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  1. Didn’t know that the San Diego Padres’ cap logo contained a hidden “P” (representing “Padres”) until last year. Really cool. :)


  2. Nice header, @Mini! :D 

  3. Damn, the Nationals' World Series rings are sexy as hell! :pinkie:

    1. Sparklefan1234


       If the Generals stopped getting distracted by the Globetrotters

      antics they’d be champions, too! *Sighs* Someday... :blush:

  4. Ann Meara and Jerry Stiller were an ultimate couple. One of those very instances of a celebrity couple staying married until the end.

    In this episode of an old game show, TattleTales, Ann explains how they got engaged:


    1. Sparklefan1234


      I can’t help hearing “Hi! Hi! Hiya!” In my head when I see them. :rarity:

  5. It’s really refreshing when a team seemingly “owns” a color.

    • For their first nine seasons, the Diamondbacks wore purple (including their 2001 title run) and are still remembered fondly for it.
    • As mentioned earlier, the Padres wore brown from 1969-1990, one of the only teams to wear that color dominantly, and ownership brought ‘em back.
    • Many franchises wear green. The Packers, Jets, and especially Celtics are known for their green. Not so much baseball. Only the Oakland A’s (which replaced navy blue with Kelly Green while in Kansas City) wear that color. The Devil Rays wore sea green from 2001-07 before becoming the Rays and rebranding to navy and Columbia blue.
    • The Nashville Predators adapted an identity of their own and have worn it since 2011: they’re the only team in the four major sports to wear gold as their dominant color. (Course, the Lakers typically wear purple on the road and gold at home, but one doesn’t dominate the other.)
    • The old, short-lived Montreal Maroons (not Canadiens) typically wore, well, maroon.
    • The Phillies wore red for much of their franchise, but for more than twenty years, their red was burgundy, and that was their color when they clinched their first championship in 1980.
    1. cuteycindyhoney


      I'd cheer for the team with purple players!


  6. In a sea of so much blue, red, and black in baseball, it’s so refreshing that the Padres went back to the classic brown and gold. Now they’re the only team to wear brown as their dominant color in the four major sports. (Despite the name, the Cleveland Browns predominantly wear orange.)

    1. Anti-Villain



      (Despite the name, the Cleveland Browns predominantly wear orange.)


  7. The late Irwin Corey was a sneakily hilarious comedian and never lost that touch as he reached 100 years old. Here's him standing at the age of 94, playing his famous World's Foremost Authority character.

  8. Ten years ago today, former Yankee owner George Steinbrenner (aka, The Boss) passed away at the age of 80. :(

  9. The 1899 Cleveland Spiders are the worst team in MLB history. Their 20-134 record only scratches the surface, and they folded right afterwards. Despite their implosion to end the franchise, the nickname remains nostalgic in Cleveland. If they replace "Indians" with the Spiders, I won't be surprised.

    1. cuteycindyhoney


      Their mascot could be Spiderman!

  10. Happy 96th birthday to great Jeopardy! announcer, Johnny Gilbert! :yay:

    1. DivineKnight1000


      @Dark Qiviut Tell them what they’ve won Johnny!

    2. Sparklefan1234


      Thank You, Johnny. *Points in Johnny’s direction à la Alex Trebek*

  11. Whammies *singing*: "You suck, you suck!"


    1. DivineKnight1000


      @Dark Qiviut I just watched that episode!

    2. Sparklefan1234


      I was hoping for Kurt Angle to be the contestant with a build up like that. :yeahno:

  12. My favorite moment from Gravity Falls remains McGucket watching his old memories. You knew that Gravity Falls was a really wacky, kooky, yet creepy town, yet they kept that cheery face. As a turned out, it was nothing more than a façade, as the Blind Eye Society kept erasing memories of encounters with the supernatural. McGucket really had it worst, as his sanity really spiraled out of control. Figuring out who he was helped put his life back on track and really accelerated the momentum of the series toward Weirdmageddon.

  13. Press Your Luck 2020 spoilers:


    Last year, no one crossed the $150,000 threshold during the Bonus Game. This season, with the removal of the $15,000 round and increased value of the personalized prizes, three won at least a quarter million bucks so far, two of them over $400K! :blink:


  14. Last night’s Press Your Luck was easily worth the hype! When Elizabeth Banks proclaimed it the best game show on TV more than a month ago, she was telling the truth!

  15. Bruce Smith will never live this down. :laugh: