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  1. In the last two seasons, after The Maud Couple, the writers have been totally merciless to Pinkie Pie fans. First, they shoved that Yakity-Sax episode that most of us didn't like into our faces (it was also the only other episode she got at all in Season 8), didn't give her a single episode in the first half of the final season... I do feel sorry about my idiocy lately; it's just that Pinkie Pie is my favorite character of the entire show (since she's one of the only reasons why I watch the show), and I always feel disappointed whenever I don't see her at all in any episode we get. I promise, this will be the last time I will ever say such things.
  2. There won't be a Season 10. I wouldn't really care anyway since all the Mane Six have what they need.
  3. As of 2019: Season 1: Meghan McCarthy Season 2: Amy Keating Rogers Season 3: M. A. Larson (purely for Magical Mystery Cure) Season 4: Meghan McCarthy Season 5: M. A. Larson Seasons 6 & 7: Josh Haber Season 8: None of them! >:-P Season 9: Josh Haber (for now)
  4. Doo Doo the Clown has been famous for his performances in festivals and fairs for almost three decades. Shel Silverstein has been famous for his best-selling book, The Giving Tree, for over 50 years. But these photos shown here have creeped out some people, especially the kids: So the question is, who creeps you out more: the clown, the book author, or both?
  5. If it was entirely adventure based, it wouldn't be much like "Friendship is Magic", now would it?
  6. No, it just came at a random time. By the way, this is the oldest $100 bill I have ever looked at personally to date.
  7. I just took a picture of a really old and confirmed authentic $100 bill this morning:
  8. Why do people keep voting for Frenemies and Student Counsel as their top 2??? I hate those episodes!
  9. I guess you pretty much disagreed with my list too.
  10. Seems like somebrony doesn't agree with my list. 😔
  11. Could somebody merge this topic with the one that says "Best to worst Season 9 episodes so far"? We don't really need two of the same topic.
  12. As of halfway, mine are: Common Ground The Beginning of the End (I) The Beginning of the End (II) Sparkle's Seven Sweet and Smoky Between Dark and Dawn (8/10) She's All Yak The Last Crusade Uprooted Going to Seed The Point of No Return (4/10) Student Counsel (this episode blows!) Frenemies (even worse than Student Counsel!!!)
  13. What can I say? Just like automobile vehicles, even toy franchises have generations, including My Little Pony: First generation: 1983–1990s Second generation: 1990s–2003 (not available in America) Third generation: 2003–2010 Fourth generation (first era): 2010–2014 Fourth generation (second era): 2015–2019 Fifth generation: Starts next year
  14. What would your reaction be if Trump ever signed a law that pressures all US citizens by the colonial authorities to change their names to all-American names?
  15. At first, I thought fan fiction was "useless garbage", but now, after thinking about it, I changed my mind. So now, I wrote you all one of my own fanfics, especially for just in case we don't ever get a Pinkie/CMC episode. Synopsis: Cheerilee's class and their assistant, Pinkie Pie, have been chosen to perform at a live circus in the city of Fillydelphia for all the little fillies and colts. Sweetie Belle, however, isn't so sure about her part.