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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Merry birthmas

    1. Buzz


      Thank you some-mayo

  3. @Kamii have cake and plz don't strangle me this time!
  4. Real guns: No Airsoft guns: So many....... However, when in the US i got to fire a: P90, Thompson, Bullpup shotgun, Scar H, .44 Desert Eagle and MG42. Next time i go though i really want to get my hands on an AA-12!
  5. Don't really care, given boundaries (ATM between 19 and 24) Same? Would you prefer to date someone after you've become friends, or date someone from the get-go?
  6. "Believe it or not gentlemen, but i can count to 6"
  7. Pretty good Following maps of public transport line?
  8. I do not know you, but you have a cute profile pic 2/10
  9. Everyone in the world protesting, isolating or being a bunch of dicks, and here i am with an alarm on my phone for when McDonald's re-opens tomorrow...

    1. Kamii


      Gotta get them chicken nugs~

    2. Kyoshi


      Hey, that's what I would be doing too. :PI have been craving McDoogles so much lately. *-*

    3. Freikorpist Jonas

      Freikorpist Jonas

      If only Iceland had McDonalds...

  10. Depends on the context really. As proven by some, acts like flirting can sometimes do well in bargaining situations and such, as well as people having open relationships nowadays, cheating is really a hard term to define. However, id see it as any romantic act (flirting to intimacy) that doesn't benefit/have consent from you AND your partner, or could emotionally hurt your partner (sleeping with someone for gain, knowing it would hurt your partner).