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  1. I don't have A favorite movie because it changes every day like a mood ring. One day, I'll say Inside Out, the next day, I'll say The Dark Knight.
  2. With a TV-PG or even a TV-Y7 rating, "The Cutie Remark" would be even darker and full of more unfortunate implications than it already was. The battle in "Twilight's Kingdom" would have been way more brutal, too.
  3. Bad Boys For Life - Not groundbreaking, but still very, enjoyable, and surprisingly emotional. 8 out of 10.
  4. I imagine that they'd go slightly darker and more in depth with some concepts from the show.
  5. I hope you're in high spirits. 

    1. Misty Breeze

      Misty Breeze

      Parents just don't understand is all I can say. And yes she saw me type that.

    2. TheAnimationFanatic


      Things seem bad now, but they will get better.

  6. I watched two excellent war movies this weekend: 1917 and Black Hawk Down. 1917 is a tense, thrilling, gorgeously shot, and surprisingly emotional drama. One of my favorites of 2019. 10 out of 10. Black Hawk Down remains one of the most accurate and visceral war movies I've ever seen. One of Ridley Scott's best, in my opinion. 9 out of 10.
  7. I think that Pinkie Pie could make for a great mother. She's learned much about responsibility and maturity from her friends. She also has experience in taking care of children from watching the Cake twins and Flurry Heart. Moreover, Pinkie Pie has a natural loving personality, so it's not like she would be neglectful.
  8. Headcanon: Rarity had a goth phase as a teenager.

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    2. TheAnimationFanatic


      Her favorite groups:

      - Marelyn Maneson (Marilyn Manson)

      - Nine Inch Neighs (Nine Inch Nails)

      - Depeche Mare (Depeche Mode)

    3. Tacodidra


      I think that suits her quite well! :grin:


      Depeche Mare

      Walking in My Horseshoes is my favorite song by them! :D

    4. TheAnimationFanatic


      Don't forget "The Beautiful Ponies".

  9. It always amuses me when people on the right accuse the left of being easily offended snowflakes when growing up, all I heard about and saw were parents (almost ALWAYS Republicans) attacking media like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Harry Potter because they were "satanic".

    Or how Conservative Christian groups boycotted and protested music groups like Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, etc because they were "satanic" or they "promoted devil worship". Hell, they STILL do that.


  10. @TheAnimationFanatic Do you have a favorite movie ever?

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    2. DivinePony1000


      @TheAnimationFanatic I love that movie! My favorite Pixar movie is Monsters Inc!

    3. TheAnimationFanatic


      Ironically, both movies share the same director: Pete Docter. 

    4. DivinePony1000


      @TheAnimationFanatic Interesting! Pixar, MCU and Harry Potter are my favorite movies!

  11. My reaction to the Star Wars fandom in a nutshell. 


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    2. TheAnimationFanatic


      Better yet, can we all just go by the motto: "Let People Enjoy Things"? I get that the new movies aren't everybody's jam, but we don't have to be jerks about it. 

    3. Sparklefan1234


      That'd be nice. :adorkable:

      Or "If you don't like something, don't watch/read it.".

    4. Anti-Villain


      My reaction to the Reylo-shippers that harassed Daisy Ridley and Adam Driver:


  12. Movies: - Onward: It's Pixar. No explanation needed. - Mulan: The first time since Jungle Book since their remakes caught my interest) - Black Widow: Marvel always delivers, so I'm excited. - Soul (See Onward) - Free Guy: It's Fox, but still technically Disney. - The Eternals - Raya and the Last Dragon: An ORIGINAL WDAS flick? Say it ain't so! TV/Disney+: - The Owl House - Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7 - Ducktales (2017) Season 3 - The Mandalorian Season 2 - Obi-Wan
  13. Sorry if I sounded angry a minute ago.

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    2. Sparklefan1234


      Is it weird that I prefer the DCAU to the DCEU? 

      Live action doesn't interest me very much. 

    3. TheAnimationFanatic


      Not at all. It's actually remarkable how a series of shows made for children is more nuanced and mature than the live action big budget movies supposedly made for adults.

    4. Sparklefan1234


      I'm glad I like the 2003 Teen Titans because the live action Titans show doesn't seem to be very popular. 

  14. Which fandom is worse: DCEU Snyder cultists or Star Wars?

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    2. Sparklefan1234


      The thing about Star Wars is that's over 40 something years of stuff while the DCEU is still pretty new. 

    3. Megas


      I've seen several instances of people going on about how everyone is a Star Wars fans going on about how they're all united on one umbrella and they should appreciate the Star Wars experience, and then attack people for enjoying the prequels. It's one of those things where I love the franchise but I really want to distance myself from the fanbase

    4. TheAnimationFanatic


      @Megas Man, I'm right there with you. I saw it first hand when everyone was badmouthing the prequels 7-8 years ago and saying that George Lucas "raped" their childhood. And it's happening with the new stuff. Say what you will about the new movies, but none of the cast/crew deserve death threats or harassment.