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  1. I love the Croc games! Man, if they can bring back the likes of Bubsy, then I see no reason Croc can't make a comeback. As for me, Super Monkey Ball. I LOVED the first two games beyond words, but the series really took a nosedive once developer Amusement Vision folded its tent and the series hit the Wii with that hideous new art style. Hasn't seen any major games for several years now.
  2. Kinda sad to see what a ghost town this forum has become. 

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    2. Cwanky


      I'd say this is what most fandoms experience. We had our high point with the revival of MLP thanks to Lauren Faust and the pinnacle with Tirek. Then as time passed some people grew outta MLP:FiM like a fad, others were disappointed and left. Fandoms are hard to sustain. Look at the Star Wars series. Its incredible that they lasted for over 8 movies and still grow as they do now.

      Personally I still think the fandom is vibrant and strong as ever for FiM, but the hiatus and the loss of older members and diminished hype appeal somewhat detracts from that. Its a natural cycle that hopefully the community will adapt to and grow from.

      Also as always its good to hear from you again. I always enjoy seeing old members return.

    3. Shrug


      A ghost town? Obviously you’ve never visited EQDF. :lol:

    4. Lulaypp


      O_O A... Ghost town? Wow.. I really had been gone for a long time.... I remember when this place was filled!!

  3. Happy Birthday, sista! :D

  4. Happy Birthday. ^^

  5. I hope you're having a fantastic day! XD

  6. The theater I went to wasn't terribly crowded. There were a lot of families though. I didn't have the best experience though because a lady sitting in front of me kept turning her phone on and disturbing me with her bright light. There was very little in the way of audience reactions, with just a few laughs to be heard, and not too many bronies. It was a nice time though.
  7. Ok, so I just saw the MLP movie in theaters, and I sadly was not impressed. Felt like every other bad mainstream kids movie from start to finish. It was like an extended episode but with a very weak climax and resolution, and void of what makes the show so joyful, funny, and meaningful. The comedy was juvenile, the villains were weak, the backstories were mediocre, some supporting characters felt like a waste of time, and certain main pony characters had almost nonexistent roles. It didn't feel like MLP. It just felt like a montage of celebrities much of the time. Even the music was far from the caliber of quality found in the show. It wasn't magical or memorable, outside maybe 1 or 2 songs. The writing was just... off. It's obvious they were trying to appeal to all the mainstream hip and trendys. I really feel like corporate Hasbro had their hands all over this movie, because if it had been treated no differently than an episode of the show where the usual writers get their same level of free reign, I really think it would have been far better. Even Equestria Girls was more satisfying and true to the spirit of the show than this soulless attempt to "broaden" the show. Now, before I get hate for this, I want to be clear that I don't necessarily hate the movie. I just am highly disappointed in it. It did have a few high points, namely Tempest's character, strong characterization from Pinkie Pie, and the sea pony stuff in general, but it's very sad to see such an amazing show churn out something so mainstream and lifeless. I looked forward to seeing this for a long time, so it's disheartening that it ended up being so mediocre. 

    1. Batbrony


      Hmmmmm... haven't seen it yet myself, but maybe talk to Jeric.  He felt considerably differently, but he's so levelheaded and mature about things that maybe he'll be able to offer some perspectives you might not have considered in evaluating the movie without being a jerk about feeling differently about it than you do.  Granted he's gonna see it again to review it more closely, but as a pony movie he said he quite loved it, even if it wasn't perfect.

  8. I'm not one to bash episodes. I tend to just enjoy them at face value and not overthink them. I rarely find myself saying I disliked an episode. However, I cannot help but admit that Fame & Misfortune is one of the absolute WORST episodes of the entire series. It is mean-spirited, cynical, void of a proper feel good ending, and feels like nothing more than a malicious jab at the brony fandom, and NONE of these things belong in this show. Even looking past all of that, every inch of the episode's progression felt horribly forced just so it could BE the cynical, unfunny, cringe-inducing mess that it is. What a disgrace.

    1. Cwanky


      Good to see you again! Haven't seen you in awhile.

    2. Dark Qiviut

      Dark Qiviut

      You're not alone. I don't think I've seen FIM go from one of the best of the franchise (Perfect Pear) to one that rivals G3 in awfulness in one episode.

    3. Sugar Cube

      Sugar Cube

      @ Cwanky: Thanks! It is always nice to see you again. =)

      @DQ: Yeah, that's a heck of a good way to put it. I checked to see if you wrote a nice thorough and very accurate review of that junk episode and I wasn't disappointed. I was only able to skim it for lack of time, but I wanna read it later because I'm sure it's spot on. Thanks! 

  9. Hey Sugar Cube, I know it's been some time since we last chatted and that you're not super active on the forum these days, but here, thought you might like this review I wrote of "The Perfect Pear" seeing as you love Applejack so much and seemed to love the episode.  I'm extremely proud of this review and don't believe I'll ever be able to write a better one, not for this show at least.


  10. It is very nice to see the folks here in the MLPF community being more positive about the upcoming games than the Sonic fans on actual Sonic sites, like the SEGA boards and Sonic Stadium especially. Those sites are toxic cesspools of whiny babies crying about how bad Forces is going to be. I personally think it looks good. Generations got a nice reception so I'm confused as to why there's some vocal fans hating on Forces which looks a lot like a Generations sequel but with hopefully more to the story and a nifty character customization feature. I don't care for the idea of wisps returning nor the inclusion of classic Sonic honestly, but I can see why they are both included, and I think the game looks like a great deal of fun. As for Sonic Mania, I am extremely psyched. It's truly shaping up to be what Sonic 4 should've been, and I am blown away with the creativity and and just how true to classic Sonic games it is. I honestly feel like I'm back in the 90's again. I just had to pre-order the collector's edition for PC. But yeah, I know Mania will do great and I really am pulling for Forces to be better than the haters are predicting. I think this is definitely the most exciting year to be a Sonic fan in a very long time. I lost a lot of interest in the series starting with Colors because I disliked the direction the series was going, but I can safely say I have a renewed interest in what was once an all-time favorite game series that I've been a huge fan of since I was a kid. I can't wait for Mania and Forces.
  11. It's really unfortunate in the case of Sunset, and I agree it is frustrating that Sunset, who is wildly popular, doesn't see much merch whereas the more blatantly polarizing character is just pouring out products. I don't think it's fair to compare the two characters, and I'm not a fan of the Sunset vs Starlight war this fandom likes to fuel, but the simple fact is that Starlight is a character in Friendship is Magic, and it's the more prominent and marketable of the two. Equestria Girls is a spin-off, so less resources are devoted to it. Perhaps Sunny would see more merch if she appeared in some FiM episodes? Would only be fair since Glim has already appeared in EQG. I honestly don't understand the marketing sometimes. Sunset is a big deal in the fandom so it's crazy there's not more of her.
  12. Hard to Say Anything was fine. I would like an option for that on the poll. I definitely cried at the end. It was a precious and heartfelt episode from start to finish. I think the episode implied there were more stories to be told, if the conversation between Burnt Oak and Big Mac is anything to go by, so I definitely don't think this has to be the last story about the Apple parents. I love all of the flashback scenes depicting Apple Family members and I would absolutely love to see more backstory on the Apple parents.
  13. Well, for starters, the scene takes place at Applejack's barn! Pinkie doesn't know the rest of her friends are in there, (save for Dash) and she's not supposed to, so it makes sense that it'd be AJ there to cover up for the others as they work on the surprise party. AJ had no choice but to lie or else the surprise party would be spoiled. If you replaced that scene with any other character it simply wouldn't have worked. Besides, it's clear through AJ's sweating and awkward smiling that she's struggling immensely at lying. There's nothing wrong with any of it tbh.