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  1. LONG TIME NO SEE!!!! <3

  2. @Randimaxis Whelp, screw you too for that video, Randi. Donated an amounted. Do the thing. <3
  3. @EquestrianScholar She done. You good.
  4. @EquestrianScholar Your old application is in unapproved characters. Update her at your leisure.
  5. @EquestrianScholar I'm not sure what happened, as I've taken an extended leave, but the amount of time you've waited is ridiculous. You won Celestia (again?). Let me know if you want to use update the same application from before, or make a new one.
  6. For those who have been following Amazon's movements, they recently bought Whole Foods, and dropped prices as much as 43% in some places. They own the largest cloud hosting application platform as a service (aPaaS), Amazon Web Services. They also have their initial launch site,, a juggernaut in and of itself. There's talk to breaking up the company, buuuut that's not what I'm interested in. Amazon is looking to make for itself a second home outside of Seattle, here in the United States, and possibly Canada. According to Forbes Amazon is looking for: A metro area with one million or more residents A stable and business-friendly environment An urban or suburban location with the potential to attract and retain strong technical talent Communities that "think big" when considering locations and real estate options Close proximity to a major international airport Access to mass transit Now, my want would be for Amazon to put its new location here in Austin. Currently they have a shipping location here, as well as Austin being a huge tech location. Unfortunately, the Dallas Fort Worth area is the closest Edge Network Location for AWS. We don't have a huge amount of mass transit, or a way to fix that easily. Honestly, I don't think we'll be picked. However, if Amazon were smart, they would choose Detroit. Amazon could get their reputation back by saving Detroit. Detroit was abandoned by the last generation. Amazon and this generation could save it. Land is cheap. It's close to Canada. Close to an international airport. I guarantee that they would get huge write-offs from the government for SAVING A CITY. Currently the population is sitting at around 670,000, but I guarantee that as soon as Amazon announced that they were building there, people would move there in droves. Again, they don't even have Egde Network Locations, but they're a hop, skip, and a jump away in Toronto, Canada. Unfortunately, Detroit's mass transit is about as bad as Austin's, or so I've read. Their city school systems...suck. That last could be easily fixed by bringing a major company like Amazon to the city though. Because besides Amazon, it would bring other businesses. Perhaps I'm beating a dead horse, and I'm just a small voice on the internet, and I'm aware there are better picks, like Atlanta, Denver, and Dallas, I'm rooting for the little city that could. The one that could use all the help it could get. Go Detroit!
  7. Troblems

    For Good - My Wife's Death

    Reading through that again, even though it just happened seems like a lifetime, and yet only a heartbeat ago. I last spoke to Jess 3 days before she passed, and yet she was comforting me. Some of the shit that came out of her mouth left me laughing for days. She was an incredible, funny, strong woman, and the two of you raised some great kids. It was an emotional roller coaster, but I'm so glad Sebastian and I were able to be there during her last days, even if only in a small way. If you all are up for it, we'd like to visit at some point, maybe make a trip to Disney World.
  8. Troblems

    Flurry Heart's Scrapbook Ep 6

    @@FirePuppy I've edited the title of your post to make it more descriptive.
  9. Sometimes MLP Forums is good on staff. It does happen. Just not often. Right now? Right now is not one of those times. Currently we're short staff in three sections. Canterlot Roleplay FIM So, what does this mean for prospective applicants? First, let's break down the jerb: A sectional moderator is a volunteer position in which members of the community get a bit more responsibility here on MLP Forums. They proactively report problem threads and posts, move, merge, and retitle, and make sure that ever'thang generally stays within the rules global rules on the forums. They work with global moderators, team leads, and administrators to keep all of the things in tip top shape. Global moderators, team leads, and administrators? What do they do? Most of us (not all, but most) started out as a sectional moderator. From there we were promoted to global. Globals usually also have an area of focus, but also add input on all reports that sectionals send, and carry out the decisions of those reports. Team leads are global moderators that help focus the section, assign tasks if need be, and often will train new and incoming staff. Administrators are broken down by tech (unbreaking the broken) and community. Community admins organize all of the things aforementioned, respond to tickets, work on permissions, do announcements, etc. I've had warnings in the past. Will that affect my chances to become a moderator? It can. We look at many factors when deciding if a member is accepted as a moderator or not. Among them being of course the application, past warning history, age (more on that below), how long you've been a member, and maturity. Age? What?! Whelp, you have to be at least 13 to join the forums, right? We also generally try to make sure that applicants are within a few years of 18, since moderators can often see some pretty disturbing content. While the sectional position isn't necessarily a stepping stone to that purple badge, many sectionals are promoted to global moderator. That said, we don't want a sectional sitting at that level for ages just because we want a full moderator to be 18. Therefore we generally look for applicants to be at least 16. Everything you just said sounds kind of awful. Why would I actually want to be a sectional after everything you've said? To be honest, I've met some of my closest friends through MLP Forums. While they may no longer be moderators, I'm still incredibly close with them. And those who are still, I have an incredible respect for. We have some good times, a lot of laughs, and are generally pretty close. The camaraderie is truly the best part about being a mod. Fine. I'm interested. What's next? Here's the app. Yay! Great! That's done. Now what? Wait. Seriously. We get a lot of apps. We'll do our best to reply to everyone, but some people may slip through the cracks. We will also turn a lot of people down. If you are turned down, don't take it personally. We encourage you if you're still interested to wait a few months and apply again. If you wish to know why you were turned down, feel free to contact an admin and ask. We're friendly enough. We'll stop taking applications when we feel we've gotten enough people, so uh... Apply on. Interested in a section that's not listed as being open? That's cool too, but don't get your hopes up too much, as we super need people for RP, FIM and Canterlot.
  10. Troblems

    Technical Issues Issues with About Me

    Seems resolved, locking topic.
  11. Hi @@Foxy Socks, You actually did get a response to your support ticket. I know because I answered it. =) At this point you should just remake your topic. As you said, bumping for the sake of bumping isn't allowed, but if it's been months, as outlined in your support ticket, you're welcome to try again. We just ask that you don't do this often.
  12. Troblems

    Music The Queen Thread

    I am a huge fan of Queen. I think it's absolutely incredible that Freddie Mercury was classical opratically trained, that Brain May is now and astrophysicist and activist, Roger Taylor is one of the most influential drummers ever, and that John Deacon was so touched by the death of Mercury that he gave it all up to retire. My favorite Two favorite Queen songs that won't link because I'm on my cell phone: Seven Seas of Rhye Show Must Go On Also, Mercury sang a duet at the Barcelona Olympics with an opera singer that was incredible. Sorry for a link instead of a video, but I promise it's worth it.
  13. @@Lloyd, Seems this was never given a satisfactory answer. Apologies for that. Basically what it comes down to is that we want the focus of roleplay to remain on the roleplay aspect. While a lot of the companionship grows from the OOC threads, and that's a wonderful and important part of roleplaying, those threads also tend to (while not always) look akin to a Lounge thread. There's a lot of screwing around and fast paced posting. While it's still usually somewhat related to the RP itself, the quick moving, often silly aspect of the OOC section is the reason that post count doesn't increase.
  14. Troblems

    Web Hasbro unveils first digital series Hanazuki.

    Honestly, the first thing I thought of was Super Princess Peach. I just hope, being Hasbro they handle this more delicately than it first appears.