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  1. Sugar Cube

    Gaming Video game franchises that might as well be dead

    I love the Croc games! Man, if they can bring back the likes of Bubsy, then I see no reason Croc can't make a comeback. As for me, Super Monkey Ball. I LOVED the first two games beyond words, but the series really took a nosedive once developer Amusement Vision folded its tent and the series hit the Wii with that hideous new art style. Hasn't seen any major games for several years now.
  2. Sugar Cube

    Theater audience?

    The theater I went to wasn't terribly crowded. There were a lot of families though. I didn't have the best experience though because a lady sitting in front of me kept turning her phone on and disturbing me with her bright light. There was very little in the way of audience reactions, with just a few laughs to be heard, and not too many bronies. It was a nice time though.
  3. Sugar Cube

    The 2 upcoming Sonic games

    It is very nice to see the folks here in the MLPF community being more positive about the upcoming games than the Sonic fans on actual Sonic sites, like the SEGA boards and Sonic Stadium especially. Those sites are toxic cesspools of whiny babies crying about how bad Forces is going to be. I personally think it looks good. Generations got a nice reception so I'm confused as to why there's some vocal fans hating on Forces which looks a lot like a Generations sequel but with hopefully more to the story and a nifty character customization feature. I don't care for the idea of wisps returning nor the inclusion of classic Sonic honestly, but I can see why they are both included, and I think the game looks like a great deal of fun. As for Sonic Mania, I am extremely psyched. It's truly shaping up to be what Sonic 4 should've been, and I am blown away with the creativity and and just how true to classic Sonic games it is. I honestly feel like I'm back in the 90's again. I just had to pre-order the collector's edition for PC. But yeah, I know Mania will do great and I really am pulling for Forces to be better than the haters are predicting. I think this is definitely the most exciting year to be a Sonic fan in a very long time. I lost a lot of interest in the series starting with Colors because I disliked the direction the series was going, but I can safely say I have a renewed interest in what was once an all-time favorite game series that I've been a huge fan of since I was a kid. I can't wait for Mania and Forces.
  4. Sugar Cube

    Starlight Glimmer vs Sunset Shimmer merch

    It's really unfortunate in the case of Sunset, and I agree it is frustrating that Sunset, who is wildly popular, doesn't see much merch whereas the more blatantly polarizing character is just pouring out products. I don't think it's fair to compare the two characters, and I'm not a fan of the Sunset vs Starlight war this fandom likes to fuel, but the simple fact is that Starlight is a character in Friendship is Magic, and it's the more prominent and marketable of the two. Equestria Girls is a spin-off, so less resources are devoted to it. Perhaps Sunny would see more merch if she appeared in some FiM episodes? Would only be fair since Glim has already appeared in EQG. I honestly don't understand the marketing sometimes. Sunset is a big deal in the fandom so it's crazy there's not more of her.
  5. Sugar Cube

    Was The Perfect Pear worth waiting for?

    Hard to Say Anything was fine. I would like an option for that on the poll. I definitely cried at the end. It was a precious and heartfelt episode from start to finish. I think the episode implied there were more stories to be told, if the conversation between Burnt Oak and Big Mac is anything to go by, so I definitely don't think this has to be the last story about the Apple parents. I love all of the flashback scenes depicting Apple Family members and I would absolutely love to see more backstory on the Apple parents.
  6. Well, for starters, the scene takes place at Applejack's barn! Pinkie doesn't know the rest of her friends are in there, (save for Dash) and she's not supposed to, so it makes sense that it'd be AJ there to cover up for the others as they work on the surprise party. AJ had no choice but to lie or else the surprise party would be spoiled. If you replaced that scene with any other character it simply wouldn't have worked. Besides, it's clear through AJ's sweating and awkward smiling that she's struggling immensely at lying. There's nothing wrong with any of it tbh.
  7. Sugar Cube

    Show wrapping up after Season 8?

    There's nowhere enough to suggest they're wrapping up the show. Introducing the parents of two major characters for the first time isn't really tying up a loose end. These were long overdue scenarios. They're about to launch a high budget MLP movie in a effort to "broaden" the brand, and that's not a move they'd be pulling if they wanted to pull the plug on the show. It's too big of an IP for Hasbro to end, and the show proves every single season to be limitless on quality storytelling and ideas. On the contrary, I think FiM has a lot more to offer and isn't ending anytime soon. Fans ask pretty much every season if the next one is going to be the last. Why don't we just enjoy the ride until it ends and not worry about the future? It's way more fun that way.
  8. Sugar Cube

    spoiler Did you cry during The Perfect Pear?

    I swelled up with tears at the very end of the episode. I don't know if it was just that last scene. I think it was rather a culmination of the entire episode coming to a close, and just being really moved and impacted by the entire thing, though the apologies from Grand Pear and Granny Smith in particular, really tugged at the heart strings. I just loved the whole episode more than words can say. The only other episode to bring me anywhere close to tears before this episode was Pinkie Pride. For whatever reason I just don't cry much when watching the show because it tends to uplift me and fill me with joy, but this episode did that but still had just enough tearjerker moments to start the water works.
  9. Sugar Cube

    Mane 6, Mane 7, or Mane 8?

    Mane Six. I've always excluded Spike. Yes, he's a "main" character, but he's not a "mane" character because he's not a pony and therefore has no mane. I don't include Starlight either. She sure feels like a main character with all the episodes she gets, but on the other hoof, so little of that time is actually spent with any of the group barring Twilight, thus she doesn't feel like part of the team.
  10. Sugar Cube

    S07:E13 - The Perfect Pear

    I had high hopes for this episode and it didn't disappoint. Just a beautiful, heartfelt, fun story all-around. I couldn't help but tear up towards the end of it. I'm in awe. The Apples have always been precious characters to me and I deeply cherish all of the stories and flashbacks and just everything pertaining to them and their family, but this was one of the most touching episodes ever. I loved Granny and Grand Pear and the ending with the tree and just... everything. I don't have the words for it.
  11. Sugar Cube

    Is There a Celebrity That You'd Like to See In FiM?

    NO. I greatly dislike most celebrities and am not in favor of MLP propagating celeb worship onto impressionable young kids. I'm already miffed that the likes of Sia is in the movie. Most celebs just do not have a place in something like this. Weird Al Yankovic was a very rare exception, as I think he did a wonderful job in his guest appearance, but as a rule, I really hate the idea of whiny, self-entitled, detached from reality celebs getting their mitts on something they likely could not care less about.
  12. Sugar Cube

    Do you collect geek merch apart of pony?

    I love plush dolls, so I collect those, and my favorite franchises that I've recently started to collect are Pokemon plush dolls and Sonic the Hedgehog plushies, and have a small amount of other products of them too. Maybe I'll post pics sometime. I do collect MLP stuff. I have a decent amount of trading cards and figures, as well as a 4DE Applejack plush <3
  13. Sugar Cube

    Who likes to go bowling?

    I love going bowling! Unfortunately, I'm pretty bad. I can do well on Wii bowling though! Nothing quite beats the thrill and atmosphere of being at a real alley though. I don't mind if I am not good. It's just fun!
  14. Sugar Cube

    Are there any old users still active here?

    Well, you can't get much older than the 208th member out of way over 30,000, but whether or not I'm to be considered active is questionable.
  15. Sugar Cube

    S07:E13 - The Perfect Pear

    Ah, the episode I'm most anticipating by far. This better be amazing. I'm sure I'll love it, but I really really hope this episode lives up to the hype.