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  1. Also I have noticed quite a few users have changed their usernames to include lightning/electricity including lightning emoji. Why is this?:okiedokieloki:

  2. Recently found a Youtube series called 'My pride' given that it is entirely free for me to watch (ignoring the fact google has my data) it is fantastic! Only 3 episodes with the fourth coming out on may 31st. I would recommend giving it a shot. The voice acting and animation isn't super polished but hey it's still great.

    Disclaimer it is not for younger audiences

  3. Recently found a Youtube series called 'My pride' given that it is entirely free for me to watch (ignoring the fact google has my data) it is fantastic! Only 3 episodes with the fourth coming out on may 31st. I would recommend giving it a shot. The voice acting and animation isn't super polished but hey it's still great.

    Disclaimer it is not for younger audiences

  4. Definitely want my hair (and beard (if it grows to a decent length)) to look like greg berzinsky:
  5. It was okay, had to have a return to Glimmer as she is the project for this season so far. I guess the episode served it's purpose to get her onto more friendship activities and realise that friendship isn't about being perfect and that it's okay to brainwash people so long as you say 'I am sorry' and move on. Though tbf it did highlight some important facts, just felt the gravitas of the episode was taken away by the silliness of the interactions. Nice ending none-the-less and also it's a kid's show so can't be serious the whole time.
  6. I felt the episode went by very quickly, must admit I originally thought that it was going to be the flim flam brothers and that's it as a return to the characters and improvement on apple jack. Though as soon as there was mutliple issue it became aparent that it was Gladmane. I guess he was designed as that sort of character so it could have been obvious earlier on but I was hoping that the show wouldn't go with the obvious character becuase of design. I am again excited by the return of characters, it seems flim and flam have become...neutral. I wouldn't say good as though they got rid of Gladmane they don't seem as set on improving stuff as other ponies 'converted', but that's not an issue. I feel like a discord-esque relationship would be good were they still have bouts of sneakiness. Overall felt could have had a better mystery or more flim flam brothers as they were the focus really. The tricking at the end felt a bit too rushed imo not enough time between apparent failure and then success, but hey it was okay.
  7. Like my earlier comment on The Times Are a Changeling I am very excited to have more species starring in episodes with the possibility for further development and interaction. The episode itself was good, nice CMC episode. Gabby was a fantastically bubbly character, the fact that she could do everything I feel was more of an exaggeration on the CMCs part to show their loss as to how they normally carry out cutie mark investigations. I don't know how Gabby is in future episodes (let alone if she returns, no major spoilers please but I guess my fault for joining late) but I hope that Gabby doesn't continue to be master of all skills. It was a really heartfelt episode which I feel the CMC episodes are. Also side note: there's dinosaurs in equestria but with pony names alluding to pony conterparts to our dinosaurs. Now I get this is a kids show but does this mean that this is basically a parallel universe to ours?! But also we didn't evolve from dinosaurs so maybe not, in which case the pony family has been around a loooooooong time!
  8. Great episode to have AJ and Dash bested in sports by other ponies. It was a well developed plot and I really enjoyed it. Great message as well, I feel I should possible take heed of it.
  9. *hugs*

    1. Eniac


      *hugs back*

      Sorry for the delay haven't been on for a while:ButtercupLaugh:

  10. Received Animal Crossing today for the switch and its great. Haven't been able to do much on it yet but I'm super excited.

    Also going to add my comments on the last few episodes of mlp I've watched. Losing track of time, next thing I know it's midnight and I need to sleep, where does it go

    1. Kyoshi


      That's great, New Horizons is sooooooooo good. <3 

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      I hope you enjoy Animal Crossings! :grin:

    3. Eniac


      @Kyoshi @ElectricEnergy IT REALLY IS GOOD:wub:. Been meaning to get it since it's anouncement so glad I have finally got it!

  11. Great episode, great to have more fluttershy-discord interaction and discord in general tbh. There was a bit of character development on discord getting him to be less arrogant and more open to different friendships. Throughout the interaction between Spike and Big Mac was fantastic, don't get much focus on big mac. Overall not a driving episode in the season or groundbreaking, but a nice break and a great way to place dnd in the show. I feel quite a few shows (atleast American sitcom shows) I have watched recently all get their alotted dnd episode. It has given me an immense interest but unfortunately haven't been able to play.
  12. @CypherHoof Yea I really see your point. I guess it's much easier to put moral codes on people when looking from a third eye view. I will say that the song was great and yea th fact that spike gets a song is very nice, I just personally felt it was a bit spontaneous (but hey it's a cartoon world spontaneity is everywhere). I haven't seen much interaction with changlings, but the that explanation is a good one. It's probably discussed later but why haven't changelings thought of this before? Either way I look forward to seeing more changelings in the future.
  13. @CwankyThat's a great way to do it 493366
  14. I'm going to start adding my comments of episodes as I go through them. Weird place to start but this the first episode recently that has compelled me to comment on it: So I thought the whole idea of the episode and the return of the changlings was fantastic and the character of thorax great. (I will disclose here that I have heard of this character but I haven't watched past this episode so didn't really know anything about him). The first interaction with spike was well done and Spike acted originally as I would have hoped. Thorax is also really adorable in how he tries his hardest to go against what he's been brought up to do and apologises for stuff that takes a lot of will power to control. Now I am not angry at how the other ponies reacted to when he revealed himself, it was sudden and there was obviously the awful incedent beforehand. However the fact that Spike didn't stand up a bit more was quite annoying (granted he did hestitate but he didn't seem as friendly as he was before). But the two scenes after that were far too rushed in my opinion, the fact that Thorax so quickly retrusted Spike (and that they managed to get into the throne room without any resistance but that's minor) and for the song to change people's opinion. Surely Spike speaking earlier should have had the same effect. I felt the last few scenes were there to put the song in. But in my opinion still a great episode just felt they should have shortened the start and the song a bit to add a few more details and interactions between Spike and Thorax.
  15. Well there's so many followup questions. First thing would definitely be inviting him into my house and giving him a cup of tea. Disappointing that the previous people disregard their own father