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  1. Thanks for the feedback the reason the Tardis design is like that is because I am not the best at making a pony Tardis replacing police public call box with Pony magic call box was something I though made sense due to Equestrias technology a regular public phone box seemed like it might not fit in. Also I was originally just developing most of it but did not have anyone interested in doing the art for the outside of the Tardis. If this game gets enough interest from artists I might be able to make it look better . I could try and fix the design myself though it could take a while.
  2. First time playing ponytown in 3 years a lot has changed.

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    2. Dabmanz


      @SolarFlare13 I just had a look at it. Looks like it is either inspired by pony town or it is a private server.

    3. Dabmanz


      @SolarFlare13 I just made an account and I am in the town square it looks like it shares the same source code as ponytown but customized. Though I am a bit lost do I just wonder around? 

    4. SolarFlare13


      well, you can join an alliance if you want. as you wander around the map, you'll find these things called keystones. :) you can get one of these elemental powers for free, but it's permanent, so choose wisely. I'm part of the fire tribe, in case you're wondering ;) 

      I dont exactly know how to get the dark one. From what I've heard, you have to speak to azerath (the pony standing near the tower and complete a couple of his quests until he gives it to you. At the moment, the goal is to get all the elemental powers, which are found in rhubarb's shop. each elemental costs 150 gil. to get gil, just simply complete the quests they give you :3 if you complete the quest the griffon gives you in the dorm, (located behind the dragon statue where u first spawned at) there's a chance she'll give you an item, much like azerath. As for the whole point of the tribes? I'm not exactly sure what's the point of it. it's a new concept they're working on. if you go to the north-west part of the map, you'll see how many points each team has and the team with the most amount of points gets a rare item from the chest nearby and ONLY the members of the winning team can have access to that item. what do these items do? well...they dont really do anything at the moment. you can also fish in this game, mine for crystals (you'll see what I mean when u go to the south eastern most part of the map and u get yourself a pickaxe) :) oh, and you can store all the items you've found in your house :3 

  3. Idea for a pmv. A parody of the rolling stones by Pinkie pie. Paint it pink.  :P

    Edit that idea is for anyone I doubt I will do it.

  4. Water and tea I love drinking different types of tea.
  5. Any new versions of the game will be posted here. Movement mechanics test Doctor whooves project.exe First Demo Test Timeturner a Doctor in time.exe
  6. Not entirely sure how these alignments work but I think I am Lawful good.
  7. Btw I think Hay Tea is a pony music channel is a cool hidden gem.
  8. Omg I am a giraffe Kirin now. :)

    1. Tacodidra


      Congratulations, my friend! :yay:

  9. Princess Molly is the worst meme. Just the idea of it is disgusting.
  10. I have seen a meme where Scootaloo objects referencing Phoenix wright but I have not seen the actual series.