    3. Alastor


      Indeed, but what matters more is your own health and happiness. Nothing wrong with prioritizing that. 

      I am doing good myself, thank you for asking :grin:

  10. I don't want to talk about it, I don't want to talk to anyone ... I just want to express how I feel somehow since this isn't letting me work, I feel useless


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    2. Radium Phosphor

      Radium Phosphor

      *gives Berry a squeezing hug  :kindness:

    3. Sparklefan1234
    4. Alastor


      You are definitely not useless and you do wonderful work. Stay well Berry, the mind is not always on our side. Your friends and family are though~

  11. Merry Birthiversary! 

    1. Berry-Bliss-Sundae


      Thanks very much! :rarity:

  12. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day!

    1. Berry-Bliss-Sundae


      Hahahahaha very original thank you very much friend! ^_^

  13. I hope you have a very happy birthday and enjoy your day to the fullest. Best regards from me and @Kamii~ <3

    1. Berry-Bliss-Sundae


      Awww thank you very much for your good wishes! Send my thanks to Kami too, I hope you are very well! :grin: