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  1. Anneal

    How many tabs do you have open in your browser.

    Right now, three, though I have opened as much as three dozen before thanks to surfing on TVTropes.
  2. Anneal

    Auto or Manual

    Plus, the benefits of manual transmission are slowly starting to fade out as automatic cars are becoming more and more developed. Older manual cars do tend to be lighter than older automatic cars, but in recent years, eight or nine-speed automatics and CVTs have proven to be on par with the fuel efficiency of manuals, if not better. Not to mention there are many other methods if you want to save fuel, such as carpooling, using cruise control, and driving light. Or if your destination is only a few miles away, just don't drive at all and get a bike.
  3. So Amazon cancelled their HQ2 plans for New York City due to fierce protesting. NYC gave Amazon a $3B tax break in return for building one of their HQ2s in Long Island City in the Queens borough, which would bring 25,000 jobs. 

  4. Anneal

    Ontario, CA

    There's also Vancouver, Washington, which is actually older than the Vancouver most people know about. The Vancouver in Washington was a fur trading outpost called Fort Vancouver, which then became a frontier town as people began to settle it in the late 1840s, and was later incorporated in 1857. The other Vancouver in BC was not settled until 1858, when a gold rush brought a ton of prospecting miners there, and was not incorporated until 1886. If you also look at the history of Ontario, California, the now largely suburban city was originally purchased by two Canadian brothers who named it "Ontario" after the region from where they were born. Many cities on the East Coast similarly share names with their British counterparts, due to its history of being formerly colonial towns.
  5. Wish there were more bronies who are as much as an urban planning nut as me. 

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    2. Phosphor


      Yep, light pollution. Suburban sprawl is always on an amateur astronomer's mind.  :(

      There's quite a few ways for cities to reduce skyglow: Shielding light fixtures and/or reduce color temperature. Suburbs tho, I doubt much progress will happen there as most folks like to light up there houses like prisons.

      Obesity is an interesting one. I didn't think it would be related to how a city is developed. :mlp_huh:


    3. Anneal


      It’s generally because suburban communities are usually too far away from most services in general to be walkable. If the only option is to drive to literally so anything, people are going to walk less. When there are more services and options for public transit within walking distance, people will use it. While correlation doesn’t always equal causation, it’s a bit noteworthy to point out that obesity is more common where cities sprawl more, and East Coast cities, which commonly have less sprawl, have less obese people in general.

    4. Anneal
  6. I should be a cynical hardass for the rest of my life so I can show people how defeatist and negative I am and get views off of it. 

    1. Anneal


      People might hate me for this, but I'm going to be blunt. Experiencing this on a regular basis is already starting to get exhausting as hell. 

    2. Kyoshi


      From my experience the word 'cynical' has wildly different definitions from person to person.

  7. Anneal

    Why do schools suddenly hate recess

    I actually want to point out that there isn't actually an epidemic of school districts hating recess, it's just been happening in the last few decades and people are becoming aware of it and its negative effects. In fact, seven states have actually gone ahead and forced school districts to require daily recess time (Massachusetts and Arizona are currently voting on it), while nine states recommend it. And some states are rather vague about it and only require "general activity", which only mandates that school districts have a certain amount of time dedicated physical activity per week. However, many states have no regulation regarding recess or physical activity time like Illinois or Georgia, meaning it is largely down to the decision-making of school districts. The reason why schools are cutting recess is related to academic performance – people already know that the American school system overall is falling behind, so schools districts are cutting recess time or even removing it entirely to spend more time learning and prepare for standardized tests (sounds a bit like Asian schools to me). However, pediatricians have pointed out that this has the opposite effect and actually causes a ton of developmental and psychological problems, and can also contribute to obesity.
  8. He lives in Indiana. If you don't have a car you're out of luck because most of Indiana lacks public transit. Even Indianapolis only has buses and ranks as one of the worst cities in terms of walkability.
  9. It’s not just the skies. Urban sprawl also contributes to increased commute times, as you not only have to drive farther from work, you have to experience miles-long congestion, which dominoes into increased air and noise pollution and wasted time. Suburbs are also much harder to serve by public transit and increase car dependency. Thankfully, younger people are moving back into the city, and sprawl has been slowing down in some cities. Some cities have even taken into creating “green belts”, a layer of undeveloped land around a city, to stop sprawl outright, or build upward instead of outward. For me, it’s economic instability and being unable to find a decent job. I’m busy learning in university, but I’m still not too sure if I’ll be ready in the real world. Less personally, it would be uncontrolled, rampant automation. It might make parts of our lives easier, but if we let it go out of hand, millions of people may go jobless when they’re replaced by automatons and we have an economic crisis on our hands.
  10. Anneal

    Music Songs that you don't like that other people do

    It's not that cheesy. Red Hot Chili Peppers were great at mixing in the lyrical complexity of hip hop into their music."Give It Away" is an early example, and songs like "Can't Stop" and "Dani California", while being largely alt rock, clearly show influence from hip-hop and funk. Also Limp Bizkit leans a bit more into rap metal / nu metal, though nu metal nowadays doesn't exactly have the best reputation, especially among some metalheads who don't regard it as real metal. I can at the very least agree that Soundcloud mumble rap is one of the worst things to come out of this decade. Hip-hop is all about lyrical complexity and dexterity and some off these emerging rappers don't show much of that. Some of the rappers that have become prominent in this decade that I do like though are Kendrick Lamar and Chance the Rapper.
  11. Anneal

    Music Songs that you don't like that other people do

    Lyrics isn't something that's native to pop. Any genre can potentially have lyrics in them.
  12. Anneal

    Music Songs that you don't like that other people do

    Also I don't think it's fair to lump all contemporary pop as "bad". It's just that because pop is...well, popular by default, they are more vulnerable to certain trends – the more recent ones that come to mind are auto-tune and "millennial whooping" (and these trends aren't always bad if they are used creatively). It's also rather unfortunate that the majority of pop music is actually written by a select few. Now there is nothing wrong with having someone else write a song that you are going to play, because not everyone can play an instrument + sing + compose lyrics and melodies for that song. But it has contributed to the lack of complexity and variety in recent pop. However, there are still plenty of contemporary pop songs that I think are pretty good, and if you want to find good pop songs you just have to spend a little more time searching for it. I find myself admittedly liking "Somebody That I Used To Know", "Still Feel Like Your Man", and even songs like "Radioactive" and "Counting Stars". I also listened to a lot of Coldplay when I was younger, and I still do.
  13. Anneal

    Music Songs that you don't like that other people do

    Personally I feel there's a difference between an overplayed song and a song that is actually bad, and I try not to be a hippie and give more popular genres a chance. "Bohemian Rhapsody" is not a bad song, it's simply overplayed, though I do think it's not the best song to represent progressive or hard rock. "Stairway to Heaven" is kind of eh for a Led Zeppelin song though. Not an awful rock song, but for its length it's not particularly progressive, has way too much fluff, and too much repetitive chords. "Creep" by Radiohead is a kind of mediocre grunge song and does not represent most of their work at all...yet it's the song they are remembered by, unfortunately. Also "Smells like Teen Spirit", though that could be because I don't like Nirvana that much and I prefer Soundgarden's music more.
  14. This is the first time I have heard this insult, and honestly it sounds more non-sensical than offensive.
  15. The president should maybe save his criticism and complaints on Twitter until the Camp Fire is over.