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  1. If anyone wondered why I was barely active this past weekend, it's been really tough. One of my two cats (my older one) suddenly died from cancer. Being as she was my baby and I raised her and her late brother since they were kittens, her loss was the most excruciating I ever dealt with. Currently, I'm still really grieving, and it's sometimes really hard not thinking about her while crying. Burying her gave me some closure, and taking care of the younger cat (who's three years old and was real close with the older one the last two years) helps cheer me up, but it still really hurts. :(

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    2. PathfinderCS


      My sympathies man; do what you need to do man. Take all the time you need.

    3. Sparklefan1234


      @Dark Qiviut

      I'm *so* sorry to hear that, My Friend. :sunny: 

      *Feel Better Hug*


    4. Lambdadelta


      Life sucks, but i know you can overcome it.:rarity: Let take care the younger kitten just as much as the old one.

  2. Ever since baseball changed the Home Run Derby format, it's been nothing short of exhilarating. What an outstanding performance! :D

  3. *AHEM!*


  4. Well, this is disturbing!


  5. Dark Qiviut

    S08:E15(?) - The End in Friend

    Note: Some content from Season 8 was leaked near the end of last year. While much of it is officially revealed, much isn't. So, please keep leaked content under the tag and don't post or link leaked assets. Zap2It first announced the episode's title and date, and what's shown below is subject to change. More info will come once Hasbro releases their August lineup. Title: The End in Friend Airtime (DF/U.S.): August 18 (likely 11:30am EST) Writer(s): N/A Synopsis: Rarity and Rainbow Dash begin to question why they are friends when they can't find anything they both like to do together. Extra notes: Currently, August 11 is skipped, so it's unknown whether it's officially episode 15 or not, hence the question mark in the thread title. If no episode airs on August 11, it'll be the first time the second half will skip at least a week in between episodes (and the first time, period, since June 6, 2015). Leaked content below! Episode to be linked after it airs.
  6. Gorsuch is a scary motherfucker. Kavanaugh is probably MORE ultraconservative than Gorsuch! And he blatantly lied* in the very beginning of his speech.

    *Kavanaugh claimed Trump spent great time consulting for the Justice, when Trump never vets or even reads daily briefings.

    P.S.: The fact that Kavanaugh declared that the sitting president is above the law and that the Kochs threatened to withhold $400 million of Republican mid-term funding unless Trump nominated him further brews the mainstream media's accusation of Trump as Putin's co-conspirator to win the election two years ago.

    1. strongwilled_pegasus


      the only silver lining in all of this is that koch brothers are threatening to keep back their money as I personally believe that corporate money has no place in politics

    2. Anneal


      Kavanaugh isn't significantly more conservative than Gorsuch, and it's evident that neither of them are more conservative than Alito, let alone Thomas. I'm not sure why you're citing TheNation, a news source that is clearly left leaning and a Twitter post that cites nothing. The Koch Brothers have supported Kavanaugh, yet I have searched up and found nothing on them threatening to cut off $400M (and said Twitter user also claims to be a hard liberal). 

      This Minnesota law review is where he defended executive branch authority, and while he did claim that "Congress might consider a law exempting a President – while in office – from criminal prosecution and investigation" (1461), further down he adds:" If the President does something dastardly, the impeachment process is available...moreover, an impeached and removed President is still subject to criminal prosecution afterwards" (1462). A few sentences before that he added: "The first [criticism] is that no one is above the law in our system of government. I strongly agree with that principle. But it is not ultimately a persuasive criticism of these suggestions. The point is not to put the President above the law or to eliminate checks on the President, but simply to defer litigation and investigations until the President is out of office." 

      He explicitly mentions that the president should not be above the law, simply deferring them from criminal investigation unless the president's actions were far too out of line. He points to President Clinton, expressing the opinion that apparently the country would have been better off focusing on bin Laden as a growing threat instead of a sex scandal )he worked with Kenneth Starr during the Whitewater Scandal, so it may come from personal experience). I personally don't agree with that, since there's potential for abuse there, but it definitely isn't the "above the law" idea that you think it is. 

      And he doesn't get fans from all conservatives, either. Ted Cruz complained once that he wasn't very conservative, and he has never openly opposed nor endorsed Affordable Care or Roe v. Wade (though he did claim that he didn't want it or Planned Parenthood v. Casey overturned, being a strong believer in precedent). So we shouldn't largely be concerned about abortion getting axed. 

  7. "Everybody needs a friend." - Bob Ross


    1. Tacodidra


      So true! :rarity:

  8. *hits "Follow"*

    1. LadyPKchu


      I'll be sure to watch this tomorrow (i'm not allowed to watch youtube videos past 10pm. one of my brother's rules xD)

      I bet its really good :)

  9. Thanks for the follow sir!

    1. Dark Qiviut

      Dark Qiviut

      No problemo. :D

  10. I don't like to preach FIM's lessons, because it comes across as being entitled and treats FIM and its morals as more of a cult leader than a show to educate children, but bronies who subscribe to homophobia, racism, sexism, and other forms of bigotry should start incorporating at least some of FIM's better lessons into practice.

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    2. Kyoshi


      @PiratePony I don't know, I think one side had pretty good reasons for being quite defensive. You can probably guess which side I mean.

    3. A Cynical Millenial

      A Cynical Millenial


      I only saw one side (OP's side) that really looked out for blood, and the other side was just trying to argue with them, but it clearly didn't work because they got way too offended to actually argue their BS instead of making the thread into some sort of whining thread trying to victimize themselves while also attacking everyone else.

    4. LadyPKchu


      I dislike drama. :( If people were just all accepting of each other, we wouldn't have to deal with drama ever happening.

      I admit there's people even I have a difficulty accepting (preps and also homophobes). I guess part of why is fear: I fear of the idea of becoming a mean girly girl (the point behind my dislike of preps) and homophobes scare me cuz i'm scared they'll try to hurt or change me for loving another girl. Its sad, but when you feel threatend you'll be destroyed by a certain type of people, it can be hard not to want to just.....have nothing to do with them :(

      Both being a girly girl and loving Korrina mean a lot to me and also being kind to people. You can understand the point i have in not liking homophobes and preps...

      But.....arguing and getting dramatic isn't the way. We all gotta stay strong :)

  11. Baseball continues to prove it's a crazy sport. Wilmer Flores of the Mets might've gotten grazed by a pitch, but the challenge failed. Next pitch, Flores homers off the foul pole to win it!

  12. Dark Qiviut

    episode discussion S08:E06 - Surf and/or Turf

    Well, she IS the School of Friendship's principal. It's her responsibility to make sure Ocean Flow and Skybeak sign that field trip discretion form. If she let the CMCs travel on their own, then their families will rightfully throw a fit. Those who claim Twilight did the work are overlooking key episode details. Twilight guided the CMCs and gave them advice after their biases made Terramar more confused, but she didn't solve the problem. The CMCs did; after they realized their mistake, they put her advice in practice, convinced Terramar he didn't have to live in one or the other, and led them to the picnic. The episode's primary moral is to not pressure someone when they're in a dilemma. The CMCs via their own infighting, Terramar's parents via accidental perpetuation. That's why they learned the lesson in the first place. It's nothing to do with "liberal agenda" or some other tired political conspiracy theory. Most of FIM's episodes contain an obvious outcome, and that's by design. What works or doesn't is the journey's execution. Sa/oT's resolution is clued by Terramar's name meaning, but how they eloquently approach the topic of divorce through a child's eyes makes it stand out.
  13. Dark Qiviut

    The Hunt For Bon Bon

    @Jeric ^ Spoilers. Open at your risk!
  14. Dark Qiviut

    Hug a Pony

    The way to give a hug badge is as follows: Click on "Awards" in the navigation bar atop the page. Once you enter the "Awards" page, click on "Event Badges." In the "Hug a Pony Day" row, click on "New Award." A pop-up window should appear over a transparent black overlay. In the window, enter/select the user's name and then type your message. You can only message one user at a time. Hope it helps!
  15. To the last six people who last visited my profile: @Kreamer, @Lambdadelta, @VG_Addict, @Tacodidra, @PathfinderCS, @Sparklefan1234



    Link. ^_^

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    2. Sparklefan1234


      Thank You, My Friend! *Hugs*


    3. Kreamer



    4. Lambdadelta


      I dont know what happen but... anyway... *hug the buffalo*:rarity: