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  1. Oh hey, Thank you for the cake.
  2. A small Bump. I have finished a new commission from @Randimaxis. It is a scene for their fan fiction. Obisidian: Daughter of Sombra If you are curious to find out the story, give it a read at the link.
  3. No, there is no limit to how many OC you can put in a single photo. It depends on how many I can work on. If I think Ican't draw x amount of OC you requested then that'll be my limit. If it is not clear additional character means 1 extra character in the drawing. So far I can work with 3 OCs.
  4. Heya, A minor update from me. I decided to change my prices a bit and add a new category in my store. Although my previous shop was dedicated more on ponies now I can work more on other style of drawing like furries, humanoids and other creatures alike. So, yeah Shop prices have changed to cater to a more broad style and a new category was added which is Bust Styled drawing. Thank you for browsing my store .
  5. So, I tried redrawing and redesigning my old OC, Lime Peridot, which is Solair's best friend. I haven't actually drawn her that much and It feels refreshing seeing her drawing in my recent style of drawing. Also, I tried a different method of drawing her eyes which is kind of different with how I currently draw my eyes with most of my drawings. Here is my last drawing of her way back in 2015. Here is her recent drawing.
  6. Haiya! I'll be happy to draw for you Just send me the details and I'll start as soon as I can.
  7. Heya, Thanks for dropping by and Nice to meet you too :D. Thank you Haha, I always get comments on her mane being shiny. Thank you
  8. I've been drawing drawing for a long time now and I should have made my very own topic here to dump my drawings. Oh well, Never late than never. A short introduction from me. Heya! I am Nihi The Brony. You can call me Nihi or Naiya, I have been drawing for a long time now and never had the Idea to create one of these Topics here. So yeah, You'll be seeing a few of my drawings here from now on. Let us start of posting my OC, Her name is Summer Solair. She's been my OC since I've joned the fandom. Summer Solair, Fairly old drawing of mine. Also, Here is DA, NihiTheBrony Give me a little watch if you want to se more.
  9. Finally fixed my profile and a few threads for a long time.

  10. Hi! I am sorry for the late reply, haven't checked forums recently and of course I am open for a commissions. Just give me the details and I'll start right away.
  11. Posted on your commission shop!

    1. Naiya The Brony

      Naiya The Brony

      sorry, I just recently got online read your post. I replied to it :)


  12. Nihi!! :ButtercupLaugh: So nice to see you!

    1. Naiya The Brony

      Naiya The Brony

      Heya Wwolf it's great to hear from you too as well :D

  13. Nihi!! :ButtercupLaugh: So nice to see you!

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    2. Naiya The Brony

      Naiya The Brony

      I am doing great, not a whole bunch have changed since we last met but everything is great! How about you? How are you? :muffins:

    3. SparklingSwirls


      That's great to hear! I've been okay, had some ups and downs lately but still doing pretty well :)

    4. Naiya The Brony

      Naiya The Brony

      I am happy to hear everything is doing well for you there. :BrightMacContent:hopefully tye good outweigh the bad.

  14. Hello and Yes I am fully opened! Sorry for the delayed reply, Haven't been on in the forums in a while.