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  1. Anneal

    Music Songs that you don't like that other people do

    It's not that cheesy. Red Hot Chili Peppers were great at mixing in the lyrical complexity of hip hop into their music."Give It Away" is an early example, and songs like "Can't Stop" and "Dani California", while being largely alt rock, clearly show influence from hip-hop and funk. Also Limp Bizkit leans a bit more into rap metal / nu metal, though nu metal nowadays doesn't exactly have the best reputation, especially among some metalheads who don't regard it as real metal. I can at the very least agree that Soundcloud mumble rap is one of the worst things to come out of this decade. Hip-hop is all about lyrical complexity and dexterity and some off these emerging rappers don't show much of that. Some of the rappers that have become prominent in this decade that I do like though are Kendrick Lamar and Chance the Rapper.
  2. Anneal

    Music Songs that you don't like that other people do

    Lyrics isn't something that's native to pop. Any genre can potentially have lyrics in them.
  3. Anneal

    Music Songs that you don't like that other people do

    Also I don't think it's fair to lump all contemporary pop as "bad". It's just that because pop is...well, popular by default, they are more vulnerable to certain trends – the more recent ones that come to mind are auto-tune and "millennial whooping" (and these trends aren't always bad if they are used creatively). It's also rather unfortunate that the majority of pop music is actually written by a select few. Now there is nothing wrong with having someone else write a song that you are going to play, because not everyone can play an instrument + sing + compose lyrics and melodies for that song. But it has contributed to the lack of complexity and variety in recent pop. However, there are still plenty of contemporary pop songs that I think are pretty good, and if you want to find good pop songs you just have to spend a little more time searching for it. I find myself admittedly liking "Somebody That I Used To Know", "Still Feel Like Your Man", and even songs like "Radioactive" and "Counting Stars". I also listened to a lot of Coldplay when I was younger, and I still do.
  4. Anneal

    Music Songs that you don't like that other people do

    Personally I feel there's a difference between an overplayed song and a song that is actually bad, and I try not to be a hippie and give more popular genres a chance. "Bohemian Rhapsody" is not a bad song, it's simply overplayed, though I do think it's not the best song to represent progressive or hard rock. "Stairway to Heaven" is kind of eh for a Led Zeppelin song though. Not an awful rock song, but for its length it's not particularly progressive, has way too much fluff, and too much repetitive chords. "Creep" by Radiohead is a kind of mediocre grunge song and does not represent most of their work at all...yet it's the song they are remembered by, unfortunately. Also "Smells like Teen Spirit", though that could be because I don't like Nirvana that much and I prefer Soundgarden's music more.
  5. This is the first time I have heard this insult, and honestly it sounds more non-sensical than offensive.
  6. The president should maybe save his criticism and complaints on Twitter until the Camp Fire is over. 

  7. Is the Camp Fire affecting you, by the way? I went back to San Jose for Veteran's Day and the sky was all hazy from the fire up north. 

    1. Twiggy


      Nah. I live in Bakersfield now. Though we’ve been getting smoke from the one that’s destroying Malibu. 

  8. Oh, I think I ended up voting yes on that then. I don't remember keeping it lol, probably just misremembered.
  9. Same here, I voted two weeks early or so when I was back home for a bit. I doubt Cox would have won (and he didn't), but I ended up voting for him anyways because there is no way I'm putting my vote on Newsom. I ended up voting de Leon, mostly because I really didn't want Feinstein to stay...but she did, so oh well. When it came to California props, I voted "no" on Prop 6 (increased gas tax) and "no" on Prop 10 (rent control expansion). I also voted "no" on 3 ($8.8B water infrastructure measure). His approval rating is at 40% because Trump mostly just uses his rhetoric towards people who already support him. People who liked him in the first place will continue to like him, and people who disliked him before will continue to dislike him. This kind of divisiveness though might end up hurting him in the long run if independents and other conservatives who were persuaded and voted for him back in 2016 choose not to in 2020. Previous presidents had higher approval rates because they didn't lean as much to the left or right and were more open to compromise. Trump being in office is really just a sign of how divisive and polarized our politics have become.
  10. Twilight, I don't feel so good...please, I don't wanna go...

    1. Silver Snow

      Silver Snow

      *nuzzles* You'll be okay. l am here for you too.

  11. Famous people who are frequently misquoted: Oscar Wilde, Winston Churchill, Adam Smith, Albert Einstein, Dr. Seuss.

  12. Anneal

    Walkable Communities

    I figured Anaheim would be somewhat easier to walk around in, but when I was in high school, I lived in the southern half of Irvine. We have OCTA here, but in some communities there is literally no coverage. The closest bus stop for me was 1.5 miles away, which meant the only real option was to drive. The nearest Albertsons was almost 2.5 miles away, believe it or not. I didn't like living there. Irvine is a very sprawled out city, unlike some of the older cities like Orange or Anaheim. Irvine isn't the most pedestrian-friendly city, either. Some intersections do not have crosswalks at all to save traffic light time. Now I live in San Jose and it's only marginally better because we only have one bus line. Unfortunately, the buses here are even less frequent and usually doesn't cover enough area to get you to go where you want to go. Some places require two or even three bus transfers because the lines are too short. There's also the VTA light rail, but it is incredibly inefficient and ineffective, especially when compared to its SF Muni light rail counterpart. Its ridership is literally less than 1 percent.