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  1. "If he had just kept going we would of had Lava Lamps 60 years early."
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  6. A couple of other issues to point out: Cable is falling out of favor with kids DC fans don't want their shows to be straight up comedies DC cartoons have a high bar to clear in comparison to what came before, from the DCAU to Young Justice. Good isn't good enough. FiM never had that hurdle, thus more people were pleasantly surprised. Only Bronies who happen to also be DC fans will get the connections. Superhero girls may not offer enough to hook too many of one fantasy or the other. Is Superhero girls doing anything new? FiM kickstarted the deep kids show renaissance that programs like Steven Universe, She-ra, Gravity Falls and Duck Tales arguably followed. SHG might just be a decade late to the party.
  7. It wasn't. With everything going on, it was deemed best to focus efforts on MCM instead.
  8. It's a colaboration with the United Wrestling Network out of LA and a resurrection of the old NWA shockwave name. In some ways the original Shockwave (formerly Cyberspace wrestling federation out of NJ) was a sister fed to Impact wrestling in the early to mid 00s. Also one of the earliest wrestling feds to take advantage of web casting (or streaming as you young people call it).
  9. Doubt it, considering Jame Storm is back in Impact, Wade Barrett is on NXT, Eddie Kingston, Ricky Starks & Thunderrosa are on AEW, producer Dave Lagana 'resigned' and Director of Operations Maureen Tracy has finished with the company, much to the dismay of all who knew her.