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  1. So I done did my best. I changed the title to Best Anthropomorphic FiM Race. I added everything on @Bakugou Is My Man ❤’s list. Still missing Smooze, RIP. Keep in mind these lists are getting long and can always be added to your About Me section of your profile if you want to add more.
  2. My memes are too dank for this site. I laughed for all of you.
  3. When Persona 5 Royal is getting in on Covid-19 before Covid-19 is a thing. 

    1. Pathfinder


      Yeowch! Way too close to home! D:

    2. Troblems


      Spooky spooky. :blink:

  4. I hate microtransactions, and I refuse to be apart of these shenanigans. It’s corrupt and immoral, and I won’t stand for it. I am Jack’s almighty and righteous anger of the internet. I also want my v-bucks back.
  5. Oh come on. If anyone was going to get Royal day one, it would be me.

  6. So it's looking like I have the dreaded plague. I'm fine. My parents are more concerned than I am. They keep sending me text messages about basic information like to drink plenty of water, keep taking my temperature, get plenty of rest, and go to the doctor if I can't breathe. I've lived on my own for 10+ years, but I appreciate that you guys are worried. I appreciate more that I can't spread it to them.

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    2. Pathfinder



      Sorry Trobz; stay safe and beat the shit out of it!

    3. Jeric


      Woman! Get better, built a TP fort, and play all the games while you recover! 

      Love ya!

    4. Jedishy


      Keep us up to date. 


  7. ♡ plonk heart. I love the incredible group of idiots (said in the most loving way possible) that I’ve met both offline and on and that even when shit’s going wrong, people worry about me, and that it may take me a bit, but I’m always comfortable discussing what’s going on in my life even when it’s going poorly. The support I get is incredible and I’m honored to have such great friends.
  8. I have a collection of dumbasses. disinterested foofer honkin’ chonker dirty girl I have 3 more but my phone isn’t cooperating and I’m falling asleep.
  9. Incoming birthday deluge.855dc5807e6a99a0c12d021f72582fb8.png

    For serious though, you always check on me when shit is going down, and I appreciate you so much. I know this will be a better year for you. <3

    1. Pathfinder


      Love you Trobz! Having you as a friend has meant the world to me, and makes everyday brighter for me.

      Thank you! <3

  10. Ponies Dropping in your feed. 
    Hope you are well 
    Image result for MLP pinkie pie boop


    1. Troblems



      I'm doing good. I actually feel a lot better than I've felt in ever. Clearer and hurt less.

  11. Honestly I feel better in two days than I've felt in years. I didn't realize that I had a low grade headache at all times, and I've been falling asleep in minutes. I'm also so attentive it's distracting. But it's nice and I like it. I just wish I had known sooner.
  12. I’ve been going to a neurologist for a long time. I’ve had migraines since the age of around 11. They’ve never been as bad as some people I know, but they suck all the same. My neurologist suggested back at the end of September that my migraines might be seizures. At first I was in denial. Then I was busy through October and November traveling. Finally at the beginning of December I was able to get an EEG. It took until today to get the follow up appointment because of scheduling shenanigans. I have left temporal epilepsy. That’s really about all I got from the appointment, even though it was over an hour long. Apparently this could be what is causing or exacerbating my learning disability, so uh... that would have been nice to know before now. I’ve been on an anticonvulsant for several years already to treat other things, so that’s been keeping the headaches manageable, but I’ll be coming off that most likely. This is a lot. There’s a good chance my mom also has it, which sucks. There are more questions I wanted to ask, but couldn’t because being told you have a seizure disorder isn’t conducive to asking smart questions. I also feel like I’m letting my husband down a bit. He didn’t sign up for all this. While I had all these medical problems when we married, he didn’t know that. Nor did I, to be fair. On the upside because of the break I took I was able to pass my term. My husband also was able to find a new job as well, and I’m super proud of him. <3
  13. I admit that two years of it wasn't exactly my focus, but I went through some shit. There's a reason I disappeared for a while.
  14. One of my two favorites is no longer super obscure, because it's getting re-released today on the Switch. My copy is on its way. So my other favorite isn't obscure so much as a sequel to a sequel that was panned because it had a time limit. Final Fantasy 13-3 or Lightning Returns. The battle system was awesome, don't fucking @ me. It's a flawed game for sure, but it's certainly more engaging than a time traveling sister and interacting with a Jesus Christ knock off in the second.
  15. If you have a Windows computer, you need to update your OS.

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    2. Jonny Music

      Jonny Music

      For what it is (despite some things about it), I love Windows 10. I have no regrets switching over to it.

    3. Troblems


      I like it, but I use three different operating systems, so I'm not super in the weeds with it.

    4. Lord Valtasar

      Lord Valtasar

      i guess i'm like old people in this case, i don't like change, i'm used to something and anything that isn't it is no good