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  1. Gave Shadow Play, and The My Little Pony Movie a rewatch in preparation for the new season.I swear every time I watch the My Little Pony Movie, it seems to get better with every viewing. I really hope they use the movie characters again for the future seasons, because I think there's a ton of potential for them. Both Shadow Play, and The Movie represent some of best the series has to offer, and are prime examples of why I love this series. Onward to season 8!

  2. Thanks for the follow.:yay:

    1. TheRockARooster


      You’re welcome, my friend.

  3. Glad your enjoying your time here Recherche. Your appreciation post really made my day.:squee:

  4. Coming back from a flea market, and holy hell, they had a lot of really crazy stuff.




  5. Say something totally random!

    If you were a dog I'd scratch your belly. If you were a cat, I'd give you warm milk, until you started to purr. - Frieza
  6. Best thing ever.:squee:


    1. The_Gobo


      I dunno about 'best',

      but it's funny all the same :3


  7. Create & post a cartoon version of yourself!

    This is what I look like.
  8. This track is sooooooo goooood! I could listen to this for hours.


    1. The_Gobo


      God, this brings back such goo memories :3


  9. Hope everyone is doing exceptionally well this evening. Been really busy on my end.

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    2. ShinGojira


      I'm doing alright. Got a few things on my mind. Hope you're doing well!

    3. Kyoshi


      Thanks guys. I went on a walk, got some food stuffs and I am just watching videos, my mood is more leveled out now luckily.

    4. The_Gobo


      I hope it keeps improving :3

      Stay awesome, Kyo' :D


  10. Say something totally random!

  11. Say something totally random!

    C'mon ya big drip! Where ya going?
  12. Say something totally random!

    Cupcakes are yummy!!
  13. Looking at it now, I'm pretty sure they intended Ratchet and Clank Tools Of Destruction to be sort of a soft reboot, which is odd, because Quest For Booty, A Crack In Time, Full Frontal Assault, All 4 One, and especially Into The Nexus are incredibly continuity heavy.

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    2. The_Gobo


      I'm actually really surprised about that.
      I may need to look this game o3o

      Then again, I've been meaning to replay Going Commando, my fav of all the games for like... two years now XD


    3. ultrairongorilla


      @The_Gobo Into the Nexus acts as an epilogue to the Future series. Going Commando is still an awesome game even to this day. A Crack In Time, and Up Your Arsenal are my personal favorites. ^_^

    4. The_Gobo


      I can definitely understand. lol
      Both of those added SO much,

      I just liked that they added another lombax.

      was kinda sad when they ret-con'd it ^^:


  14. Adventure Time Series Finale Trailer!!!!!  




    1. Sparklefan1234


      That(s) (was) *still* on!? :blink:

    2. ultrairongorilla


      @Sparklefan1234 I don't blame you if you didn't know. Cartoonnetwork scheduled this show horribly, and along with re-airing as little episodes as possible. I've tried my best to keep up with it, but it's been pain to keep track of new episodes. Still a great show though.

    3. A.V.


      If only:



      Teen Titans Go! Series Finale Trailer!!!!!