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  1. Looks like a nice country; I plan to visit there one day. Would like to see Krakow for sure and maybe the Zakopane mountainous region, or Gdansk in the north. Their government, along with Hungary's, is being awful though. I shouldn't get too political here I guess
  2. Hello! All things considered I'd say I've been okay. Online school has been a pain but I started an in-person job lately and that's been really fun for me. I guess it's an interesting time to be in DC but I don't live right downtown so I haven't seen much of the riots/protests/celebrations. I was just there last month, in October actually! (yeah I had an essential reason to go to Germany ). It was a lot of fun, we had really nice weather that day and I loved the views from the top. I hadn't been hiking in a long time so I realized I was quite out of shape though
  3. I don’t keep track of cases but I’m so glad I got an essential job (cashier); it’s been doing wonders for my mental health. I get to talk to strangers and my coworkers all day and even get paid to do so
  4. @IronM17 Been awhile since we asked each other questions How’s life been? Have you ever been to “Sächsische Schweiz”? Now those are some big rocks!
  5. I don’t have a car either so it really depends how I’m feeling. If I have lots of energy I walk to Giant and get them, if I have a bit less energy I walk to Whole Foods since it’s closer (but I avoid doing this too much since it’s so expensive), if I have no energy I order them online to be delivered from Giant. But that’s also not a great option since it’s also expensive and sometimes they give me the wrong product/forget a certain product. Now that I’m working at Target I will buy some things there after my shift. It’s also in walking distance but I used to avoid it since the way there is uphill
  6. I’m not traveling so I guess I’ll be doing a Zoom Thanksgiving this year . I’ll be working almost all day during the days before and after so I’ll need Thanksgiving to work on homework and study for final exams. Was thinking I’d try making some Borscht or something
  7. Had a lot of centipedes (some very big ones) in the downstairs bathroom/shower at my old house. I would always try to avoid that bathroom if possible Other than that mostly just fruit flies, some tiny spiders and gnats. Haven’t had to deal with roaches thankfully.
  8. Probably March or April when nature first starts coming alive again after the winter
  9. Have to agree with drinking/smelling a cup of warm tea, also a warm shower after being outside in the cold and getting a good night’s sleep. Or going on a long walk when the weather is perfect.
  10. Sweating; I know it actually keeps you cool but it does feel pretty gross And hmm maybe hiccups (hiccoughs?). I always get them at the wrong time, like right before I’m supposed to give a presentation
  11. *Follows BFFFF on Deviantart*

    I know  it says you're there to watch but you are one of my Best Forum Friends For Five-ever so I

    obviously had to follow you! :squee:

    1. SparklingSwirls


      I don't make MLP art anymore, but thanks anyways :derp: 

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      You're Welcome, BFFFF! :squee: