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  1. Anyone else having messages on discord not appearing lately?

  2. SweetieTank Chasing a Pony >.>

    Anyone else expecting a tortoise?
  3. Hey friend! If you wanna add me, my Discord name is in my bio!

    1. Dabmanz


      ok thanks will add you.

  4. Hello I'm a Person

    Hello person welcome to the forums.
  5. So that's how equestrian was made. I find this quite interesting.


    You have been Derpy rolled. :P


  6. Happy Hearths Warming.

    It is December the month of hearths warming So I would like to wish everypony a happy Hearths warming. Yes I know its a little bit early
  7. A surprise follow before bed! Thank you so much, I appreciate it, Dabmanz. ^ ^

    See you around!

    1. Dabmanz


      Your welcome and goodnight. :pinkie:

    2. TempestShadow
  8. Brand New FizzlePop Cereal! x3

    Does it have a hint of berry twist? Also good job on this 10/10 would buy it.
  9. A R.A.N.T on gameloft's MLP game!

    After what happened with EA with the Star Wars thing on reddit hopefully Gameloft and other companies can learn from it and actually balance the games they make. I hope so because I'm level 68 and I have played for hours but there's still content I would like to be able to unlock without paying.
  10. The Moon

    Cool I will give it a go. Awesome Its a fun puzzle game.
  11. Hasbro and Mattel Merger

    Is this real I never imagined those two companies would ever merge. This is like Microsoft and Sony merging it just isn't something you would expect.
  12. I would say its either between season 7 and 8 or 6 and 7 though it looks like 7 and 8 from my understanding.
  13. All of the songs are amazing. Time to be awesome and off to see the world also We got this. This movie is so awesome.
  14. Hi how is everyone?

    1. meme


      Doin' alright, you?

    2. IceBeerG


      Still good =3