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  1. I’m not into hook-ups; I either want a serious relationship or none at all. As for time in between relationships... usually I’d say I’d want to wait a bit to fully get over the person, but I actually started dating my current boyfriend just a few weeks after my breakup, so... life happens I guess What are your thoughts on hook-up culture?
  2. Hmm, I posted here before but it's been 5 years, might as well update. I like most things about Finland. The language (though I slightly prefer Estonian, it's a bit... smoother), the food, the scenery... my current profile cover photo is Helsinki. I definitely plan on visiting someday. There is one thing I do not like about Finland, and it's the same quip I've got with Switzerland and Austria: the mandatory military conscription for all males. I do not believe anyone should be forced into the military against their will, but Finland is one of those countries that think it is the right thing to do. Fortunately I hear their alternative civilian service program is good but I would not be satisfied until they shorten it to the same length of military service... no one should be penalized for not wishing to serve in the military IMO. (I am not anti-people serving in the military in general (well that's a separate issue...), just forced conscription, want to clear that up) Well, I could rant about that all day, but I won't
  3. Here are some pictures of the cat that lives outside at my college: She's so fluffy
  4. Oh I have a great atten- ooh, what's that over there?
  5. I usually make pasta dishes since they're pretty straightforward and you can put whatever you want in them. Some of my favorites: -carbonara pasta with pancetta and egg/cheese sauce -pasta with tomato sauce, oven-roasted vegetables, and cheese -pasta with swiss chard, pancetta, and cheese -pasta with sausage, kale, and cheese -mac and cheese pasta with grainy mustard and paprika -pasta salad with mayo, tomatoes, cucumbers, and this cheese seasoning -pasta salad with strawberries, basil, balsamic, and mozzarella -pasta salad with tomatoes, arugula, peaches, and feta ... Hmm, it seems like I just like to eat cheese really
  6. It’s been 5 years since I last posted here, and I’ll say that my opinion has changed and I do plan on visiting Russia someday, St. Petersburg and maybe Moscow. Certainly most people anywhere don’t care about their government and so I don’t think it’s fair to judge a whole country by its government.
  7. I usually keep my phone in my pocket so I suppose so. But I don’t really use it when I’m in there...
  8. I’m not sure, but since I live in a dorm where there’s bound to always be someone who’s sick, it’s good for me to take the extra precaution. Plus they give us flu shots for free so might as well.
  9. I’m orginally from northern Ohio where we would get plenty of snow. I live in DC now though and let me tell you, this city does not know how to deal with snow . The tiniest bit of snow falls and then the whole city seems to shut down... we haven’t had any snow here yet; usually it comes in January or February.
  10. Hey, you do you, don’t care about what anybody else thinks