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  1. Breman mask. I want tiny critters to flock to me and follow me around. That sounds friggen awesome. Plus remember the song? It was so gosh darn catchy.
  2. Majora's Mask is best Zelda, fight me IRL. I didn't get most of the themes when it came out, but 6th grade me liked the dark aesthetic better than OOT. I tried playing it on DS rerelease, but they broke the deku mask jump, and I was so heartbroken.
  3. I’ve had two rabbits about a year and a half, both rescued, one has been really withdrawn, and never had any contact with husband and I aside from getting mad when we fed him. In the last two days, I’ve been able to pet him four times, which neither of us has been able to do before without intense anger from him. He’s so cute, and I just want to be his friend. I’m stupidly excited about this. <3
  4. A jumping off point for you. I'm working on my cloud security class. I'm about 3/4 done with it.
  5. I worked at a Starbucks that was the closest location to a major Southern California airport. The entire entire NASCAR crew would stay at the hotels at the airport, and then go the the track about 8 miles away. They’d be there a full week, and tip really well. Also cool as hell. I met Patrick Warburton and Jay Mohr as they rolled through the same shop. I also met all the big names at Blizzard before they all left the company.
  6. My costume was wrangling the feral dogs in my moose hat. We got no kids this year, even though we had full sized candy bars! I don’t usually post pictures unless it’s for charity or from a convention cause ya girl ain’t photogenic. My favorite candy is all the garbage left of that none of the kids in my neighborhood came to pick up. F
  7. There was also the saltine cracker thing. But no, I’m afraid I’m too wise to be doing that sort of tomfoolery. I can laugh about it though.
  8. Reigning over the forums (jokes!) and improving my sewing skills because of that. Going from pones that can barely stand to my flootershy plush. And the conventions. I went to a lot of pony cons. Some easier to get to than others. A lot of us descending on California’s Bay Area, perfectly accessible for me at the time, and some great people went, and some not so great people went, but my highlights being @Jeric and her fabulous kids, and sharing a room with @Fhaolan who was fastidiously tidy, while my husband and I were slobs. Then at the last second before the last Bronycon, my husband said you need to go, we don’t have the money, but it’ll be worth it, go, have fun, spend no money. I finally got to meet a ton of people I had thought I never would, shenanigans ensued, no names. But I do have (on my computer) an artists rendering of 3 idiots losing their shit at the airport.
  9. Happy birthday, Fhao! Hope you and your wife are doing well <3

    1. Fhaolan


      Thanks, Trobs! We're doing okay, Plugging along. :)

  10. What makes a gummy bear so forbidden? :sealed:

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    2. Pathfinder


      And suddenly I have achieved enlightenment.

    3. Troblems



    4. Pathfinder


      Forbidden snacks.

  11. Ask and you shall receive. Because all Jeric did was cancel the payment, it didn’t change your status as a subscriber. From the day it was canceled to now, there’s been no change of hands of money, so no more Buffy.
  12. 41D6A10B-E1FB-46D5-BEAE-3A625FF5BC95.jpeg

    Aside from my capstone, I just passed my last paper. I can already taste the soul crushing career. Tastes like the crumbs and soda spilt between the keyboard.


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    2. Troblems


      Cybersecurity. Assuming I have a job when I finish, which it looks like I will, I’m going to just jerb. If I catastrophically blow the interview, I’m going back for another two years like some sort of fool.

    3. Sparklefan1234


      The "soul crush" must mean it's working. 

    4. Pathfinder


      Crush the jerb Trobz!

  13. "Forbidden Gummy Bear"

    This name makes me think of Gummi Venus de Milo from the Simpsons episode "Homer Badman". ^_^

    1. Troblems


      I had to look it up, it’s very much like that. 

  14. I don’t remember if I saw the video or just knew of it’s existence, but I’m glad it’s finally posted. @Randimaxis is rad as hell. Happy forumversary!