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  1. I'm sorry about my absence. I just finished a big presentation on vehicle emissions. Fun right? Lol. I'm really sorry to everyone. Seeing as not many are still attending, I am planning on going ahead and ending the festival after the band ends. U can still do your prank if you want reader. Just letting everyone know I plan on wrapping up soon
  2. Silver finishes up the very last details of the stage so that it's ready. He grins as he sees it's complete and looks out to see a few ponies out in front of the stage waiting for the curtains to open. Silver glances around looking for Blu, seeing him talking to the band. Silver trots on over and says in a very happy tone, "The stage is set Blu!" Blu smiles at Silver, "Good job buddy. Thank you for the help. And be sure to tell the other ponies that lended a hoof that I'm grateful for their assistance." Blu turns his head to the band. "You guys ready?" The leader of the band gave a nod and a smile. "Alright good luck! " Blu chimes to the band. Silver has already excused himself to the crowd below and watches as Blu comes out from behind the curtain. "Ladies and Gentlecolts. I'm sorry for the delay. We had some technical difficulties with the instruments. We won't keep you waiting any longer though. Feel free to dance along too." With that, the curtains opened revealing the band already starting a song with an upbeat sound.
  3. man school is rough sometimes. 17 credit hours :( can't wait for a break

  4. @reader8363 @Yoshi89 "Great work guys" Blu said to Silver and Shadow for their help in setting up the stage. By now the stage is fully set and even decorated with nightmare night assortments and a string of lanterns hanging across the stage top. Silver moves off the stage to allow the band to step up and play their music for everypony to hear. Blu looks over and sees that Fudge and Sundae were at the front of the stage grinning from ear to ear almost hypnotized by the stage and the band. Blu jumps of the stage and lands near the two. "Hey guys, glad to see the two of you could make it to the band!" Blu shows a bright and happy smile and he looked at the stage, satisfied with how his first organized Nightmare Night Festival turned out. Blu returns his attention to the twins, but just as he did, he noticed Fudge's snake wasn't with him. "Fudge," Blu said worriedly. "What happened to Squiggly? Did you put him up? I kinda liked that little fella." By now the band is fully set up and starting their first song.
  5. Welp, I'm off to work. hope everypony has a good day ^.^

  6. I'm sorry it's taking me so long to reply. School has gotten busy with midterms commingled up so I've been having to focus on that. Since it looks like nightmare night is winding down, I figured the band could play for a little bit and let everypony enjoy it, then start to close it down. So if any pony still has anything important to say in their conversation, please try and do it soon.
  7. @reader8363 Silver is already hard at work setting the speakers up around the stage. Blu was talking to to the band members when a a new figure came up to him asking if he needed any help. "Hey there. We would love some help If you don't mind. We just have to get the curtains set up, make sure the banquet is still fresh, and that the sound equipment is working properly. It's unfortunate that the band was late, but maybe they can still play for everypony until they leave." Blu has a small smile on his face, but was a little disappointed at how long it took for the band to show up.
  8. @Yoshi89 Silver smiled and nodded. "Your welcome you two." Silver looked at Fudge, "You sure have quite the aim with that bucking of yours. That was an impressive shot." Silver winks to Fudge. "Keep it up little buddy!" Silver rubs Fudge's mane and chuckles. Just then, Blu comes running over shouting, "Silver, The band is here! Come help me out for a second at the stage." Silver looks over to Blu,"Ok bud, I'll be right there!" Hey fudge, Sundae, would you two like to listen to the band. From the sound of it, they are at the stage setting up." If so, Follow me" Silver says, signaling them to follow if they wished.
  9. Hmm... a title. I'd have to go with Air Force Pilot. That dream got crushed when my eye sight turned south a few years ago so now I need glasses, and without 20/20 vision, I can no longer become an airforce pilot. I can still dream though lol
  10. Honestly, it's not weird at all. I'm a guy, and 19 at that, and I have a fluttershy plushy that I've gotten rather fond of. I can't sleep without it within arms reach, and most mornings I wake up with it in my arms. It's very comforting and relaxing. I know some people may think it's unusual for someone my age and gender to have a yellow and pink pony plushie on my bed, but I pay them no mind since it's a way to help me sleep. And having insomnia, it really helps me ease my overly active brain when I'm trying to sleep lol
  11. well everypony, time for bed for me. School in the morning. Good Night ^.^ Hugs

  12. @Yoshi89 Silver heard a loud Ding as the ball hit the bullseye. SPLASH. Silvers platform folded and he fell right into the water. A few seconds pass and before Silver comes to the surface. Popping out the water, Silver said, "Woah that's some cold water! Nice shot Fudge!" Silver pulls himself from the tank, now dripping wet in his costume. He shakes a little water off before heading to the prize stand. "Since you two are the first to the game, how about you both get a candy apple?" Silver smiles warmly at the twins and hands them both a caramel coated candy apple.
  13. Silver giggled at the sight of the excitement of the two and the gleam in their eyes after he told them about the Ghost Dunk. "Alright Let's go" but before he could finish his sentence, the two were already off. Silver laughed again and looked at Blu. "OK buddy, I'll see you around. Have fun, and love the decorations by the way." With that, he opened his wings through the holes in his ghost sheet and flew off to catch up to Fudge and Sundae that were already at the game waiting for him.Silver reached the stand a moment later. "Ok, now here's how this works. This ball is what you will use. You have to buck it off this stand here" Silver points to the stand placed a little bit from the bullseye, "and hit that bullseye, which will dunk me into the water. I'll adjust the stand to your height, so don't worry." Silver beamed and adjusted the stand and set the ball on top. "You each get 3 shots ok. 1 shot gets you a candy apple. 2 will get you 4 pieces of candy, and a third shot will get you 2 whether you dunk the ghost or not." Silver looked up, smiled and said, "Good luck!" Silver winked and flew off and sat on the Dunk booth.
  14. Sounds good man quite the heroic actions by feeder as well. nice