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  1. Gabby's adorable, and so is the "Griffon" rank. <3
  2. The Hunchback of Notre Dame's one of Disney's most underrated and best animated musicals. Darker than normal, but wrought with plenty of humor, drama, and emotion. One of the most down-to-earth, emotional songs ever published by Disney comes from this movie: God Help the Outcasts.
  3. Tirek saving the bird that got swept in Shining’s turbine is a nice callback to Frenemies. He may be evil, but that growth comes forward here.
  4. The ReMane 6 were justified to hide the problem from Twilight. Everything went from perfect to a massive problem virtually instantaneously, and they had no idea if she was truly over her Twilighting, which happened during believable times (Beginning of the End) and otherwise (Trivial Pursuit). The Trivia Trot debacle wasn’t that long ago, and she mentioned this in the first act. If they could solve the sudden problem before she found out, then they won’t have to worry about that aspect in the first place.