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  1. Oh fuck, just went down this Roman Polanski rabbit and I can't believe this disgusting man is still allowed to roam free and make films as freely as possible and I can't believe all these people: Adrien Brody, Ewan Mcgregor, Ben Kingsley, etc. who still worked with him. 

    Brings a nasty feeling in my gut that I admired these people. 

  2. Ayyye 

    Just got a culture victory in Civ V: Emperor Difficulty. 

    Aztecs vs 7 other civs. Notable enemies: China, Poland

    In other news, Thinking I might upload my bronycon Montage video today or tomorrow.

    1. King of Canterlot

      King of Canterlot

      Heh, I've tried to a domination victory against Rome, and they always kick my ass every single time :laugh: 

    2. Tacodidra


      Well done! Congratulations, my friend! :yay:

    3. Miss


      Ope, just wrote a how thing about fighting Greece not Rome. edited it jaja @King of Canterlot

      Haven't faced rome too many times and when I have they never were too much of an issue so never really developed a strategy for facing them. 

      But you know idk if you're playing in like immortal/deity and they out of nowhere are hella oppressive XD

  3. Never really been a fan of movies like that. I can watch them and maybe enjoy the experience but 90% of the time I won’t rewatch or the movie won’t leave an impact on me.
  4. Made a Reese’s banana shake. It’s delicious 

    probably not the best idea to add Reese’s to my shake after running for an hour but whatever. I was craving them and i only added two

    Also Reese’s mug!


  5. For screencaps from the show,movies, etc. it'll be this But fan art it's this (spike is in it to but whatevs)
  6. I have 7 number one favorite movies XD (just can't decide between all of them) Revenge of the Sith: Honestly don't know, I grew up with this movie (saw it in theaters) so kid me has rewatched many times, also we had it on dvd so it was very accessible for rewatch. Imma have to guess like over 20 times. And I still rewatch the movie every now and then because of the "Star Wars Days" where my friends and I rewatch all the Star Wars movies one time (spread across two days) during the year. Carol: 3 times. This movie is often not available. I could potentially watch online going arch (if you catch my drift), but don't like to do that for the most part because I like to watch with my fav movies with the best quality and without interruptions and that's iffy on THOSE websites. Also this movie is fairly new: 2015. Coco: 3 times. Fairly recent film. Was on Netflix for awhile but not it's on disney plus and I dont have that so yea kind of inaccessible for me now. Les Miserables: Maybe like 10 times? This movie is a 2hour and 40min sing along. I know the lyrics to most of the song. So not only is it a film, but a karaoke/sing along session so that is why rewatching is more likely. And I have it on DVD so very accessible The Truman Show: 4 times. Not a recent film, but only recently saw it like in 2016. (after the first time I saw it I rewatched it again the next day). Planet of the Apes (1968): 3 times. Old film so not very accessible. But I did buy it on dvd so yea that accounts for the third rewatch as the first two times I saw it were back to back. Portrait of a Lady on Fire: 2 times. It came out last year so yea. Saw it on theater then saw it again as soon as it came out on Hulu. I love watching movies so even tho I feel like rewatching this films alot (besides RofS and Les Mis as I've seen them many times) I also have the thought like "Instead rewatching a film I've seen, I could watch a new film instead. I generally watch like at least 35 films (15-20 films that came out that year) I haven't seen every year. In 2018 I watched 44 films that came out that year and in 2019 I watched 52. All this talk of my favorite movies gave me an idea. I'm gonna have like a week where I watch all my favorite movies. I'll do like 2 a day. Not just these 7 but my other favorite films as well, Tangled, Your Name, Treasure Planet, A Silent Voice, The King's Speech, etc.
  7. Pretty much echoing what others have said: The top records in sports in general are mostly held by men, and men on average can out perform most women in most sports. If a woman is able to break into those records/performances then she should definitely be given the option to join the men. Sports like track etc. where performance can be measured in time are easier to determine access. Sports that require more nuance with judging performance would be like futbol, american football, basketball, etc. are more tricky. In the "tryouts" alley this is a little less dicey because then women would be given the option to play against men and if they are deemed good enough then they could potentially be a part of the team, but in the "scouting" alley of course it would be harder to judge and the scout would have to make their own decision there. Women I feel should be given more "chances" to see if they should be able to compete against men, because there are many women who have broken the barrier and many women who I think are possible of breaking the barrier out there but are never given the opportunity. There are some sports that are non-physical that I don't know why they separate the genders/sexes but they do and I feel those could be opened up.
  8. I think if an adult person with a penis wishes to cut a part of their body off that helps with protection, contains the highest concentration of nerve endings on the penis, provides natural lubrication, and contains anti-bacterial agents, then that is their choice. I do feel that it should definitely be illegal for it to be done on babies or children unless there is some medical complication.
  9. Waking up today and hearing dont stop believing made me want to smash my head into the wall so could knock out again. 

    My uncle just lets his pandora play in the morning and its always the same songs. I mean its his place and he is working, but still the songs drive me crazy. 

    Sick of hearing rocket man, georgia on my mind, and a few others. 

    For background, even songs that I love and adore I don't like to hear the next day after I heard them for the most part. 

    Also for background, I DESPISE DON'T STOP BELIEVING. 

    1. TomDaBombMLP


      You don’t like ‘Don’t Stop Believing?’ :( That’s my favourite music decade!

    2. Miss


      I like songs from the 80's but I despise that song. Also not a fan of Journey in general. That guy's voice is annoying af. 

      But DSB I despise because how often that song, which I think is awful, is replayed. Could not get away from it and now when I hear it, it irks me to heck. 

    3. Woohoo


      Ugh, that's the most overplayed and overrated song ever. :eww:

  10. Incredible art!!!


    celestia and luna1.jpg

    celestia and luna2.jpg

    1. Gabe Gooding

      Gabe Gooding

      Not just incredible, it's also incredibly adorable.

  11. Definitely many songs from Halo as the scores are amazing Also really enjoy these
  12. Chillen with homies right now

    One playing Civ V, the other playing Republic Commando, and I'm editing a montage, all while talking about Pizza. 

    In other news, Im working on various convention montages so I'll probably start a blog here and upload the montages to YouTube. Finished my bronycon 2019 montage so will probs. post that tomorrow or something. 

  13. 1. MLP:FIM 2. Steven Universe 3. Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts 4. Little Witch Academia 5. Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! 6. Legend of Korra 7. Over the Garden Wall 8. Rick and Morty (She-ra has strong aspirations for to be #3 when I finish rewatching it) (Infinity Train will also be up there somewhere)
  14. I don't go for that in video games. The only ones I could think of are some lego games back when I was a kid. The Kung Fu Panda video game. And finally the fucking most infuriating 100% was Sonic Heroes. Finish the story. Awesome! Then finish all the extra missions and you get all the two player matches. Still awesome! Then get all A's. And then you get super hard mode. Ok so beat a bunch of missions "perfectly" and then get more missions? Ok weird. Anyway, did the super hard mode, and then what do you get???