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  1. Troblems

    Nvidia vs. AMD

    Whichever one has the better price for the build I’m currently working on, assuming I have specific specs in mind. AMD is usually cheaper, but my laptop has an Nvidia. Either way, I don’t really care. I honestly find brand loyalty a little silly.
  2. Troblems

    Pardon the dust

    What is this, armature hour? Come on guys.
  3. Troblems

    Where Are You on the Meme Compass?

    About what I expected. I try to be supportive, but I'm just not very good at it. A little dark, a little edgy, but not too much. Also, most of my snide comments stay in my head. Mostly. Mostly.
  4. I have an exam coming up with Windows Phone on it. Yikes.

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    2. Key Sharkz

      Key Sharkz

      That is going to feel dated lol.

    3. Snow le Canard

      Snow le Canard

      Blast from the past! [x2]

    4. Troblems


      I ain't even mad. I probably won't see it, and it'll be an easy question if I do. There's a newer version of the test, but this is what I have a voucher for. And voucher is better than paying.

  5. I thought he had done it on a super early version of the IPV5 MLPF. But again, I could be completely wrong. All I remember is being broken inside when it stopped functioning. Anyways, it should be a thing. I demand a thing! Seriously though, getting rid of all of the OOC threads? Not having to police each RP for one? Migrating them over would be a bitch through.
  6. At one point Adam had a secondary page working for each RP working. Basically each RP had a 'notes' page. It was basically a tab at the top of each page you could click that took you to a secondary page just for OOC so they would be inextricably linked, and wouldn't have to create a thread elsewhere explicitly for it. I don't remember if it was here or PRP, but it was beautiful, and I loved it. Then it broke and I cried. Come to think of it, I think there was a third page for staff notes, akin to account notes. It was so beautifully organized. We all know how I love organization.
  7. It was like a bad copy pasta.

    troblems.   TROBLEMS.  tRoBlEms

         Troblems.     Troblema

              Troublem.    Wait who?  Troblems!

    troblems troblems troblems TROBLEMS

    She’s watching and you can never leave your bedroom again!





    oh no she’s in the corner! Don’t move, maybe she won’t kill you!

    1. Rikifive


      Does that mean I have troubles? dfEG13d.png

      If that solves the problem of having to go to work, then I'll gladly stay in my bedroom. :catface:

      Huh? In the corner? *looks around* Why, hello there! :mlp_yeehaa:

  8. Oh my what an oddly non-specific picture to post in this thread. I wonder why its here? So most of my suggestions will be based on EQE because that's what needs the most help. It's sad and lonely. 1. When clicking on EQE, you're dumped into the lore and the OOC which is rather confusing. Before this was okay because the layout was different but when the forum upgrade happened, there was just sort of a dump that made everything kind of ugly and bad, and now it's hard to tell where to start. I'm not even sure that lore is still being used, although that could be completely wrong. 2. Post count was always archaic. It was gross, and I hated it, but at the same time I was unsure how else to get people to post with characters because otherwise they would just sit on them unused. Now that there are fewer people on the site in general a more flexible system should be in place. Same with post length. But again, I doubt this is being enforced. 3. Let's be honest here, the approval system is currently an encumbrance for all. One approval should be enough, if that. At the same time it is the 'canon' section. I don't know, I'm not staff anymore, so I no longer have to solve this. <3 4. I always like the idea of pictures for EQE, and here's why: while pony creator is a sad, sad approximation, it gave at least a guess of what a character looked like, down to an exact color. It's easier to interact with another character if you know (about) what a character looks like. Because pony creator is so accessible, I disagree that EQE should have pictures removed. Other: 1. I hate the idea of a trusted roleplayer badge. I understand the reasoning behind it, but it basically gameifies the RP system, which could potentially brings in people to the RP system that never cared about it before because internet achievement. Adding badges to the forum, fine, but to the RP section as a whole is just a bad idea. If it gets new people involved in RP, great. but I have the feeling it'll do the opposite. I've always been partial to the idea of doing something for the joy of it, not the reward, however small that reward may be. I'm sure there's more but I had a late night. May update with coffee.
  9. Happy birthday. Don’t work too hard. Take your kids out to dinner and relax.

  10. Troblems

    The State of the Union (MLPF Edition)

    That assumes people that are banned would want to come back here. Oof. See what I did there? Got em. <3
  11. @Jeric I feel like this thread should have it’s name changed. Just saying. It’s not really going on now, is it?
  12. It’s uh... cause I didn’t have my glasses on and I couldn’t see...yeah. That’s it... Seriously though that was a blast. We had a lot of fun. As much as I hate being videoed and reviewing the footage, I’m super glad you picked me. Thanks <3
  13. I had a lot of whiskey last night at a party I went to. Who knew that getting a buttload of whipped cream to the face could actually help with that. Anyway, happy new years, guys. <3
  14. I’ve been watching Bob Ross on Netflix to fall asleep to. I believe this to be be a poor choice because it keeps me awake. He’s just so interesting to watch. Especially when he has baby birbs <3

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    2. Troblems


      It actually wasn’t a failed sleep expirament, it’s just Pascal is a jerk. I was well and truly asleep before that. But now I’m at a doctors appointment (my homeostasis) and apparently I have pie tins to buy today.

    3. Jeric


      Oooh. I want pie!

    4. PathfinderCS


      Pie sounds good~

  15. Troblems

    MCM V: Pixel Gifts - Finale

    @Jeric , @Just Jessi Oof last gut punch of 2018. It's nice to see her avatar, rather than a deflated plushie, in pieces though. @Rikifive the picture looks phenomenal. I also still love the animation I have from last year <3