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  1. Thought I would replay Ratchet and Clank Tools of destruction, When the credits at the end came on it said Talwyn Apogee is voiced by Tara Strong how did I not notice this before. :) 

    Best Pony and Markazian.

    1. Tacodidra


      She's probably the most prolific voice actress these days. :) There are probably fewer cartoons that don't feature her than ones that do (and I've understood she has quite a few video game roles too). :P

  2. Probably so they could focus more on other story arcs.
  3. Dabmanz

    Fixed g4.5's. Hasbro merch legit looks lke fakies

    They are making a gen 4.5? as long as its not the gen3.5 that is scary.
  4. Just checking in I haven't been on for a few days how is everyone?

    1. Tacodidra


      Hi! :D I've been alright, though nothing extraordinary has happened... and I'll probably be going to sleep soon! :adorkable: I hope you've been fine, my friend! :fluttershy:

  5. Dabmanz

    An episode a day Marathon

    I might post to this marathon in a couple of days haven't been on the forums much lately.
  6. Dabmanz

    An episode a day Marathon

    Very well writen I stopped posting here because I am not sure if I can write an explanation of my thoughts on every episode I watch is it cheating if I watch the episode and just comment Just watched (Insert episode here) with a check mark?
  7. I made this short video because I was bored https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXusIZOncSs

  8. To anyone reading this status have a nice day. 





    1. Tacodidra


      Thanks, you too! :yay:

  9. Dabmanz

    Your favorite new characters from season 8?

    Yona because Yak is best.
  10. Dabmanz

    An episode a day Marathon

    Maybe we could start using universal time? Nice This an awesome episode.
  11. Dabmanz

    An episode a day Marathon

    Are we up to sisterhooves social or is that in a few hours? I am not sure what timezone we are using.
  12. Dabmanz

    An episode a day Marathon

    Luna Eclipsed: The first Luna episode and it is awesome Cannot really blame Luna for feeling left out. Also Luna was the only one that got what Twilights costume was sorry Pinkie She is not a Weirdo Clown.
  13. My glass tank thing. Red wool one -1890 106 2055 Red wool two. -1793 56 2137 I actually forgot to remove the red wool from last time so I did not need to use any wool.
  14. Dabmanz

    An episode a day Marathon

    I agree also I felt bad for Twilight on this episode. Also I guess Big Mac did not need the want it need it spell.