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  1. It's impossible for her not to be adorable.
  2. Some more human Fluttershy (And one humanized Angelshy).
  3. Sportyshy from from the new Equestria Girls comic.
  4. Haven't been feeling great emotionally this past week, but some Flutters always makes me feel a bit better.
  5. Found this picture of Andrea Libman holding some interesting Fluttershy art.
  6. A simple little question (Spoiler alert, the answer is yes).
  7. Spider-Man, Batman, Venom, Chewbacca, Patrick Bateman, the OG Predator (1987), Indiana Jones, Andy Dufrense, Red, and the Mane Six (Especially Fluttershy).
  8. I didn't completely love the film either, but I have a feeling it may grow on me after repeat viewings like other Tarantino films. And yes the third act was amazing.
  9. Still need to watch this. That Blu ray is high up on my list (Includes 2 cuts of the film).
  10. Fluttershy the adorable witch.
  11. Rainbow Dash wearing a pretty familiar costume.