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  1. Absolutely not! It's preposterous to even think if that statement is true. Anyone who says that is blinded by fear. Video games help us learn and develop our skills and also boost social interactivity online. You go ahead and enjoy what you love doing the most. No-one's stopping you from being a gaming champ like me.
  2. If that does happen, I wanna see Cozy Glow as Cobra. It'll be hilarious when she has an angry fit.
  3. Last night I've learnt that watching horror-related video games aren't my thing.

    1. Misscellanio


      XD started playing "Never Again" recently, and too scary/suspenseful to play for long periods of time

      my heart can't take it ahaha

    2. Photon Jet

      Photon Jet

      I was watching one short horror-game video last night, but I stopped because I was feeling light-headed. In fact, I collapsed as I was trying to head to my bedroom to recover. Never doing that again.

  4. Who brightens up everyone's day? Who makes my mind dance and sway? 


  5. Today marks the special day of a pony who once traveled through a dark and lonely path, following the loss of her first friend long ago. But thanks to Princess Twilight Sparkle and her friends, she was reformed into a brand new Pony-sona, unleashing her true, purified potential. She with the help of Trixie, Discord and Thorax dethroned Queen Cheese-Legs where Thorax became the rightful ruler of the Changelings, truly putting an end to her cursed past. But that was not all, she made Juniper Montage came to her senses, freeing the Human versions of her friends, motivated King Thorax's Changelings to help Pharnyx, became the Council of the School of Friendship before earning the titles as Headmare. Look at how far Starlight Glimmer went in the TV series, she made such amazing achievements throughout all her adventures. Looking back, she deserves to be the top-favorite of all the bronies in the world. Who knows what new adventures await for her and her friends? Only time will tell in the comics. Happy Starlight Glimmer Day everypony, and you too Starlight. We're all so very proud of you.
  6. Happy Starlight Glimmer Day everypony! Let's give it up for the Headmare of the School of Friendship and one of the BEST CHARACTERS EVER in all of Equestria!


    1. Princess of Hearts ❤️❤️

      Princess of Hearts ❤️❤️

      It's interesting how Twilight and her friends started the school, yet Starlight and Sunburst have been head pony and assistant head pony for way more time than the Mane 6 ever taught at the school.

      I guess it really was Starlight's true calling. 

    2. Kujamih


      Starlight...or diamond tiara....or trixie?

      ..or discor- nah screw him

  7. Don't you wish that the Oasis from Ready Player One is made in our world? That'll be awesome.

  8. Hopefully they feature more of Starlight and Trixie.
  9. Poor Vannamelon is going through rough times at the start of the decade. Let's say we give her a big helping hoof.


  10. Hoo hoo, hello! It'sa Mario day! Let'sa all start our day with a big, super jump!

    Oh yeah, and happy Rainbow Dash day to our favorite high-speed Wonderbolt!

  11. Rainbows are always a sight to behold.


    1. EpicEnergy


      They definitely are beautiful! ^_^

  12. Haven't they done that in the past? There was a My Little Pony game on the Game Boy Advance.
  13. Happy third year anniversary, Nintendo Switch! There are more awesome games heading your way!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Photon Jet

      Photon Jet

      Oh, I'm so looking forward to what's in stock! I bet Princess Peach gets kidnapped...once again...for the 1000th time.

    3. CypherHoof


      Her tiara cappy is cute though :)

    4. Photon Jet

      Photon Jet

      Wonder if we could get cameo appearances of other Nintendo characters from different worlds.

  14. Happy Derpy Day everypony! Have a muffin to enjoy your day.

    1. Deerie


      Same to you, Photon!

  15. Pinch punch, first day of the month.

    1. Deerie


      Pinch punch?