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  1. I am thinking that I am so close to 1000 posts this post being the 999th
  2. 10 minutes ago I was playing ponytown.
  3. I just noticed I made a mistake in the post title I used created instead of creating. lol
  4. Idk does Shy Infp-t empath who likes cartoons describe me well?
  5. I never tried though if I did it would be an online convention.
  6. Looks at eyes... you,re a Grimm. Btw nice to see another fan.
  7. I am thinking what I should think about for this post oh well I guess this will do
  8. You could possibly mod skyrim to have ponies other then that I cannot think of anything besides Legends of Equestria.
  9. It should be legal and has medical benefits unlike tobacco. ^^
  10. Pretty good gonna play some minecraft. ^^
  11. I would say the facial hair is thinner than the coat hair which is basically furry skin allowing for shaving without it shaving off the fur underneath because its more like skin. Also it could be cartoon logic.