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  1. Not that I know of just yet~ How do you know your relationship is healthy?
  2. Kamii has been my online nickname for a long time now. I believe I came up with it when I was creating a Youtube account and I was obsessed with Okami at the moment. I decided to keep the "kami" part of it and added the extra 'i' because it was cute (?)
  3. He speaks Icelandic and I speak Portuguese~ As for the current question, it's kind of strange but.. after I told him my feelings for him, he told me his and we just came to the mutual agreement to date each other without actually asking... @Alastor correct me if I'm wrong~ ^w^'' Do you know what you'll be giving your SO for Christmas (if anything) this year?
  4. This song has such a wonderful tune <3 9/10 from me~
  5. Nope, he speaks a Germanic language and I a Romance one. Same question~
  6. Emotionally? Extremely so. Physically? Not at all. Soon enough we will be though :3 Same question~
  7. 482'711, we're still not halfway~
  8. Yes, but not much. I have few friends and no friend group except for my online friends. Honestly, I like it better this way. I don't like hanging out with too many people at the same time, so hanging out with 1-3 friends at one time is best for me~
  9. He was the one who showed me the Ducktales reboot. He kind of got me into Hazbin Hotel (although I already knew of it, he only made me more curious about it). I'm sure he got me into other stuff, but I can't really recall much at the moment. But he also led me to meet some of my now best friends. How do you settle who picks the music?
  10. Overrated: Arceus, Charizard, Rayquaza and Umbreon (Pikachu is the mascot, it's normal that it's everywhere). Underrated: Flygon, Luxray, Torterra and some eeveelutions like Leafeon.
  11. I hate singing in front of people. If I happen to be singing and someone enters the room, I lower my voice to a whisper or humming or simply stop singing altogether.
  12. After a hard time imagining them as humans (excluding the Equestria Girls franchise), maybe Pinkie, with the curly hair and all.
  13. @Bas I have lost the link, unfortunately. But if I manage to find a safe link, I'll be sure to share~
  14. The first movie I watched in theaters was Lilo & Stitch, followed a month after by Ice Age. But the first one I have vivid memories of watching in theaters was Marley & Me.
  15. At home, away from people. What is art?