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  1. thanks for the follow^^

  2. Report

    I am getting work done, but I am not leaving as much time for sleep as I would like. The issue is that I come home from school and then relax for 30 minutes (this part is fine as it is actually very useful) but then I stay relaxing for another 30 minutes. After this I need to slowly get into the work mood, so I waste a good hour starting at 5:30 not 4:30 (I arrive back at 4).

    Anyway an improvement for tomorrow I guess.

    Anyway I guess goodnight?

  3. Eniac

    Chapter1: first look

    I don't I will ever come to this in good for the simple reason that I always complete the 'important' jobs first such as school work. Anyway, I get into to it pretty easily because it just my thoughts as I go along. Well I will need to pull together the plot points and narrative from the previous two points for a look into how chapter 1 will be structured. Synopsis: Eniac arrives at night when no other pony is awake just the landlord. Landlord passes the news of the stranger to a friend and the chain continues. Eventually we reach Sugar Plum and she decides in that moment to find out more. Here the reader also learns about Sugar Plum from her own perspective. The landlord is tired so won't be paying close attention to his surroundings. He will mainly be in his own thoughts: the weather is quite cold, well winter is coming and the sky is clear. That's the weather ponies. Maybe they could cover it up a bit for tomorrow. But it shouldn't be too miserable I need to get on with some gardening. I should get a gardening pony would be cheaper, maybe I can get this pony to garden, maybe...maybe he does not pitch...it is late etc. It will be more fluid than that but yea, there is no context just straight in. Then Eniac arrives in the distance walking straight to the landlord who gives his opinion of Eniac as he arrives. Eniac just acknowledges what the landlord is saying. He enters the house and closes the door as the landlord is talking. the landlord becomes a bit flustered, anyway unnecessary detail. The landlord then tells a friend the next day about this strange and rude new comer who wouldn't talk to him and is dressed completely in rags. The story slowly changes as the message is passed through the ponies with the dialogue becoming more snatched as the message gets closer to Sugar Plum. It hits Sugar Plum. The first remark is a random remark from Sugar before settling into the idea of this new pony. Here there is a different image of Eniac with Sugar adding exaggerated characteristics and thinking about how best to approach him. She also thinks about all the meetings with friends and plans for the village she needs to carry out. She also notices things around her on other ponies. The reader gets the feeling that she is very mentally active and very concerned about other ponies in terms of how they see her. The voice of the other pony she is talking to starts to slip into her thoughts. She finally says something to the other pony; along the lines of: 'That's fantastic [so and so] but I need to see this new pony!' and then random remarks about future plans and anything that was talked about previously. The first chapter will be pretty short just an introduction to Sugar Plum and the arrival of Eniac as well as setting up the narrative for the rest of the story. I may revisit this adding more detail, but I think there is enough here to start making drafts after I have analysed the other chapters.
  4. Ehh I don't know. Just fun speculation and something to write rather than just: 'This be my post'. But it is more likely that a possible universe has and will exist rather than it having existed or going to exist.
  5. From my limited understanding, and I mean super limited, the idea is that stuff still exists before the big bang and after the end of the universe just not obeying the laws of physics as we know them. So what happens is that another event can trigger a big bang recreating a universe with possibly different physical constants. So yes it is possible but also it is nonsensical. But given that this can, has and will happen an infinite number of times then yes MLP is in other universes
  6. Todo

    1. Music Practice
    2. Further Mathematics
    3. Robot
    4. NaPoWriMo
    5. Computing

    So I forgot to post this on here earlier but this is the tasks from my physical diary

    1 so already completed this.

    2 completed at 19:15

    5 completed at 21:22 solid 2 hours of work and there is still more!!:blink: So that's going onto tomorrow's list

    4 completed at 21:44 not so happy about it, still not sure how the story will turn out. Might write out the first few paragraphs to get a feel.

  7. Yea, there will be an end to the universe as we know it. I mean stuff will 'exist' but not in anyway we can comprehend
  8. The last time Discord! was on the forum was 2015. This last poster forum may take some time to complete...
  9. Report

    Today was a disappointment I just wasted time. I didn't relax or do as much work as I should have. Though a lot of that was because I did not realise how much effort I would have to put into the music piece I am learning.

    Anyway goodnight

  10. In fact no. But rhinos are pretty close. It is strange convergent evolution that has lead the giraffe to look more like a horse than a rhino. But there you go I am talking about all species of genus equus. If you have a look at them they all look pretty much like horses and I am pretty sure there have been recorded pigmy 'versions'. So yes Zecora is a pony zebra as she is the same size as all the other ponies 'A zony is the offspring of a zebra stallion and a pony mare. Medium-sized pony mares are preferred to produce riding zonies, but zebras have been crossed with smaller pony breeds such as the Shetland, resulting in so-called "Zetlands".[2]' From wikipedia. Check mate. I would still like to see a pony giraffe
  11. Though it does say horse, I would argue that given that zebras are equine you can have a pony zebra given this definition. I see pony as a certain type of equine, not specific species, obviously. So yes Zecora is a pony and is still best pony
  12. Eniac


    I've left it late again, this time I am too tired to actually do the plot any justice so I am going to look at the simple narrative style. The narrative as originally stated will still be first person from each pony including thoughts and speech. This means I don't have to set the scene explicitly allowing my pony creations to choose what they see adding emphasis to their character and soo much more. I would like to do a bit of stream of consciousness but boy am I not skilled enough to pull that of for the whole story. So I will use the idea of visuals, sounds and memories coming together to create apparent leaps in conversation so common in the real world. I am currently 'reading' Ulysses and I would not want to put that mental struggle on anyone reading this story. But it definitely makes the interactions more fluid whilst allowing the reader to see how the characters are interacting. But, I do not want to let out the story of Eniac instantly and also do not want the readers to have the full picture otherwise the story will become boring beyond literary techniques I cannot use effectively. So the story starts in the landlords perspective as Eniac arrives. Straight in. As in mid train of thought 'cause how am I supposed to discern the start of this ponies thoughts, when he wakes up? So I have to wait a day, writing useless gibberish?!?!? NO. I REFUSE TO HELP THE READER. THEY WILL HAVE TO PICK UP THE FLOW FROM THE GET GO. Anyway, at this point the reader is bamboozled and we have no idea of who Eniac is. Maybe even passing him off as irrelevant. Then maybe flow between people until we reach Sugar. Thinking of the same as a cinematic effect I saw where the camera is very blurry moving fast through a scene until the main character pops up and the camera focuses. But in literature. Anyway from here we have Sugars narrative getting to know her a bit and her efforts to find Eniac. As this happens snippets of Eniac's thoughts start to jump in. THEN Eniac goes full monologue as we go to him trying to find Sugar, but his thoughts are reserved from himself and the reader! On meeting with have the full mingle of thoughts and speech as they start to open up to each other (Again not a relationship as of yet...) allowing the next chapter to be the staccato thoughts and dialogue between the two. Then Sugar finds Eniac's secret, silence except Eniac's thoughts. But then he sees her amazement as her bewildered thoughts enter the literary landscape. Now the thoughts between the two are fluid. Eniac's thoughts become more open and caring and Sugar's are less concerned as to what other's think or what she has to do for them. Now we have Eniac becoming more focused on other ponies and the story loses Sugar's thoughts. Then we have a single monologue from Sugar as she decides to leave, just before Eniac has his monologue of not feeling liked for himself but rather his inventions. The two thoughts and dialogues start to merge as Eniac seeks out Sugar. THEN THE END There thoughts merge like dialogue as in the feed of each other, complete merge. This is how I feel when talking to my best friends, we start to occupy the same mental landscape. This is apparent with my brother when we are really messing around or comforting each other, I swear we think the same thing and can send thoughts to each other. NO JOKE. I AM VERY SCIENTIFIC AND ANALYTICAL BUT I FEEL THIS IS A THING. the reason is evolution as connecting with others is super important and growing up together means our thoughts are very similar. Anyway, this I realise is a major part as it is how I have to see and shape the world. I don't focus on details or the scene I focus on the ponies and their mental landscape everything else slots into place. This is why I focus on characters, they are who the reader relates to and they dictate how the plot moves, not me not the reader. I choose who they are not what they will do.
  13. I would like evidence to back up this heinous claim