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  1. Youtube is down right now, nooooo!!!!! :o#YoutubeDOWN

    1. Apple Shine

      Apple Shine

      Oh the humanity! :love:

    2. DashYoshi


      It's the end of the world as we know it! :sunbutt:

    3. SageofSong


      It says they hired a monkey to fix the problem! I bet you that exact monkey caused the issue. :okiedokieloki:

  2. Oh Hi there dash Yoshi I was just wondering could we start a new pm. Or are you able to rejoin on the old one.

    1. Goofyg22


      I am really concerned about our friendship. I am wondering how your doing. And is our friendship slipping from our view point.

    2. DashYoshi


      I don't seem to have your pm anywhere :rarity:

    3. Goofyg22


      Well one of the personal messages I sent you said left conversation. but i guess we could talk here.

  3. Hi there dash yoshi how are you doing. Are we still friends. i am worried about our friendship fading away.

    1. Goofyg22


      Oh hi there dash yoshi are we still friends. I guess I haven't chatted with you recently.

  4. Thank you so much for joining, my friend! :) 

    Welcome! :D 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. DashYoshi


      Ah, so I have to support Fluttershy in Team Trottingham in the MLPF World Cup? What do I do to support her? :ooh:

    3. ChB


      All you need to do is vote for her when the polls come up. We will let you all know when the polls start.

    4. DashYoshi


      Ah, I see what you mean there, thanks :)

  5. Hi there and how are you doing I am doing fine. Are we still friends.




  6. Heh, how does one send a Smile badge? I can't seem to find an option for that. :adorkable:

    1. Usager


      awards/badges, look for the smile badge. there are a "new" thing. click and insert the name of the person :3!

    2. DashYoshi


      I seem to be missing the "new" option on the awards/badges page :wacko:

    3. Usager
  7. DashYoshi

    Smile Day

    Happy Smile Day, @Pinkie Pie, and everypony else here, may you all have a shining, smile-rific day full of sunshine, sunshine! And I hope you all have a great day today~
  8. Happy World Smile Day, everypony, may everypony have a smile-rific day today and beam, beam, beam!~ :pinkie:



  9. Heh, how about this cute and cuddly pic?~
  10. Happy birthday today, Apple Shine, I hope you're having an amazing birthday today! :pinkie:


  11. You should check out my s special topic I posted in the forums games f or  pinkie pie day  I think you'll love it .

    1. DashYoshi


      Thank you, I will check it out :)

  12. Hi there and how are you doing.

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    2. DashYoshi
    3. Goofyg22


      :blush: awwww your so nice:twismile:

    4. Goofyg22


      One could say your one of my best friends forever. Now I know you very well. This is great.:blush:

  13. Happy birthday, MLP forums, happy 7th birthday today! I hope you have a very merry day today :fluttershy:

    I made a new artwork of Pinkie here, if you'd like to check it out and tell me your thoughts :)


    1. Tacodidra


      What can I say? That's simply adorable! ^_^

  14. Good afternoon, everyone~ Uploaded a new animated GIF of Pinkie Pie smirking and laughing here, if you'd like to check it out :P  I hope y'all are doing okay today :fluttershy:


    1. Crow2


      Looking great 

    2. S. Fury

      S. Fury

      Cute. :-D

  15. DashYoshi

    Command a user to post

    I'm here. How about you, @Fluttershy Friend?