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  1. Wait.. Is it Light-wing as in a wing with low weight or bright? :dash:

    1. Wacko Wolf

      Wacko Wolf

      I've questioned the same before :wacko: .

    2. Lightwing


      You know, that's an actually GOOD question :U

      It's bright, but most people think it's low weight because english language is like that :P

  2. Did you draw the fancy pony on your about me page? :)

    1. Lightwing


      Oh, I wish I did, I'm not that good of an artist ;;

    2. Jokuc


      Haha oki

  3. You know what I'm here for. "BB"

    1. CinnamonPop


      *all the boops* >:3

    2. Lightwing


      You caught me, darnit

      I-I mean, boops? I don't know what you speak about :>

  4. Darnit


    1. Woohoo
    2. Snow


      Dang, MLP forums' Pink Fluffy Unicorn is a $100 a month subscription, they just gave that out for free, you guys might want to step up your game :blink: Looks like competition to me xP

      Also what dis for? c: I'm curious~
      Image result for yya23DB

  5. Mega Thread

    Next time, just click the button once, yo This might have to do with internet latency from my past experiences with it. I removed the duplicates, but next time, click one and be patient, and if it doesn't work, reload and try again. Also, that avatar is 7/10, yo :U
  6. 10/10
  7. Male
  8. Mega Thread

    Not blaming you on that, I am the sort of person that you have to go out of your way to find, yo 7/10
  9. More like Satan's Cutie, am I right?

  10. Extreme introvert, but I have come in terms with it on recent years and accepted that it is a part of me and that I should love it anyways, even if it has its drawbacks. But to be fair, it fits my personality, I would rather make those moments with my few friends memorable than have lots of them but have trouble remembering them (I know it's not this for everyone, but I am like that, so there is that :U )
  11. Canada, like, without a question. I could make the argument of how being in the US would allow me to meet up with some friends, but Canada does actually fit me more to be honest
  12. funny

    This is one thing that I know that someone will never stop rubbing in my face if they've read it, but... I would rather be refered as an english person than an spanish person. I don't have the highest opinion of my country because one reason or the other, but England, on the other hand, is something I do actually like.
  13. Umbreon