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  1. Bojo

    *boops you in [insert foreign language here]*

    1. Kamii


      *gasps in [insert foreign taco language here]*

  2. I love corn <3 Hawaiian pizza?
  3. In terms of cartoons, I can't remember many European ones but there are a few like: The Smurfs (American-Belgian), Thomas the Tank Engine (British-American), Les Aventures de Tintin (French-Canadian), Calimero (Italian-Japanese), Maya the Bee (French), Vicky the Viking (German-Austrian-Japanese), Code Lyoko (French), Winx Club (Italian-American)... In terms of actual animated movies, I can remember many more like: Chicken Run/Pretty much everything produced by Aardman Animations (British), The Little Prince from 2015 (French-Italian), Klaus (Spanish), Felidae (German), Song of the Sea from 2014 (Irish-Belgian-Danish-French-Luxembourger), The Secret of Kells (French-Belgian-Irish), Help! I'm a Fish (Danish-German-Irish), Balto (American-British), Loving Vincent (Polish-British), Plague Dogs (British-American), Watership Down (British)...
  4. No, you shouldn't feel guilty for being born white. No one should feel guilty for something they have no control over in the first place, such as their ethnicity, country, gender, etc.
  5. It has been this for.. possibly years now. Maybe I should change it~
  6. You can't fail with this one: Same question~
  7. I don't think we have anything planned just yet, but I did suggest us going to this Greek restaurant we found last month~ What would you recommend for a perfect Valentine's Day?
  8. I meant "Hawaiian pizza" is actually Canadian, making it a Canadian pizza
  9. I get motion sick relatively easily, given I have a problem involving my hearing. For anyone who doesn't know, your equilibrioception depends on a fluid inside your inner ears, so I'm obviously affected by it. Because of this, I can't ride on many theme park attractions, as much as I wish I could. I'm scared of using VR and Skyrim has made me motion sick at some point.
  10. If you're gonna hate someone for creating unholy pizza, hate whoever had the idea of putting strawberries and kiwis on pizza (they exist). Yeah, I don't get how someone can hate a country/state/location based on something so.. inconsequential? Also, it's Canadian pizza as others have pointed out.
  11. There's no competition here. Between these two, Fluttershy is the absolute cutest.
  12. My future husband is gonna be a person who happens to be pretty active here, is a huge nerd but doesn't like admitting it, is somewhat tall, somewhat blond and extremely silly~ He loves me and I loev him <3
  13. Breakfast. Gotta love waking up hungry and eating a nice warm breakfast in the morning~
  14. As much as I hate to admit, as rarely as possible. I despise going to the dentist, I hate them even. Never had a good dentist experience, they've lied and made me distrust them various times. I just can't like them. Now, I only go if I'm in pain, which, yet again, I hate to admit.