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  2. Happy Birthday!! :squee:


  3. Happy birthday Buzz!

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  5. happy birthday : 3

  6. Buzz

    Post A Quote From Your Day, Without Any Context.

    "still not the wiredst conversation ive had today, and ive only been awake 5hrs!"
  7. Buzz

    Plushie Commissions CLOSED

    Hi there. Id like to make a commission for a plush, however i'd like to keep it secret from the person it's intended for. If/when you're able to do it, could you PM me? Thank you
  8. Buzz

    SFyr's Art Corner

    Hey SFyr, long time no see. I'd like to know if you'd be able to do a commission of my OC Buzz in the costume from the greatest showman (pictures below), in the pose that Hugh Jackson is in the first image. If you could reply, PM or here, of if you could and how much it would cost, it'd be much appreciated.
  9. Buzz

    Have you ever been pulled over by a cop!?

    Once. Was in an extremely happy state of mind, got distracted and ran what i thought was a yellow, to be told by a cop it was a red. Would have argued against it, but i was 18 and had only been driving 4-5 months and that'd be usef against me. Luckly it was my first offence so i got to take a safe drivers course instead of getting points!
  10. Buzz

    S08:E01+02 - School Daze

    Gotta say i really enjoyed the episodes. For the first time, in at least a while, the message seemed more directed at adults, both bronies and non-fan parents watching with their kids. Shows that the development team are acknowledging the older viewers with more than just a reference here or there, but actually putting life changing lessons directed at the maturer audience! Also, all the new character are amazing, no dislike at all (so far). That, and this episode has finally put a year long discussion/debate I've had with myself in concrete: Starlight is best pone!
  11. Buzz

    Comment and I will...

    DO IT! I dare you
  12. Buzz

    Is being a nerd a bad thing...?

    Well, in today's society, 'nerdy' appears to be the 'in-thing' around groups of people, with them usually finding and exhibiting a joined fandom of some kind in a public way. It has become more popular and accepted by society as a whole in the past few years, but to determine whether it is bad or not is entirely based on your personal beliefs. If you things it's bad, than that's your opinion, and your opinion is all that should matter to you, as long as you aren't ignorant and ignore other peoples opinions just because they don't agree with yours. So, in the end, it only matters if you think it's good or bad!
  13. Buzz

    Say something about your 'latest visitors'

    @Lightwing That feeling when senpai calls you senpai @Dark Horse : When your boss enters the room expecting you to be on with your work, but you're there playing happy wheels with a mouth full of crisps! @Flame Princess: @Johnny1226: I dont know you, but your PP is scaring me *defensive position* @meme : *gives immortality potion* cuz life needs you, always @UltimateGhost3: Marvel is better! *runs*
  14. Buzz

    Rikifive's Gift To Our Donors

    IT LOOKS FABULOUS!!! Thanks Rikifive. They look amazing