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  1. So 15 minute sketch on the left and 20 minutes clean up on the right. Would like to have spent more time refining and colouring but alas I need to sleep.

    Very pleased as a first time sketching and not tracing a pony. Really digging the chibi style much easier to sketch. Did cope out with the cape again. Maybe tomorrow it finally comes off:dash:

    Day 1.png

  2. Lenten project is underway with the setup already done. It's very boring at the moment but if you are interested you can see my new blog on the process. I will try and do a quick sketch after posting this so that at least I can say I started that challenge.

    Anyway last revision day tomorrow:yay:. But still two days of exams

    1. Computer architecture
    2. Methods in calculus
    3. Conic sections

    Prepare: Computer science and Further pure mathematics

  3. Eniac

    Day 1: Setup

    So nothing really exciting today. I just set up the eight motors to my Raspberry Pi, then remotely connected to that through VNC. I also added a quick few lines of code so that I could controll each of the motors individual. To keep the project rolling from ground up I have already implemented seperate motor classes so that the code is more manageable. The next step really is to get some measurements and actually start getting some legs and a chasis to move around with and manipulate. Not much else I can do with just motors on their own. edit: added this video MOV_0007.mp4
  4. Eniac

    My Lent Plan

    So I am not avidly religious, but I still follow vague Christian festivals and beliefs (to a certain extent). Anyway one of the 'festivals' that I look forward to is the one of Lent. This time allows me to develop new habits or get rid of bad habits and has done me in good stead so far: cutting down sugar, reducing Youtube time, getting me to journal and a handful of others. I would prefer for the challenge to do or make something as this gives me either a new skill (in the very least new knowledge) and something I can show or tell people about afterwards. So in light of that, this year I am going to use this commitment program to actually get some good work done on my robotics project I have been meaning to get into for the last 3 months. I will be creating a seperate blog for its progress as there will be a load of entries and I don't want to clog this one. I will still make entries here during this period. The only problem with this plan is that though it is cool and exciting it is already something I have done before. Given that I want to go into robotics and programming I have made a handful already. So I was thinking of maybe adding something on top, something that is not so goal oriented which I can do in spare time rather than watching Youtube or Netflix for hours on end with nothing at the end to demonstrate. I also realise that I haven't really done anything mlp related (except the base traced and amalgamated profile picture) at all on these forums, which I found quite desturbing. So as a bonus project I am going to try out sketching/cartooning, focusing on mlp and more specifically my OC. This is a skill I've wanted to develop but always had the excuse: 'I have no time', all I want to do is 10-15 minutes a day doing a quick sketch. Importantly, there is no goal, I can't 'fail' and it's a brand new skill so I will certainly mess up (probably for the whole period of 46 days). I will post the sketches in my status feed to liven it up a little bit and make it more pony orientated. However, this is a side quest so I may miss some days. Quick thing to note, though it is sometimes believed that Lent is 40 days it is in fact 46 days. The extra 6 days are the Sundays, in terms of Christainty Sunday is a day of rest so in theory you do not have to complete Lent during these days. However, to keep the ball rolling I am doing the full 46 with no breaks. Looking forward to the season and I hope I make something to interest you or inspire you to do something yourself. stay healthy.
  5. Eniac


    I'd like to add a quite entry here on complacency. I had a mathematics mock exam today and I assumed given that I do further and further pure mathematics I should be able to breeze through the exam without much prep. The issue was that it was not so easy, now the majority of the issues I faced were silly mistakes so not necessarily lack of knowledge but these slowed me down and put more time pressure on me. The mistakes occured becuase I wasn't putting as much effort into the questions as I deemed them easy. The major problem occured when I topic came up which, during learning it, I skipped the exercises as it felt very similar to previously done topics. I then didn't revise this for the same reason assuming that I could quickly reason it out. The fact I had added a bit of time pressure meant that no I could not reason it out. So though I have not done badly in the test overall, I did get cocky and meant that I lost multiple marks which I shouldn't have. Lesson learnt: Don't be complacent! Don't get cocky I agree we all make mistakes and can't get perfect scores. For the revision I did and the situation I performed the best I could trying out the topic question to the best of my ability. I am not sniding myself for not doing well I am sniding myself for being arrogant. This ultimately led to me underperforming, it's the classic tortoise and the hare and tbh in most aspects of my life I am the hare. There is also the fact that I may be reaching my limit in mathematics, there is stage for everyone where they reach their limit. If there were no limit everyone could put in the time and be excellent - which sometimes I falsely believe to be true but that's another issue. I'll see what the result is, tbh I am not so fussed about that as mocks are to see your holes and I can see a gaping one: my lack of respect for the difficulty in normal mathematics. I have a chance to redeem myself in normal mathematics on thursday, and in mathematics in general tomorrow. I have definitely spent some time today getting to know my weaknesses for tomorrow's exam. As a note: I don't necessarily have a solution to not being complacent. I feel at the moment my complacency ties in with my laziness, and in a way the two are interlinked, and for laziness I do not have a solution. Though I am starting to realise that laziness is essential if used correctly, so I don't need a 'solution'. But complacency is never good, I guess the idea would be to know your ability in a field or at least gauge it against those around you. Importantly don't get swept up into their view of ability, keep in mind the overall populous. It's very hard to guage your ability which is why, I believe, many incredible people don't realise how incredible they are (in the context of everyone else) and why very mediocre people think they are incredible. Anyway, stay healthy.
  6. Most of the revision is done and now it is mainly review but still a few more topics:

    1. Computer program
    2. Hypothesis testing
    3. Methods in Calculus

    Review: Applied maths and Computer science (programming side)

  7. If I was a female I would have been called Diana after my grandma. It's also an anagram of my actual name
  8. Eniac

    Am I lazy?

    Yea, that's the issue I have. I don't necessarily overwork myself all the time, but there have been a few instances in the last few years. But the issue is that I would still feel as if I was being lazy becuase of all the other things I could have done in that time. I still had lazy days which I wasn't harsh on myself for, but for most of the time I would take a break when I couldn't do anything more but later would snide myself for it. I would like to say I have improved, but I am still not satisfied with how little I can actually do, the difference is I don't blame myself this time. I'm still young so I've got time to figure out what I want to do and who I am.
  9. The Physics exam tired me out and it meant that I had a lazy start to the day so I wasn't in the mood. So tomorrow is going to be a bit more work:

    1. Databases and big data
    2. Methods in calculus
    3. Group and number theory
    4. Computer systems
    5. Regression

    Recollect: Further Maths

  10. Didn't post a todo list yesterday becuase I had an all day music rehearsal and was only recollecting physics. Today I have already had my physics exam to start of the mock exam period.

    1. Databases and big data
    2. Vectors, matrices and linear transformations
    3. Taylor series and methods in calculus

    Recollect: Maths (the exam is tomorrow)

  11. I too have recently been dealing with how negative I viewed myself and my worth. I am working towards a better mental state and hopefully you will reach a point where are happy. I don't know how your day has been or is going but hopefully it's been good. And if not, as you say, enjoy the rollercoaster looking forward to ups in the future.
  12. Looking great so far, looking forward to a finished clip
  13. Eniac

    Am I lazy?

    This was I question I would constantly answer yes to when I asked myself. No matter what I did during the day I would always answer 'yes'. Now for the old me This answer lead to many instances where I overworked myself, get overly stressed or feel utterly worthless. It's an issue that I have managed to resolve to a certain extent and I no longer beat myself up about not doing work I believed I should have completed. But I believe this is an issue a lot of people will have but in a different guise. The main issue behind this is the issue with time. The fact is that I don't mind watching multiple hours of Youtube or Netflix, spending days working on a project, hours reading a book, spend my evenings doing school work, focus solely on practiving my instruments, the list of activities is endless. The issue I realised is that I felt that I should be able to all of these activities to there full extent within the finite time I had alive. (In fact it was worse than just my lifetime, I felt I could be at a near expert level) The problem is that given the free time I have, or just in general the time I have, I could be excellent at any one skill that I enjoy pursuing. So clearly I should be able to excellent at all of these skills that I put some amount of time into. But of course this is not the case. So I was constantly comparing myself to a version of myself with infinite time, but it was always myself so I felt I had let myself down. That I had scuandered some amazing potential. So no matter how much anyone would praise me I would assume what I had done was baseline and that I could always do better. Into the new So over the last year and a half I have been improving myself, mainly mentally, but this issue of not being able to do as much as I feel I should still haunts me. But now rather than beat myself up I am starting to realise my limitations, my achievements and my potential. The reason this is the topic for this week is becuase I have basically spent the entire week almost constantly revising (rather memorising becuase I don't know how to revise). This has meant fairly full days of reading, reciting and revisiting topics and textbooks. But of course I can't to this constantly through out the day I have to breaks. Sometimes I just can't revise I am too mentally tired or saturated. But either way it brings back to the fore front of my mind the fact that I putting in a lot of time is that worth it? The main thing I realised was that I wasn't annoyed that I had watched Youtube instead of reading, or played an instrument instead of completing a project. It was rather that I hadn't done both, or all four. The issue was I didn't have the time! I just do not have the time. I can either try and keep doing a whole plethera of activities at a mediocre to decent standard or try and focus on a handful and make them excellent. I am sort off forced to become excellent at academics, or rather there are large systems in place to make that very easy so I have become very good at academics at the expense of some of my time. The Answer Yes, yes I am. But how? I have decided to always want to be great at everything I set my mind to, but I have set my mind to many things so I bounce between them. This means that in some context of an activity I am being lazy by not trying to complete that action. So if you were to follow me during a day I would be always trying to do something, I will be busy. But I won't be necessarily focused on an activity or project at hand. The Solution I see one solution: give up on something. (there is another later on) It's just that simple and is what I basically need to practice: letting go of an activity or anything I don't have the time to spend on. Personally that's very tough and is why I have been thinking about it a lot recently. Becuase of poor time management I have had to give up on all my projects for the week to focus on revision. But even then I still need to relax, unfortunately a lot of this has been through Youtube and the Internet so I have gotten carried away a few times. But also, importantly, there is only so much revision I can do in 2 weeks and I am close to the limit. It's a classic example of PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH becuase I have posted on this forum multiple times: find your limits, schedule in breaks, etc. Which I myself don't do very often. My time management is fairly solid but I don't know myself enough to really utilise it. I only recently discovered I can't do more than 7-8 hours of intense work thanks to the amount of revision I have been doing, that I need roughly 8 hours 45 minutes sleep, that I can work for 1 hour straight with 15 minute breaks and that I normally require 7 glasses of water a day. All of these are rough but by constantly keeping tabs on these activities I have found some of my limits. So that is the hidden second solution. Understand yourself, only you are able to trully know who you are. When you trully know yourself (I don't know if this is possible but it is what I am aiming for) then you can focus on what you want to do most and how to manage your time effectively becuase time is the only currency we can only spend, so spend it well. Stay healthy.
  14. There's a lot of information I have been memorising, but the grind continues (editted for saturday):

    1. Mechanical properties of materials
    2. Algorithms
    3. Numerical methods
    4. Waves and quantum behaviour
    5. Statistical distributions


    1. Modelling
    2. Theory of Computation
    3. Sensing
    4. Data Structures
    5. Programming

    With roughly 1 hour per topic thats 10 hours not including breaks or eating. Looks like a full day of revision:wacko:

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    2. Eniac


      I was woefully niave about how much time I would spend today with family so I have in fact done none of the work set out for today:(. Looks like tomorrow is going to be very intense:worry:

    3. TheSupremeLeaderOfChaos


      Hope your studies are going well today!

    4. Eniac


      Tbh, very well thank you. Though I have been revising 45 minutes on 15 minutes off since 10. With 1 hour lunch break.

      But as you can see from the cross outs only have recollection to do now