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    Warhammer 40K, Video Games, huggles, One Piece marathons xD , For some reason I really can't add a lot in this.

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  1. Sugar Cuddles

    How well would you be able to adjust being a Pony?

    Well, depending on how faithful my transformation is to the show....fine ouo I mean, hay, maybe I'm a unicorn! Besides awkwardly having to talk to my family and friends about it, it'll be fine cx
  2. Sugar Cuddles

    ✿Alicorn Appreciation Fanclub✿

    Perhaps we should make a social thread then... If that's allowed anywhere o-o @@Coby, I assumed it was more like a funny quirk than an RP. People use asterix in conversations completely unrelated to RPs. It's nice to describe virtual actions for silly social funtimes. But it could be seen that way anyway, so I understand c: Just would like to defend the people here a bit with this one. @@Jeric, I do agree that, that one makes perfect sense. As I blabbered above, maybe it could be possible to have a social messing around thread? Since we like to poke each other with the alicorn subject? c: I'd love a suggestion on which thread to do that in as well. c: EDIT!: Oh! Could I put a link to said thread on the top post on here perhaps? If it's allowed that is.
  3. Sugar Cuddles

    Do you blush?

    *flails violently and falls over. Twitching every so often*
  4. Sugar Cuddles

    Do you blush?

    My cheeks light up so easily >///< I can FEEL them getting warm when I blush. Just from small comments like "You're pretty cool" or "That's awesome" from things I do as well o-o :
  5. Sugar Cuddles

    ✿Alicorn Appreciation Fanclub✿

    @, "HOW DOES THOU EVEN DO THAT!?" xD Would probably be the reaction. Idk. She's lost their ancient tongue. She'd probably just look herself in the mirror at night. Going "Is this what's become of my species? What horror have we helped unleash onto the world?" xD
  6. Sugar Cuddles

    ✿Alicorn Appreciation Fanclub✿

    @, IKR? cx I lol'ed very hard when I saw that originally. Imagine the horror on her friends' faces if she re-emerged like that. Celestia would go "She ascended to an a-alicorn?"
  7. Sugar Cuddles

    ✿Alicorn Appreciation Fanclub✿

    @, Mah gerd...That's fabulous! cx Reminds me of another pic...let me summon it for your viewing pleasure.
  8. Sugar Cuddles

    ✿Alicorn Appreciation Fanclub✿

    @@Bronydoc12, I do admire alicorns more for their leadership roles than their special powers ^v^ Celestia or Luna wouldn't be any less cool if they couldn't move the sun or moon.
  9. Sugar Cuddles

    ✿Alicorn Appreciation Fanclub✿

    @, Aw : 'c I just mean that alicorns have stronger magic and stuff D: Like, raising the sun and moon (though I believe pre-alicorn Twilight could do it. But she's super magical and stuff (cutiemark huggles))
  10. Sugar Cuddles

    ✿Alicorn Appreciation Fanclub✿

    My rule of thumb is that an alicorn is OP in any setting, so that should be taken into consideration before even joining ^v^ BUT! Some people are even overpowered compared to normal alicorns! Which is a thing that DOES infuriate me. I know a certain member with a VERY OP alicorn. It's almost tailor made to ruin RPs and stealing attention by waving "Anything you can do, I can do better" to people xD I'd say, shoot for Celestia or Luna's alicorn strength. They have a long defeat streak cx But of course are still awesome and powerful goddesses c: I love how useless Celestia is in combat. Has she ever won a fight? xD ________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  11. Sugar Cuddles

    ✿Alicorn Appreciation Fanclub✿

    Don't be shy c: *huggles* Were all ponies :3... except me. But ignore that!
  12. Sugar Cuddles

    ✿Alicorn Appreciation Fanclub✿

    @@crisahys, Btw! Does your OC/Sona use dark magic? Find the eyes and horn especially interesting in that way ouo
  13. Sugar Cuddles

    As a Human would you date a pony?

    I wouldn't just date a pony. I'd probably try to move there! ^3^ Maybe track down a unicorn or Zecora to work on a transformation <-< Such a convenient universe really. Either way, I'd surely date a pony c: Especially if they're sweet ^v^
  14. Sugar Cuddles

    ✿Alicorn Appreciation Fanclub✿

    Hello everypony! Updated the front page a bit! ^u^ Tried to make it look at least a bit more pretty. Wanted to make the slogan of the club "Alicorns are Ponies too" c:
  15. I voted Bulk Biceps because we are in serious need of "YEAH!" in the emote department cx I could have told ya peeps wanted more emotes! We love them! If we had hundreds, we'd use them all! ^3^