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  1. I have finished the tutorial stage each stage will be available as a separate download as long as you have finished the previous stages the game will load the stages you are up to which means you can delete stages you have already done or move them to a usb to save space. Note if the game doesn't save properly you may have to redownload the previous stages to replay them. Most of the stages will be available on the Pony Default adventure Discord server as they will be under 8mb.
  2. Sorry I didn't see your reply. Its on the Time Turner Blog. Also I am working on a different pony fangame now which uses the same grass textures which I originally was using for this.
  3. The test Demo of what may be the first ever Fan Game of Ponytown. ponytown default adventure demo.exe
  4. Sadly I ended up cancelling this project. When I first took a break from it I had a lot going on irl but after checking on the project I lost the newest version of it and only have an old version of the game. I have decided to go open source with it despite not much really existing in this version anyway.
  5. Sorry the Project has been Cancelled. I have decided to go open source with it though. Timeturner a Doctor in time.gm81
  6. I couldn't work in a Meat processing plant or any job involving Meat would make me feel sick. Working in a Mineshaft wouldn't be ideal either would be terrible for your lunges. Also A steel mill would suck if there's an accident I would much rather a bucket of cold water than molten steel.
  7. Its always been a part of the forum that I rarely visited. I have had civil discussion with people in there. Though I would avoid certain topics or stuff I didn't feel completely knowledgeable about. I have heard stories of it being really toxic. I can see why some might be sad its gone but I can also understand why it was removed.
  8. A good room mate that does the dishes only problem is....she cleans them with wubs.
  9. Omg I cant believe it is this even possible? 




  10. 500809 I see we have reached halfway congratulations ^^
  11. I already made a ponytown music video before so I thought I would make a short mystical meadows one sorry the video is saturated.
  12. The song is L_ST-_N-D_TA by Princewhatever and Vylet.
  13. Sorry I have not been on in a while I hope you all have a good day ^^

    1. Tacodidra


      Welcome back, my friend! :pinkie: Likewise! :coco: *hugs*

  14. Heres a short video of my progress.
  15. I am recreating the ponytown map in minecraft. So far this is all I have made.