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  1. Managed to buy a Blu Ray double feature of the MLP films from 2017 and 1986 (Which I've never seen) a couple weeks ago (I also bought The Lighthouse Blu Ray with it so weird combination). And my little sister gave me a mini Equestria Girls Fluttershy and pony Rainbow Dash.
  2. GalaCon 2013 Auction: Andrea Libman Singing Hush Now Quiet Now
  3. Shyabetes time. 80's shy Hugging a plushie The Warrior of Inner Strength Flutters on the stage. Hugging (And maybe adopting) a changeling Gamer girl Daydreaming Jedi Explorer Seapony Pirateshy Skullcruncher Flutters
  4. Some Fluttershy body swaps. And one humanized one.
  5. How about some better pictures then. #Shyabetes :0)
  6. Fluttershy's grape dress from Equestria Girls Holidays Unwrapped.
  7. Faces like these from Dreamworks Animation films.
  8. Super cute. One of the best moments of that episode. :0)
  9. Some Changeling Hunter Fluttershy And one human version
  10. Mega adorable. Wonder what kind of music she is listening to?
  11. Very shocked this joke made it into a MLP show. #FlutterBlush