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  1. Of course it doesn't; there's no need for more box office money against the film's actual budget anyways.
  2. As it turned out, it seems like Japan will get The Movie after all -- directly to DVD. Here's some links to it: I've been dying to see this movie in Japanese. And now, it's finally gonna happen!
  3. FirePuppy

    My opinion on season 8

    I definitely agree. To make matters worse, she ended up appearing the least out of all the main characters (including Starlight and Spike) in this season, and possibly even less than a Student Six pony as well. I hope the short end of the stick in Season 9 will either go to Rarity or Rainbow Dash.
  4. FirePuppy

    News on S9?

    If any episodes were to be leaked again like last time, I just hope at least one of those episodes will be either Fluttershy or Pinkie Pie, knowing that none of the seven episodes from Season 8 that got leaked last year focus on either.
  5. FirePuppy

    Which of the Main 7/8 is the hardest to write?

    Both, however, have had significant time throughout the show. Applejack has appeared in as many episodes as Twilight, and Pinkie Pie, we did kind of see the second-most in a few seasons and in The Movie.
  6. FirePuppy

    chronological order of the episodes?

    My instincts say: Year 1 = Seasons 1-3 Year 2 = Season 4 Year 3 = Season 5 Year 4 = Seasons 6-7 Year 5 = Season 8 (possibly also Season 9, depends on what we'll get) So by the end of the show, they'll all be at least 5 years older from the very beginning by then. Although I don't know why Pound and Pumpkin Cake always get drawn as infants every season. Shouldn't they be older by now?
  7. FirePuppy

    Spoiler Speculation on what Season 9 will be like

    Here's my speculation: There's going to be more Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie than Starlight Glimmer, and more of all three of them than Rainbow Dash, all happening in a season with the Student Six around. Rainbow Dash is getting far too many negatively criticized episodes. This has got to end. And I'll bet you already know (or don't know) what Fluttershy and Pinkie have been doing in all of Season 8, right?
  8. FirePuppy

    Season 8

    Can't blame you about the main characters. Rainbow Dash should definitely have less episodes like this in the final season, and I do want to see more Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie episodes that are good as well.
  9. FirePuppy

    General issues with Spike

    Whatever happens either way, I'm hoping for less of him for the rest of the show following this season.
  10. FirePuppy

    Season 8

    I didn't enjoy most of it. Sure, the idea of the Student Six was ok, but some of my favorite characters (Pinkie Pie is one of them) hardly did anything at all this season. Hopefully Season 9 will be much better with lots more Pinkie Pie and Student Six at the same time.
  11. Sounds of Silence, as explained by Twilight, marks the first time the same ponies were teamed up for a second quest. What if this happens again, with (UGH...) Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash? 'Cause I can tell Twilight and Rarity went to Friendship University in an earlier episode. Seriously, I don't know why these writers aren't making any Pinkie/Fluttershy episodes, knowing that this will most likely be Fluttershy's apparently final map episode.
  12. FirePuppy

    Discord/Student Six episode.

    Definitely not! Besides, Fluttershy and Pinkie both didn't interact with them at all in any of their Season 8 episodes, and unlike Discord, they're both teachers of the School of Friendship. I think both of them need an episode or two with those students more than Discord does.
  13. FirePuppy

    Best to Worst Ponies of Season 8?

    I agree about Applejack. More solo episodes in Season 9 would be better for her. About Spike, however, I want less of him because most of the Mane Six didn't get as much attention as he did. And Starlight, maybe one more episode with Trixie is fine, as long as it only takes place in Ponyville.
  14. FirePuppy

    Equestria Girls in Toon Boom

    I think there's a 50% chance they'll get rid of Equestria Girls for good when G5 comes out, while in the other 50%, they'll transition it completely into a non-MLP franchise.