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  1. I need a bit of a break so expect me to skip tomorrow and maybe the day after 44299D30-8C0A-41A2-8A00-CBEA9080C178.jpeg.9dbd3311445ec02bfe5d02f7a571997d.jpeg

    stuff just ate away at me too much, I can’t bear it that someone promised to become an irl friend but left me to rot instead— This is not related to the forum btw so pls don’t worry but my heart is hurting a lot

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    2. Pandora


      Its okay I just need time to recover.. I should of known though that it was too good to be true when the ignoring started

      i feel devastated bc an irl friend is probably what I wish for most atm

    3. Ragland Tiger
    4. TomDaBombMLP


      I wish you all the best for your recovery! :kindness:

  2. So there’s been something that’s been upsetting me for quite some time.. there’s a person I saw as my “friend” but they ignore me time to time again even dropped something for 5 months straight and comes with excuses.. I know I should have dropped this person long ago but gave them chance after chance.. what to do? It affects me in negative ways

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    2. Pandora


      Sometimes I just wish this brain of mine would be able to let go fast rather than feel scared to lose a person who doesn’t care in the first place.. it’s stupid 

    3. Flying Pencil

      Flying Pencil

      Some people considered as friends will not really be a friend. So stay strong and be happy

    4. Pandora


      @Flying Pencil Their not from forums but I knew them for so long though.. 

  3. b440fe8b087416820258b711b91ca18a.gif, BFFFF! :eager:



    1. Pandora


      Hi sparkle 

      how are you ?

    2. Sparklefan1234


      Great! I hope you're great, too, BFFFF! :eager:

  4. Pandora

    no critique 30 Minute Minuette

    that's amazing! I love the way it's painted
  5. Smoll bean (pan) Loves her brother ghostbit (the bunny don't belong to me but to a friend, pan is mine though)




    1. Tacodidra


      Awww... :kindness: Another adorable drawing, my friend – everything with Pan is cute (and I like the bunny too). :yay:

    2. Pandora


      @Tacodidra thanks <3 not everything but most of it is :P Smoll bean is an affectionate one

  6. Have you ever been to a cat cafe ? 🐈 I have.. ~ its cute!

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    2. Pandora


      It sucks so many of you got allergies :c 💜 


      sure thing moonlight ☺️

    3. LyraLover


      I'd love to go to one! ^_^

      Apparently there's also a Corgi Cafe too. :wub:

    4. Samurai Equine

      Samurai Equine

      Do the kitties pile on top of you? :ticking:

  7. Hello, how’s everyone? 💜

    1. Dark Horse

      Dark Horse

      Morning! Doing pretty well, just helping myself to some brunch. :BrightMacContent:

      Hope all's good with you? :fluttershy:

    2. Pandora


      @Dark Horse I’m alright but apparently my body was very exhausted o.o i think I slept from 12 to 12;30 

      its time to cuddle the Guineapigs 

    3. Samurai Equine

      Samurai Equine

      I am good, thanks. :)

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