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  1. Not listening to music right now, but the older AMC Movie Talk episodes (Which helped me get into film).
  2. Some of the cast have supported the release of the Snyder Cut for a couple of years as well. Guys like Ray Fisher and Jason Momoa (Who has actually seen it).
  3. Here's some Equestria Girls Fluttergoth.
  4. "How long have we been on this rock? 5 weeks? 2 days? Help me to recollect."
  5. There is only one correct answer IMO.
  6. The little brother helping his big sister.
  7. It's finally happening. In 2021, we'll finally get to see Zack Snyder's original version of the Justice League film on HBO Max (Possibly as a mini series). Many fans and online pundits thought this would never see the light of day while others became part of the campaign to get Snyder's original vision out there.And thankfully, the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut group won. I know Snyder is a polarizing director, but he's one of my personal favorites working today and I've been a fan of his DCEU film. I remember seeing Man Of Steel in 2013 and being just blown away by it. I was never the biggest Superman fan, but that film (And the first Injustice game which came out the same year) made me a fan. And it was my second favorite film of that year (Right behind Denis Villeneuve's excellent drama/thriller Prisoners). And when it comes to Batman V Superman, I was initially disappointed when I saw it in theaters in 2016. Not because of the characters, plot, or tone, but because the story flow, editing, and scene transitions felt off. But when the extended Ultimate Edition (Which Snyder wanted to release in theaters, but WB thought it was too long) was released on Blu Ray, it really made the film better and fixed those issues. Now I consider it a great comic book film and a worthy sequel to Man Of Steel. And then when Justice League came out the following year, we didn't get the proper sequel to BVS. Instead we got a rushed Frankenstein mess of a film that had only a small bit of Snyder footage, a lot of Joss Whedon reshoots, bad CGI, notes from WB execs, etc. What are your thoughts on Zack Snyder as a filmmaker, his DCEU films, and the upcoming Snyder Cut? Comment and let me know and thanks for reading. :0)
  8. Fluttershy helping Moondancer during a rainy day.
  9. There's another source claiming this now, Midnight's Edge (A channel that covers behind the scenes stuff on genre films).
  10. To quote Magneto from X-Men First Class, perfection.
  11. Not a big Pokemon fan, but Pikashy is adorable.
  12. Did anyone here watch this cartoon when they were a kid? I remember my mom and grandmother (Or as I call her, Mimi) got me and my siblings to watch some episodes to expand our vocabulary and it caused me to actually get into the show itself and want a talking dog (And still kind of do, although I imagine my current dog Clyde would have a lot of things to say). And a few years ago, I rewatched some cartoons to see if they still held up IMO. Some of them really didn't, but some did like Martha Speaks (And others like Peep, Jimmy Neutron, and Spectacular Spider-Man). The show has likable characters, funny dialogue, and some good voice acting especially from Tabitha St Germain as Martha. And speaking of Tabitha, this show was also produced by DHX Media and shares some of the voice cast as MLP FIM and has the same composer. Also, I was visiting Blu Ray.com last week (Physical Media for life) and saw this listed on there. Could be fake, but I hope it's not. Never thought they would've even discussed putting this out on Blu Ray. And if it is real, then it also tells me we will most likely be getting a complete Blu Ray release of MLP because if DHX wants to to release Martha Speaks on Blu Ray, why wouldn't they also want to release their most popular show on Blu Ray as well. https://www.blu-ray.com/movies/Martha-Speaks-The-Complete-Series-Blu-ray/239411/ What are your thoughts on the show? Comment and let me know and thanks for reading. :0)