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  1. Hey-lo! :D

    1. Odyssey


      Boo! :love:

      How're you? It's been too long Buffalo Man

    2. Dark Qiviut

      Dark Qiviut

      Doing well! :D Long time, no see yourself. ^_^

    3. Odyssey


      Glad to hear that things are okay! I'm pretty happy to be back.

  2. Stan Lee was a major legend. May he rest in peace.

    1. Jeric


      Stan Lee was such a foundational part of my childhood with the characters that he and Kirby created. Heck, his characters may have even influenced my own moral compass, and that may be his greatest legacy ... building something that truly inspires children to be their best selves. 

    2. Tacodidra


      Rest in peace. :( He was definitely one of the most important people in the history of comics!

  3. Went ahead and watched NXT New Orleans's ladder match and main event. For those who are wrestling fans, those two are absolute classics. The latter's the best WWE match since Punk/Cena at Money in the Bank.

  4. Richard Ojeda put up one hell of a political fight versus Carol Miller. He lost by about 13 points in a district where Trump trounced Clinton by 49. A 36-point improvement.

  5. Rick Scott and Brian Kemp share the same cloak: As long as it tilts their favor, they're A-OK with voter suppression and will cheat however they can to steal the races. :dry:

  6. Not many from Congress can relate to the working people. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez does.


  7. Last summer, Planned Parenthood spent $50,000 smearing Emily Sirota, a progressive from Colorado, for calling them out after its Colorado branch conspired with Trump to try to gut its union. But she won her primary (beating its incumbent) and overwhelmingly won in the election to become a member of the state's House of Representatives. Congratulations! :D 

  8. If Kemp wins outright, I hope Abrams sues the hell out of him! What happened in Georgia during the last few weeks was Jim Crow-level suppression.

    1. ~Dusky~


      I would be inclined to be skeptical about comparisons with anything happening today and Jim Crow laws (mainly thanks to Beto O'Rourke's blatant over-exaggeration of racism's prevalence in America), but I read about it and... Wow that's bad. Literally blocking votes from people because of "minor discrepancies" (which to me, considering how many of these votes were from blacks is more than a little suspicious) is stupid and obviously political, regardless of who's votes are blocked.

  9. Dear Scott Walker:


  10. Can't risk having a Trump puppet in Albany. Voted the entire Dem ticket, including gov.

    1. Theanimationfanatic


      I voted early in GA. Praying that cheating hack Kemp loses.

    2. Dark Qiviut

      Dark Qiviut

      I hope Kemp is both sent packing AND sent to jail.

  11. Dark Qiviut

    2018 US Mid-Term Elections Chat Thread

    Voted for the entire Democratic ticket (including *gag* Cuomo), along with "yes" to all three Questions on the reverse side of the ballot. I would've voted for Howie Hawkins (Green) for gov, but Molinaro cutting the lead and Cuomo trailing among independents is cutting it too close. I won't risk having a Trump puppet in Albany.
  12. Almost completely forgot just how bad Cart Before the Ponies really was! >_<

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Tacodidra


      Not one of my favorite episodes either... As a racing fan, I expected more from it. :P

    3. Kyoshi


      Such an amazing concept for an episode, completely destroyed and wasted. It wasn't fun in the slightest. 

    4. Theanimationfanatic


      Easily one of Season 6's worst episodes and one of the worst episodes of the show, honestly.

  13. Dark Qiviut

    Upcoming "Oswalt x Salenger" episode

    This. In addition, SoL came to life because of bronydom's series-long passion for background characters. The Mane Eight and CMCs are forever central to the series, but the background characters breathed life to bronydom's creations and enhanced the show's optimistic atmosphere.
  14. Dark Qiviut

    Upcoming "Oswalt x Salenger" episode

    That's still an ugly reason to dislike an episode. They're created by people working on the show, and many of the characters featured are very well-done. Execution matters. And seriously, can we stop the passive-aggressive implication that characters and stories made by fans are inherently inferior to the professional product? People, pros and amateurs alike, create because they have the passion. Sometimes that fanmade creation can be just as good as the professionals' themselves.
  15. Dark Qiviut

    Upcoming "Oswalt x Salenger" episode

    This isn't a rumor. Salenger (Oswalt's wife) stated this episode's about family herself. Whether it's EQG or S9 is up to question, but it's becoming more like a S9 episode. You continue to act like an episode w/o most or all of the Mane Eight in favor of lesser-known characters is automatically a bad thing. Execution factors into its quality, not who stars in it.