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  1. Ours was also a big clunky beige box. I’m pretty sure we had Windows 98 on it (maybe Windows XP?).
  2. Happy Hearts and Hooves Day, BFFFF!



  3. My bf and I had a lot of fun at an indoor water park when I visited him this winter! How was your Valentine’s Day?
  4. I guess you could move to Europe? Honestly I think everyone (except public figures obviously), not just Europeans, should have a "right to be forgotten" but we live in a segregated world, unfortunately. Perhaps one day in the future these policies will be extended to other western nations (I think California is starting to do something similar). Huh, nevermind, apparently that policy only applies to websites within the EU. So I'm unsure why mods of a Canadian website are granting that privilege to EU users.
  5. I have a couple times when Steam has stopped working on my laptop (sometimes it can't open because it says it's still running in the background). Deleting the files in safe mode and then reinstalling has worked each time so far...
  6. Hardly ever more than 3-5... too many tabs gets overwhelming and at that point it’s easier to just close the tab and go back to the site later when you need it, rather than sort through dozens of tabs
  7. I’ve been staying up way too late again recently. I should start getting to bed by 11 again since I have to get up early for school.
  8. I love parmesan cheese! Especially the fresh kind, shaved right off the block; the grated bottled kind doesn’t taste like much to me.
  9. I don’t think I’ve ever been into an old building at night But I would love to give it a try, why not?
  10. Probably around 9 or 10, I remember my dad teaching me in the elementary school parking lot on the weekends