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  1. When it comes to delivery service, I check everything as well. But if I'm in a restaurant, you could serve me the wrong plate and, as long as it looks good, I won't complain... Social situations got me derpin'
  2. I also had the most trouble with Lurantis but I don't remember why. Only that it took me a few tries to get through it. I think I didn't have a fire type either at the time but I haven't played the game in a while to remember.
  3. Not really, but I have an anime pin. Hot Wheels cars?
  4. Actually yes, painted by me. Any sort of Pokemon merchandise?
  5. Finding Emo. A father goes on a journey to find his emo son.
  6. I have two favorite Pokemon: Absol and Arcanine. Honorable mentions: Flygon & Turtwig. My favorite game is Platinum.
  7. We had been living together for 3 months but, because of reasons, he had to go back to his country for a bit. During that time, the pandemic reached my country. Now, I'm willing to bet I'll only be with him again once this thing is over, who knows when. We spent 89 days together, we have spent 108 days apart and the number will only continue to grow. So it impacted it in a pretty bad way, in my opinion. Same question (I can't come up with anything).
  8. I don't think I have a favorite either, but for the opposite reason probably~ Has the pandemic affected your relationship?
  9. The way I see it, furries are people who have an interest in anthropomorphic animals. The ponies in the show talk, clearly a human trait. So, in my eyes, we're all furries. It all really depends on the "interest" but I'd say any kind of it counts
  10. If it's anything like Pokemon Shuffle, and it seems like it, I am most definitely trying it out.
  11. No. Do you own an Android phone?