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  1. That chart is incredibly misleading because it is measuring total tax revenue, not the tax percentage or even taxed revenue per capita. Furthermore, taxes not only vary by state but by county and municipality, and many states gain tax revenue through different means – for example, Oregon has no sales tax, while Washington has no income tax. Different places also have different costs of living, even in the same state, so in practice taxes can vary wildly. Your cost of living and taxes if you live in NYC could be significantly different if you lived in Syracuse.
  2. If we aren’t talking about a scenario like nuclear apocalypse, staying within cities is actually a safer bet than duking it out in rural areas or the wilderness. Cities are typically where order is restored first, and even in the many instances of societal collapse, many cities continued to function as smaller city-states. It’s also the best chance to find other people to cooperate with – humans are fairly social creatures, after all. Lone wolf survivalists usually won’t last long. Not to mention shopping malls, train stations, stadiums, etc. make some pretty defendable settlements in a p
  3. Anneal

    Gaming Classic vs. Modern

    That's less due to technological limitations and more due to Fallout 2's very short development time. The game didn't even go through a full year of development and more than a third of its content was cut from the final version (which can be added back with the Restoration Project mod). And due to its short development time, some locations were poorly balanced, especially the early game, and there were plenty of bugs. Older console generations weren't immune to this. People like to see the past with rose-tinted glasses, but in reality, a lot of game companies tended to get on the gimm
  4. This is less of a personal issue, but the pandemic has also motivated many cities in the US to reconsider how they design and plan out their cities. This is the longest time in a while a city such as Los Angeles could see unpolluted skies and roads without congestion. It would be insane to fall back onto our normal ways after this pandemic is done. Some American cities have decided to join the "Open Streets" movement and convert car-oriented roads to be more equitable to pedestrians and bikers. A lot of public transportation projects have also been sped up with the reduced traffic; more recent
  5. Not to mention that some soldiers are never deployed in a combat zone, and even when in a combat zone, only a small amount of them see direct combat. A ton of jobs in the military have nothing to do with combat, such as being a cook, software engineer, chaplain, mechanic, and so on. In some cases, certain military personnel get what is basically a glorified desk job. It's part of the reason why it's so hard for the small amount of soldiers who do see combat to come back home – not only is it hard for civilians to understand what they've been through, but even within the military itself. A
  6. The Newbie Dash episode is honestly what put me off from RD's Wonderbolts arc. It was just such a poorly written episode with a poorly written lesson that contradicts the episode anyways. The whole episode was over Rainbow Dash trying to stand out because of her embarrassing nickname and trying to suppress her emotions, while most of the story could have been resolved had she acted on her embarrassment and stood out by explaining her issues sooner. Rainbow Falls was another poorly written episode, too. The intended lesson was that one should be loyal to one's friends, but RD never gets th
  7. On another note, I personally don't understand why people assume everyone on the left is against gun ownership. It's the liberals in the Western world that want to restrict gun use. Socialists such as Eugene Debs, George Orwell, and Malcolm X were not opposed to Americans, especially minority communities, owning guns for community self-defense. Especially with the police abolition/defunding movement, more and more people should consider that idea for public safety. Of course, I am for reasonable gun control, but we shouldn't allow violence to be monopolized by the state.
  8. lol, I made that post four years ago so I honestly can't remember on the top of my head. I haven't been involved in Pokemon for a few years now.
  9. You may be misunderstanding what personality actually is. Making random sarcastic quips or comedic punchlines is not effective characterization. People, especially inexperienced writers and roleplayers, treat personality like a shopping list of likes, dislikes, flaws, and traits. Poorly characterized characters are often simply one-dimensional and forgettable because stories fail to explore any of their emotional nuances. What are their motivations and goals? How do these characters respond to conflict, and how do they resolve it? How do they develop as a character in the long term? If Li
  10. The Swiss K31. The 1874 Sharps: Arisaka Type 99: And the relatively uncommon MAS-49:
  11. The issue is that megacorporations simply cannot replace governments in real life. The closest thing was the British East India Company, but even they were ultimately under the control of the British Empire, and they regularly relied on bailouts from the government to stay afloat during economic downturns. Governments are not made to be efficient or profitable. There's also the issue that someone needs to print the money, and how exactly you can profit from that. The very reason that companies are companies is the same reason why it would be difficult for even PMCs today to completely rep
  12. I mean...I've seen even stronger cases of celebrity worship when I lived in Asia. K-pop stanning has been a fairly recent meme but it is all too common in the home country of South Korea, though they are called "sasaeng" instead of stans (Eminem not being so popular in Asia, after all). Mukbang was another trend that started in South Korea where people would watch celebrities and influencers consuming a ton of food on camera. And fashion is such a huge industry there. A lot of these trends have bled over into the Western world as well. What I'm saying is that celebrity idolization is hardly so
  13. You know, looking back at the older posts, a lot of them aged very poorly. Now that the virus has gotten considerably more severe in the US, trips outside are basically either to walk the dog or buy groceries. My dad still has his job and is able to work from home, but the economy as a whole is not doing well and there are several friends that have lost their jobs. Some of the restaurants are at risk of bankruptcy, and most of the "small business" loans failed to even get to them. And now there are anti-lockdown "protests" going on in California. It might get far worse here before the vir
  14. Eh, a post-money world is something that is largely stuck in the realm of science fiction and fantasy, because of one simple thing: every commodity has value. Money has been here since the beginning of civilization. Yes, before that, we relied on barter economies. But many modern economists today will point out the inherent inefficiencies of barter, and at some point, humans will end up pegging goods to something in particular. Even tribes thousands of years ago ultimately ended up bartering with cowrie shells or crops, which basically became their "currency". It's a bit telling that Star Trek
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