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  1. I just want to let everypony on here know that I will be leaving the forums for a while starting this next Wednesday. No, it's not because I don't like being here, it's because I am leaving home to go live in California for two years. 

    I have decided to serve an LDS mission for my church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), which means I will be paying $10,000 of my own money to live in California and teach people about Jesus Christ and His Gospel. The rules are very strict, so I won't be able to use my phone for anything other than using basic apps and obtaining resources to teach. Because of this, I won't be able to be on the Forums for the two years I'm serving. :(

    However, feel free to continue sending messages to me. I will try to respond to all of them as soon as I get back. I am also allowed to email family and friends once a week, so if you want it, I can provide my missionary email so you can send me messages that way. If you would like that, don't be afraid to ask me. 

    Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know so you wouldn't think I just left. ;) I will miss you all very much. You have made this place feel like home. 

    I'll see you in two years!

    ~Regal Shadow



  2. Well, I finally got my braces off. It feels really good to have that done. :squee: (If I had to have them yank and tug and pull on my teeth anymore, I think I would go crazy!) 

    Anyway, how is everypony?

    1. Lucky Bolt

      Lucky Bolt

      Oh yeah, that must be nice to finally get those things off, huh. :D I still need braces myself, but I plan on getting the clear ones. 

    2. Rikifive


      Nice, congratulations! ^_^ Teeth are weird; Easy to damage, hard and expensive to fix. Such a poor design. :mlp_icwudt:

      I'm doing fine, thanks; how about you? :mlp_grin:

    3. Regal Shadow

      Regal Shadow

      Thanks @Lucky Bolt and @Rikifive! Yeah, it does feel great to finally have them off! :mlp_laugh:

  3. Well, I just finished re-doing the villain from my main OC's backstory. I would like to know what everypony thinks about the new design. Please be honest. I am open to suggestions. ;)

    Oh, I am also looking for a good name for him. His name was originally Lord Servitor, because he has the magical ability to steal the magic from any creature and then turn them into his slave, but I would like to know if anypony has a better name.

    Anyway, here is the new design:



    ~Regal Shadow


    1. Regal Shadow

      Regal Shadow

      Hmmm... where is everypony?

  4. Regal Shadow

    Crochet Plush Giveaway

    This sounds great. I would love to enter!
  5. Good morning, everypony. 

  6. Good morning everypony.

    How is everypony on this Saturday morning?

    1. Phosphor


      I'm doing wonderful this morning. The weather is absolutely gorgeous! How bout you?

    2. Regal Shadow

      Regal Shadow

      Glad to hear that, @Phosphor. I'm doing pretty well. 

  7. I have a question for anypony who feels like throwing in their opinion. 

    Which one of the following pictures looks better? I can't decide if my main OC's mane should be straight black or a variation of grey/black. I would love to get some opinions on this. 




    ~Regal Shadow

    1. Snow


      Personally I prefer the second, MLP has always made use of softer colours and contrasts, having such a strong black doesn't appeal to they eyes quite as well as the light/dark greys.

    2. Lucky Bolt

      Lucky Bolt

      Both pictures are adorable, but I especially love his mane colors in the second picture. I like how the mix of grey and black is subtle. :dash:

    3. Regal Shadow

      Regal Shadow

      @Snow, that's the reason I decided to look into changing this. I watched some of the newer episodes a couple days ago, and I noticed exactly what you mentioned. 

      Thanks for your input.

      @Lucky Bolt, thanks. I'm glad you like him. 

      I really appreciate your input. ;)

  8. Good morning everypony. 

  9. Good morning everypony. Did everypony have a good Nightmare Night?

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Regal Shadow

      Regal Shadow

      That does sound really fun. I haven't been trick-or-treating in years.

      What was your costume?

    3. Lucky Bolt

      Lucky Bolt

      I was a character from The Walking Dead, Beth Greene

    4. Regal Shadow
  10. Good morning everypony! Who's excited for Nightmare Night?

  11. Regal Shadow

    You better not snitch...

    This is well done. I wonder what Rainbow Dash did?
  12. Regal Shadow

    Magic makes it all complete!

    Aww, so cute! Great job.
  13. Regal Shadow

    Criminally Cute 2

    This is so cute and sad at the same time!
  14. Regal Shadow

    Still Waiting For Portal 3...

    Wow, so many people here on the forums are really good at art. Great job!
  15. Regal Shadow

    Happy 35 MLP

    This is well done. So cute!