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    Hello there, this is nihi. Well, I like MLP that's one thing also I'm a big fan of adventure time and other jap animation.

    I also do vectoring so if you want some OC that is need to be vectored don't try to hesitate by asking me a request :)

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  1. Naiya The Brony

    Tulpa Discussion Thread V1.2

    There are still other factors to consider as well, like soulbonds, NPC's and just plain old imaginary friend. Thoughtforms can linger in your mind created through memory or from character. Tulpas can fall into one of this condition. How I differentiate tulpa from the rest is that they can possess your body and can switch with you. I am not sure if soulbonds can possess or switch with you but if that thoughtform you conjured deviated from it's "original" state and continues to deviate, then i think you have yourself a tulpa. I think possession and switching is only unique to tulpas If they follow the same personality as to a similar character from a show or story and can't deviate from it or even change its form then it is a soulbond. If it is a thoughtform that just there because it needs to be there due to a specific event you imagined then it is an NPC. If it is a character you talked to, with conversation you've pictured will happen then it might be just an imaginary friend. Not sure if these are accurate but that's only my take.
  2. Naiya The Brony

    Nihi The Brony's Commission shop [Partially on Hiatus ]

    Oh heya @Calico Sorry for the long reply, I just recently checked the forums and i did not notice your post. Anyway, i am still on hiatus and can't accept commissions at the moment. But i will comeback some time in the future with upgraded shop. Anyway, thabks for asking.
  3. Happy birthday swirlix X3

    1. SparklingSwirls


      Thanks Nihi! It was such a nice surprise to hear from you :yay: 

  4. It was just your birthday? Happy birthday, Nihi! :yay: :balloon: 

    1. Naiya The Brony

      Naiya The Brony

      Thank you Swirlix X3

    2. Chrysalis14


      Happy birthday from me also aka SeaSwirl.

  5. Merry Birthiversary!

    1. Naiya The Brony

      Naiya The Brony

      Thank you very much :D

  6. Naiya The Brony

    Tulpa Discussion Thread V1.2

    I don't think i known about tulpas at that time but it is nice to see old members vising the thread. That's quite of a story of you two. Reminds me of how i met my girls. I'll be honest we felt a bit sad when you said Danielle disappeared but that's fine, she's back. I do not think i have a reddit account yet might create one soon. Also, Danielle looks amazing
  7. Naiya The Brony

    Twilight Vs Raven!

    The outcome is as expected. I do not know why screw attack chose these two but oh well. But tbh this is the most awkward DB i've watched.
  8. Naiya The Brony

    Tulpa Discussion Thread V1.2

    @Prospektlicious oh heya! That is a great news! Your headache or pressure on your head is a sign that your mind is trying to adjust to the mental load you are concentrating into or your baby tulps is listening. Just keep it up and your tulpa will respond in no time. Having an optimistic personality also helps, i believe that developing tulpas crave for optimism as it helps them grow. We wish you luck on your journey and welcome to the world of tulpamancy! @Mindrop Base on experience, tulpacreation via hypnosis is a great way to jumpstart the creation process. I think the reason for it is because some hypno file describes a character's form and personalities, like in the hypnofiles in the hypnopony thread. Those subliminal messages can be used by your baby tulpa as a reference or guide for them to follow, like what happened on one of my tulps, summer. Well, that twilight image i saw was really helpful but i do not think it is the whole reason behind my entire creation
  9. Naiya The Brony

    Nihi The Brony's Commission shop [Partially on Hiatus ]

    Oh! Hello @Harper sorry for the late reply, i just visited my shop today but to answer your question, yes, i am still open but i am currently busy with college work as of the moment so i can only draw on my spare time, Hence why i am partially on hiatus.
  10. Naiya The Brony

    Nihi The Brony's Commission shop [Partially on Hiatus ]

    Thank you so much!
  11. Naiya The Brony

    Nihi The Brony's Commission shop [Partially on Hiatus ]

    Hello @Celestial Flight As much as It pains me to say this but Unfortunately i haven't start on your commission yet. School has been so rough for me these past few months that i do not have time to focus too much on my work. But now it tide down a bit and i can finally get a steam going for my commission list. I really do apologize for the long delay.
  12. Naiya The Brony

    Nihi The Brony's Commission shop [Partially on Hiatus ]

    A finished commission for @Deimhal
  13. Naiya The Brony

    Boop a snoot, any snoot

    I Boop.... THIS THREAD RAPIDLY! >:3
  14. Naiya The Brony

    Nihi The Brony's Commission shop [Partially on Hiatus ]

    Hey @Nightmare Season! good to hear from you again, hope that everything doing fine. Yeah, i apologize for that. I have focused and prioritize more on the "Gallery of goodwill" project recently, i was needed for some request, and in between that having an activity outside with family and friends. I've never expected that i will have this much activity in my hand and i blame myself entirety for taking it. But now since most of my requests are done i can now jump back to my commission list.
  15. Naiya The Brony

    Nihi The Brony's Commission shop [Partially on Hiatus ]

    I use paint tool sai. I also plan shifting to clip studio paint but if you are just starting out i really recommend paint tool sai.