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  1. *T-poses in spanish*

    1. Buzz


      *Uses tazer*

  2.                                 JYga4Tp.gif

  3. Happy Birthday, Lighty! ¡Que te vaya bien! :D

    Spain is the place to be for good parties. ;)

  4. Happy birthday. I was going to throw you a Mexican themed party, with maracas and pinatas, but then remembered you are from Spain.

    Since I know nothing of Spain, enjoy the maracas and pinatas.


    Ay ay ay.

  5. Happy birthday, Lightwing! :pinkie: I hope it will be an awesome one! :yay:

  6. Happy Birthday, Lightwing!



  7. Don't think I forgot the vandalism you've done to my profile! :yeahno:

    It only took me 3 years to realize it was a JoJo reference.

  8. "...Why do you know so much about hyenas and their reproductive organs??"
  9. You know, I'll throw you all a bone... 0
  10. I mean, I got up at 9am... That's late or early, depending of who you ask, between you and me TPAM has had a good breakfast
  11. Oof, you sure are putting me between the sword and the wall.. I don't know if I could remarry after something like that, but again, I can't really tell how life would go after that, because I don't want to imagine a world where she passes out before me That... sounded more cheesy than intended, but the point stands If you are in a relationship, who did ask who first out, and how did it happen?