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  1. I checked the May highlights, but no mentions of any My Little Pony media whatsoever. So that means the clip shows probably won't air until the summer at the earliest.
  2. Nothing since November 2019. We should expect a cast and plot details for the new movie being revealed this summer.
  3. One down, five to go. The next one, I'll bet, is for Pinkie Pie.
  4. I am. Otherwise, we'd probably had to wait a long time if another season was ever made.
  5. This is not a joke. I have proof: The next broadcast is scheduled for April 11, by the way.
  6. Only 17 days ago, there were only 645 cases in the U.S., but as of today, it's now a record-breaking 100 times that.
  7. I just want to see the plot details and the first working title. They should appear within this year; otherwise, we're gonna have to expect a release date push-back.
  8. Even FlareGun45 thought there was gonna be such a thing in this Season 9 fanmade episode list, even mentioning the Tree of Harmony in the finale. But in the real show, the tree was destroyed in the season's first episode.
  9. About this coronavirus -- it's SUPER-DEADLY! Trust me, this is not something you want to catch. Even though it all started in Wuhan, Hubei, China, it's expanded to other places like Taikyu, Tokyo, all of Singapore, and even the United States (mostly in California)! And it's just getting worse. So worse that eventually, there might not even be a G5 of My Little Pony due to all the responses and measures we'll be getting by then.
  10. Under current trends of Paramount Animation's films, they'll most possibly push back My Little Pony G5 to a date range between December 3, 2021 and April 29, 2022 by this summer, around July through September of this year.
  11. Far as I understand it, My Little Pony G5 is going to be distributed by Paramount, and is currently scheduled for release on September 24, 2021, which is currently 19 months from now. But, what you all also should know is that Paramount Animation has pushed back a LOT of their films to later dates, such as: Monster Trucks (May 29, 2015 -> March 18, 2016 -> January 13, 2017) Sherlock Gnomes (January 12, 2018 -> March 23, 2018) SpongeBob 3: Sponge on the Run (February 8, 2019 -> August 2, 2019 -> May 22, 2020) Monster on the Hill / Rumble (July 31, 2020 -> January 29, 2021) Even Wonder Park once moved up to 2018, but ended up released in 2019 instead. So it's possible that My Little Pony G5 may end up getting a 2022 release, seeing as though a majority of Paramount Animation's films hit theaters three or more years after they are first announced.
  12. I guess that leaves The Last Problem yet to air on the channel.
  13. I found five Sausage Party videos that got flagged as "made for kids": Note: Sausage Party is rated R by the MPAA.
  14. Unless all the bonus material on YouTube goes down the ship with the site one day.