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  1. The new COPPA rules are officially in effect for 24 hours now so far. You can now only view or subscribe and that's it -- that is, on videos "made for kids". To make matters WORSE, some videos that are NOT for kids were still flagged anyway: And worst of all, you can't play any of these videos on YouTube Kids. Moreover, one of them is even an age-restricted video! This is unacceptable. Us creators should sue the FTC for this.
  2. The new COPPA rules have now gone into effect, and now some videos have lost many features, with the exception of being able to subscribe to their respective channels. Some WRONGFUL examples include:
  3. I'm just curious, what would have happened if Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie were voiced by those two completely different actresses? In my opinion, we probably would've seen them more frequently on the show than we actually did.
  4. Frenemies (UGH!!!) The Break Up Break Down Student Counsel Growing Up is Hard to Do The Hearth's Warming Club Applejack's Day Off The Cart Before the Ponies What Lies Beneath The Big Mac Question (this episode should've been something else) To Change a Changeling
  5. I'm sure some older ponies have retired and moved to Silver Shoals besides just the two old rulers of Equestria. There's Mr. and Mrs. Cake, for example, since Pinkie and Cheese have obviously replaced them. Who else?
  6. Friendship is Magic (part 2) A Friend in Deed Magical Mystery Cure Pinkie Pride Amending Fences Buckball Season Discordant Harmony, I guess NONE (or maybe Best Gift Ever, if you count specials) The Last Problem
  7. It really wouldn't matter since Equestria Girls has ended anyways.
  8. Only 11 days left, guys. The FTC, apparently, is ignoring our protests no matter how big they are, so that leaves us with only two choices before it's too late: suspend our channels ourselves or get fined the price of a car.
  9. Do you think Pinkie Pie has gotten tired of her cartoonish behavior ever since Twilight has become the new ruler of Equestria? To me, it seems like it. And she passed it all on to her foal, Li'l Cheese.
  10. But that movie was kind of out of print from sometime in the 1990s to 2006.
  11. Many shows come and go over the years, especially ones we are big fans of. One day, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic might end up being one of those shows as well to make room for G5, over the fact that the show ended 2 months ago. What are your thoughts on this?
  12. Every single writer's least favorite was Pinkie in the last two seasons.
  13. I agree. They had too many episodes within Seasons 4-7, most of them in Season 6.
  14. They weren't there. Also, I don't know why they put Twist, Cheerilee, Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, Garble, and Ember in there, and Sweetie Belle is also missing.
  15. I am. Recently, most of us have heard about some goddamn law from the FTC that makes the site "more appropriate for kids to use". Because of this, I'm collecting as many videos as I can for personal use and sacrificing all my the channels I have there, and just rely on alternates like iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Drive and The Internet Archive from now on. Unless you want to be like those overwhelming number of members there who may end up facing charges of the price of a luxury car for each video, I'd be doing the same thing I'm doing right now if I were you.