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  1. Kamii

    Your FIRST time being TRUELY terrified

    I remember one of the first movies I watched was the horrifying and shocking Watership Down. Somehow, I don't remember getting scared of it. It terrifies me nowadays when I rewatch it, but I don't remember being scared watching it when I was younger. Anyway, probably the oldest memory I have of being "truely terrified" was with a PS2 game called Hugo.. or Hugo 2, can't remember very well. Whenever you lost a minigame segment you'd see this witch appear on your TV screen. My brother used to play that game all the time and I always hid my face behind a pillow in case he died in the game. And when he did, I'd cover my eyes, ears and screamed. That witch always scared, even today I feel uneasy thinking about it. (I might be remembering it wrong, but I know the witch scared me anyway...)
  2. Kamii

    american english v. british english

    Whatever the british say, I still think the british accent is so quaint and.. "sexy" compared to others. I speak with a portuguese accent, does that count too? People say I sound british even though I think I have a midland american accent. I also love how the aussie accent sounds as well.
  3. This is such a good topic but it's so hard to remember them specifically. () Here are some songs that are great lyrically (in my opinion): Earth Song - Michael Jackson ("Did you ever stop to notice all the blood we've shed before? Did you ever stop to notice the crying Earth, the weeping shores?"); Imagine - John Lennon ("Imagine there's no countries. It isn't hard to do. Nothing to kill or die for and no religion too. Imagine all the people living life in peace."); Somewhere Only We Know - Keane ("Oh, simple thing, where have you gone? I'm getting old and I need something to rely on."); American Pie - Don McLean ("Something touched me deep inside, the day the music died."); Creep - Radiohead ("But I'm a creep. I'm a weirdo. What the hell am I doing here? I don't belong here."); Tears in Heaven - Eric Clapton ("Would you know my name if I saw you in heaven? Would it be the same if I saw you in heaven?"); Who Wants to Live Forever - Queen ("There's no chance for us. It's all decided for us. This world has only one sweet moment set aside for us."). And, probably an unpopular opinion, I'm Still Here by Goo Goo Dolls ("They can't tell me who to be 'cause I'm not what they see. The world is still sleeping while I keep on dreaming for me.").
  4. Kamii

    Introvert, Ambivert or Extrovert?

    According to the Myers-Briggs personality test, I'm an introvert, but I think of myself as an ambivert. It all depends on who I'm with or what I'm doing.
  5. Kamii

    Technology If you could...

    Seriously, if I could hack, I wouldn't mess much with anything. I think all I'd do is probably hack consoles for emulators or something of the sort.
  6. Kamii

    Web Who Are your favorite Youtubers?

    I love quite a few, most of them are gaming channels though. My favorites: Gaming: Game Grumps, Jon Tron, PBG, Brutal Moose, Caddicarus, The Game Theory, Space Hamster Music: Ninja Sex Party, Todd in the Shadows, ERB MLP: MLP Silver Quill, Antony C, FiMFlamFilosophy Others: Ownage Pranks, The Film Theory, Nostalgia Critic (Channel Awesome), TomSka, GradeAUnderA, IHE, Good Mythical Morning
  7. It's been a while since I've been so interested in a topic! First things first, I only had my first laptop in.. *does some random calculations* 2008. We had a family computer before then but with no internet what so ever. Used to play some old computer games on it, mostly for little kids. So, even if it was a little less than 10 years ago, I miss some old stuff (not as old as some of the posts here, but still old anyway). The first time I found Wikipedia, Youtube and the only stupid social media site that was famous here (called Hi5) was quite amazing. Since I was still a kid, I spent my afternoons having fun just poking around, watching funny videos, learning about random things I loved and so on. I wasn't obsessed but I loved finding out so many different and unique things all over the internet. Nowadays, most 5 year olds already have some kind of technology in their hands and by the time they are 10, they are either trolls or annoying babies, full of themselves. @Tropico I miss MSN... ;w; It was so much fun to annoy friends.
  8. Before any of this, I need to warn you this is probably a really sappy, and maybe boring, blog entry as I just chose to write whatever came to my mind at the time. I'm proud of myself, yet I feel shame. I love who I am and what I stand for.. but hate who I am and what I should be standing for. How can I feel this way? I feel like I'm a living contradiction. What I am, who I am and why, don't make sense. I'm a girl. I'm proud to be of the feminine gender. I was born this way and I feel like I was meant to belong to this gender. I feel no shame of being a woman. But then.. why do I make such a huge deal of showing how I'm not a "girl"? Why label? Not all men are into cars or sports as women aren't into superficial things like makeup and fancy dresses. Unfortunately, unlike the former, not many examples exist of the latter.. not as far as I can tell. Ever since I was a little girl, I made a promise to myself. I swore I wouldn't be/do/say/love/hate anything if I didn't want to. But society is always judging. Always keeping an eye on those who aren't like them, who aren't plastic copies of everyone else. Being a brony both helped and didn't help this cause. I love the show, always have, ever since September 2011. Sometimes I'm a little out of the loop, but I am still attached to it. What I love most of all is the community, the caring, kind, generous, charitable and tolerable part of it. Because of bronies, I swore to myself to show no fear in pronouncing what I love. I don't care what people think anymore when I say I love ponies. But, then again, I feel wrong. Why do I always get the same response? Why do people laugh at me? Why can't people understand? Sometimes, I wonder what my parents think of me. Are they proud? Are they ashamed? Are they.. confused? I've tried my best to impress them and make them happy but... What if they wanted me to look prettier? What if they wanted me to be healthier? What if they wanted me.. to not be me? I'm a 19 year old woman who enjoys "guy" hobbies, who watches a show for "little girls", who displays close to no "girl/woman behavior", who obsesses over "trivial" things... And no one respects that. Why should I?... Because I'm different, peculiar, odd. I love myself and I always will. Just wish others could see me the same way I see myself. I'm sorry for the rant. Don't worry about me. I'm having one of occasional moments where these thoughts won't leave my head. Sometime they will, I'll work it out as I always do.
  9. Kamii

    A list of all my OCs to date

    I actually have four OCs and I never use them for anything really I hope you get to have art of them one day 'cause I bet they would look great!
  10. Hi there! 8D It's me, the wolfypone is back at it again! I had this idea, less than a week ago, to think of as many random facts about me that nopony/almost nopony knows about me. I'll keep the most controversial things out as controversy's not something I like much :T I should actually be writing an essay right now, but I think I've got time xD Okay, so.. let's go! 1. I'm a very short person. Not a hobbit, but I'm still pretty short. My country's people are already small in comparison to others, so... I'm around 5'2'' (159 cm~). 2. When I was young, I actually had belly dance lessons. I was a tiny lil' Shakira so to speak. 3. Even though I'm really lazy and I don't care much about cleaning, I can't stand seeing dust or any kind of dirt on the floor. 4. I don't have OCD but I have some tendencies. For example, I can't stand seeing a bottle without its cap or people touching my new books. 5. The first time I tried alcohol I was around 13. I think it was wine and I mistook it for Coke :T 6. I hate ginger. Not gingers, ginger the food xD 7. I can't cook, at all. I can grill a corn cob and prepare some cereals if you want... 8. I took the IQ test once and I got 129 (13.6% - meaning high intelligence). Don't be fooled, I do idiotic things all the time. 9. As an example, I twisted my foot and ankle while getting out of the couch. Genius me strikes again! 10. Once I went to see a "witch" with my mom and the witch told me I had some power in me :T Well, guess what, I'm a unicorn!! 11. I have a chronic disease for.. 18 years now. People still get super worried and ask me a bunch of questions about it but I'm fine.. I think. Don't you worry, the worst that can happen to me is becoming deaf sooner than most people.. or drown if I'm not careful I guess. 12. I can't stop cursing. During oral presentations, I have to be in complete control over everything I say. 13. I sleep like a rock. 14. I haven't kept a friend for more than 5 years. Not good at friendships I guess... 15. I'm brutally honest sometimes. I say what I mean, and that gets me into trouble. 16. Not a new thing anymore at this point, but I'm 19 and I've never dated. 14 year olds approach me all the time to laugh at me. I really don't care anymore ^w^'' (I care deep inside ;~; ) 17. I hate Sundays. All I can think of is: "I have school tomorrow.. urgh..." 18. I can spend a week without the internet, but not without games. That is complete torture for me. 19. I had depression for about 4 years and a half during middle school. It left.. emotional scars to say the least. 20. I adore learning about other cultures and religions 83 21. I must be the only girl that doesn't like to buy clothes. It's such a bother and I always have a headache when I get home. 22. I highlight/underline 50-75% of my school books xD 23. I already speak better in english than portuguese. This proves to be very, very bad for me. 24. I have a tiny scar over my left eyebrow. It was caused about 16-18 years ago when a guy almost stabbed me with a board filled with screws :T I was a baby... 25. I hate taking pictures of myself, always did. 26. I love fruit except cantaloupe and pears (I hate pears ;D). 27. I suck at sports. I'm decent at roller skating/skating on ice but that's about it xD 28. I don't mind waking up early, but I go to bed really late. Expect me to be very annoyed and sleepy every single morning. 29. I'm pretty stingy. I like to help others with money when I can, but I never spend money on things I don't "need". 30. One of my first celebrity crushes was Jared Padalecki. Another one was Nick Byrne (Westlife). 31. Growing up in a country where english isn't used typically, I used to listen to songs that weren't.. fit for children. Some examples are: Hot in Herre - Nelly; Because I Got High - Afroman; and The Bad Touch - Bloodhound Gang. 32. First song I learned the whole lyrics to was How to Save a Life by The Fray. 33. I'm utterly disgusted at moths. I can deal with cockroaches and spiders, but no moths. I nope out of every room xD 34. My brother's not really my "brother". He's half-brother since we only share the same mom. 35. I've been afraid of Furbies for years. Tattletale reminded me of that, so did FNAF too actually. 36. I was told I had talent to play percussion instruments when I was younger, that doesn't mean I actually play any instruments though. 37. I have crushes on fictional characters all the time. I won't tell you the worst one I had, but some examples are Miles Edgeworth from Ace Attorney and now Javier from The Walking Dead: A New Frontier. 38. Thunderlane is my husbando. 39. I adore Sesame Street and Winnie the Pooh. 40. I grew up watching some messed up movies.. like Watership Down <3 I think those are plenty and I really need to get back to that essay for now. I'll probably post some more one day on a separate blog, if people like this one enough. Thanks for reading!! 83
  11. Kamii

    Movies/TV R.I.P., John Hurt

    I guess this is the first of (at least) a few celebrity deaths this year. I didn't know much of his work, but I know he was the guy that worked at the wand store in the Harry Potter movies. Every single time I see that scene during the first movie, I couldn't help but love how nice and intelligent he seemed to be. I'm sure John Hurt will be missed.
  12. Kamii

    Animation Best non-Disney animated movies.

    My favorite movie is a non-disney animated movie: Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron. There are so many good ones from Studio Ghibli and Dreamworks (Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro ; Road to El Dorado, Shrek, How to Train Your Dragon > to mention a few). Gotta say the best non-disney animated movie (my opinion alright?) has to be Prince of Egypt. The music is better than most Disney musicals (Moana included in my opinion...). v v v This one always makes me cry ;^; v v v
  13. Kamii

    Animation Best Disney songs.

    A song no one will mention: Your Heart Will Lead You Home by Kenny Loggins (from The Tigger Movie). I think it's so beautiful, moving and I can't believe no one remembers this song or the movie... Then, there are the "obvious" ones like: Let It Go A Whole New World Go The Distance I See the Light Reflection Circle of Life Colors of the Wind You'll be in my Heart Hellfire Under the Sea Beauty and the Beast
  14. Kamii

    Movies/TV Most underrated Disney movies.

    There are actually a lot of Disney movies I think are underrated, but I've gotta mention Treasure Planet as I was reminded yesterday of how wonderful the movie was. There's also Atlantis, I loved the story and the action a lot when I was younger.
  15. Kamii

    Find your Spirit Pokemon!

    I just had to this too, didn't I?... Ugh, I'm a Zigzagoon :T