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  1. I would say it's good My black box would say it's great Everyone i know says i drive like a 90 yr old
  2. With the nation under lock down, take away's closing and not being able to work for at least 2-3 weeks, animal crossing is about to become the only reason i keep my sanity!

  3. The two farmers from that famous goth painting Who this?
  4. Recently bought Battlefield 3 again as i loved that game when it came out and Medal of Honour: Airborne as I'm in a very WWII mood recently and there are no good modern games out now imo
  5. Good to see you again Puck and your great art Name character: Buzz RelicReference: Prefered expression: Something similar to this if possible: Other: Hope you're doing well
  6. Throwing my hat into the ring, but it's not always bad wanting to be feared. When we hear that phrase we immediately think back to times of oppression or people who we know who use their strengths to force people into submitting to their desires, However that's not always the case. I can say from personal experience that fear can be used to stop terrible things from happening to you or people you care about. Fear can be used in beneficial ways and we should actual try and understand why people want to be feared so we can fix the issues that cause them to be so, if there is an issue there in the first place.
  7. I have 4 rolls of cheap single ply paper, which is basically like using nothing..
  8. Today i saw two people fist fighting over toilet roll
    I believe i can no longer be surprised anymore

    1. Deerie


      People really are bonkers

    2. Blivy


      I'm losing faith in humanity 

  9. Let's see, well there is: "What's wrong with that?" "I hate you" "I'm not cute" "Baka"
  10. No, for they are simply tiny horses What's the oldest building in existence
  11. 8/10 Not my usual style but still got me tapping my feet to it