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  1. I'm with you there, That way she can learn more on what makes Cutie Marks special. Or maybe there could be another pony who acts just like her back then before her reformation.
  2. Attention all Switch players! Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is finally here! Go to your nearest game shop and buy the game NOW!

    1. Discordian


      Smash 4 failed to keep my attention for more than a few hours. Hopefully Ultimate will be better. I hear it brings back a Subspace Emissary-like mode which was something I spent a lot of time co-oping with people.


      I don't even have a Switch yet so I guess I have time to scope it out though.

  3. Tomorrow...Smash...Tomorrow...Smash...Tomorrow...Smash...Tomorrow...Smash...

    Rundown Rarity.png

    1. Cash In

      Cash In

      One more day....One more.

  4. Photon Jet

    What version of yourself do you cringe at the most?

    I think the time I cringe at the most was during my days as a kid. I didn't know what I was doing back then when I did some *ahem* unusual acts to myself.
  5. I guess they're playing it safe rather than just skimming through all the blogs manually.
  6. Only 2 more days until the release of the ultimate game! I'm normally a patient pony...


  7. The problem is that these viewers would easily find a way around it by disabling it on their account.
  8. Only 3 more days till the Ultimate game is released! :D



  9. To me, I think that's a reasonable move to completely make sure young Tumblr viewers do not see explicit content by accident as it is widely used by many. Even with the Safe Mode function on it may not completely protect them from accessing Tumblrs they shouldn't be on until they're adults. Even parents have to make sure their kids are completely safe when browsing the Internet as it can be a dangerous place when safety measures aren't enabled. It's true that sometimes we may face these drastic changes in our lives, but no matter what we must remain strong together as there's always an alternative solution to the problem that can make both sides happy.
  10. Only 4 days remain until the ultimate game comes out! I can hardly wait!

  11. After playing through the whole of the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, I can safely say it's a brilliant remaster from start to finish. I've had many memories flown back to me as I played through each one. Even though it's not perfect due to some of the glitches that happened, it's still great fun for everypony who's a Spyro fan.

    Spyro the Dragon is back and better than ever!

  12. Photon Jet

    Gaming Nintendo Creators Program is dead.

    We'll just see which route this will take now.
  13. Have you ever wondered what you were in your past life and wonder if you can re-experience your childhood memories again? I feel that way.

  14. To all the Splatoon 2 players in Europe, a new Splatfest event is gonna happen in about 30 minutes! Which team will you pick? The ones that eat the best ones first or those who leave the best ones last?

  15. Who else remembers this memorable moment from Cartoon Network?


    1. Kyoshi


      I've never seen this actually. :o