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  2. Looking back at season 8 and the Student 6 raised an interesting possibility we may never see in this generation. All but Sandbar in that group are nonponies, so there’s a high chance that eventually a leader would emerge, much as Twilight did from the Mane 6. Presumably, Starswirl was supposed to be the leader of the Pillars of Equestria, but they were sealed away and his inability to reach out and help Stygian prevented hus ascension,to alicorn. But assuming a leader emerges and goes through a transformation for the Student 6, how would the process work for each individual? At least in the comics we have an example of a Starswirl as a male pony ascended to alicorn: and of course we have Thorax as the changeling ruler: But what happens if say a griffon, dragon or hippogriff becomes a Prince(ess) of Friendship and ascends? Do they become bigger and grow a horn outta their heads with super strength. Would a yak like Yona also grow a horn and wings, which sounds both funny and awkward? Perhaps this is a realm that fanfiction can best explore. Share your thoughts.
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    yes but most of the stuff is old as hell. A stuffed animal (if so describe it)
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