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  1. Hey. Thanks for following me. :)

    1. Deerie


      no problem <3

    2. Regal Shadow

      Regal Shadow

      What made you decide to follow me? If you don't mind me asking, of course.  ;)

  2. Hey. How are you doing?

    1. Lucky Bolt

      Lucky Bolt

      Oh hi :coco: It's been a while. 

      I'm very tired at the moment but overall good. How are you Regal?

    2. Regal Shadow

      Regal Shadow

      Yeah, it has. 

      I'm glad you're doing well. I just wanted to make sure, because some of your recent posts sounded like you were a bit depressed. I understand what it feels like to be depressed, so I was getting worried about you. 

      Anyway, I'm doing okay. Thanks for asking. 

  3. Boop

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    2. Regal Shadow

      Regal Shadow

      How's it going?

    3. ridaranka


      pretty good :) how about you?

    4. Regal Shadow

      Regal Shadow

      Good to hear.

      Same here. I've had a pretty good day, so I can't complain. 

  4. Could you please take a look at the PM I sent you a while ago? I would appreciate that very much, Lucky. 

  5. Hey everypony! What do y'all think about this? It's a promotional poster I made for one of my custom models. 


    ~Regal Shadow

  6. Hey, Lucky. If you could check out my latest status update, that would be great. I could really use your help with something. When you get a chance, of course. 

  7. Could you check out my latest status update. I would appreciate it. :)

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    2. Regal Shadow

      Regal Shadow

      At least tell me why you won't be able to support. 

    3. Emerald Heart

      Emerald Heart

      @Regal Shadow

      Because that was my answer. I support what you are doing, but I also don't want to go through the effort of making an account just to do that one thing.

      Best of luck on your project though!

    4. Regal Shadow

      Regal Shadow

      Okay, I understand. I mean, it only takes a minute to make an account, but you don't have to. Thanks for letting me know, though. 

  8. Hey everypony! Hope you're having a great Monday. I just wanted to ask for your help with something.

    If you've read my profile, then you know I love creating custom LEGO models. Well, for the past few months, I've worked to create a custom LEGO Nancy Drew model. The 90th anniversary of Nancy Drew is coming up next year, and I wanted to make something special for that event. 

    Anyway, I just uploaded the model to a website called "LEGO IDEAS," where fans can show their product ideas to the LEGO Group. The way LEGO IDEAS works is that people can upload set ideas, which other people can then vote on. If an idea gets 10,000 votes in a certain amount of time, it will be reviewed by LEGO to decide whether or not the set will be made into an official set.

    It is my dream to create an official LEGO product, so having this be realized would be amazing! I would really appreciate your support, and if you could, your help sharing the word. Here is a link to the product idea page:

    Thanks for your help! 

    ~Regal Shadow



    1. Lucky Bolt

      Lucky Bolt

      I got your back, Regal! :sassy:

    2. Regal Shadow

      Regal Shadow

      Thanks, Lucky! That means a lot to me. 

  9. Goodnight everypony. 

  10. Goodnight, everypony. Sleep well. 

  11. You're welcome, Lucky. You have really developed your ponysona well.
  12. Good morning. Hope everypony is having a good Thursday. 

  13. You're pretty awesome

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    2. Regal Shadow

      Regal Shadow

      It's on my profile page. You just click on the "About Me" tab. 

      Not yet.

    3. Emerald Heart

      Emerald Heart

      I'll check it out later.

      And mine is also in my "about me" tab

    4. Regal Shadow

      Regal Shadow

      Cool. Sounds good. I would love to know what you think as soon as you can.