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    Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. Also owns a holiday home in Ponyville.
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    No matter what happens, your friends will always be there until the end. Because Friendship Is Magic.
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    Michael Jackson, Westlife, Queen, The Beatles, Spider-Man, theme parks.

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    Sugarcube Corner

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    Mane Six (All of them) ❤️
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    Princess Luna
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    The Six of them, forever and always!
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    Apple Bloom
  • Best Secondary/Recurring Character
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    You must be kidding.
  • Best Song
    Smile Song/Flawless/Pinkie's Lament/Hearts As Strong As Horses/I’ll Fly/Best Friends Until The End Of Time/We Got This Together/A True, True Friend/It’s a Pony Kind of Christmas/Let The Rainbow Remind You/I'm Just A Pony

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