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    It's only funny til somepony gets hurt... then it's hilarious! !
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    Doubt that anypony is interested in my interests... but if you are, I like to read, to draw, make pixel art, socialise, listen to music and watch movies. I like crime, both true crime and murder mysteries, chicklit and fantasy. Movies... well, I like a varied range of movies so to list them would be futile. XD

    I am English and my favourite colours are black, silver and purple. I am engaged to my Fiance, who I am trying to get interested in ponies and almost succeeding. XD

    This is my dA: http://kaori-warbird.deviantart.com/

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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day... you are missed.

  3. Happy Birthday, @Pripyat Pony! I hope you have and continue to have an awesome day! :grin:

  4. @Emerald Heart Yes, as long as they are fully committed to Jinx's cause. Everypony, I'm really sorry about the delay. I had major internet problems which prevented me from posting til now. I haven't forgotten about this RP and promise to get it up by the weekend.
  5. Okies, will try to start this soon, if my stupid laptop lets me.
  6. @BroomsNHops @Illiad Easle Yes, this is still on, and any or even, all of those sound good. XD I'll wait a little longer to see if anypony else wants to join then start the RP.
  7. Shadow Star smiled slightly. "Now, if you're looking for heroes," she drawled, taking another gulp from her glass, "Just why are you here at this dead and alive place? Of course, I'm always up for an adventure, if the price is right. I have, shall we say, gotten to know some very shady characters in my time so might just know something about whoever is causing trouble overseas." The unicorn mare spoke the truth in this, tho there was one stallion that she would not care to meet again. More years ago than she cared to remember, when she had been a young and innocent filly, she had been sed
  8. I'm really sorry I haven't been here. My crappy laptop died. I managed to resurrect it from the dead. so am back on. Hope I haven't been left behind! o.o
  9. @Zenchi Shadow Star grinned. She levitated the glass with her magic, and took a gulp, sighing with pleasure. "Well, I figured it was just the right time for this," she said. Smirking a little, she stroked the soft leather of her coat. "Won this off a stallion who I cleaned out a few hours ago. Silly boy, he thought he stood a chance at winning a hoof of poker with me."
  10. The door suddenly shot open, slamming on its hinges to hit the wall. A red glow surrounded it, preventing the door from swinging back and blocking the path of the mare behind it. A moment later, and a unicorn mare walked into the bar. She had dark blue fur and a mane striped two different shades of blue. Her eyes were red and there was a wicked grin on her face. She wore an expensive looking coat of dragon leather and furry boots; both had been bought with her ill gotten gains. Her eyes roved lazily around and came to rest on her favourite chair next to the bar. The mare was a regular at this
  11. Gonna post, please don't leave me behind as I have work tomorrow. Plus I'm on GMT timezone.
  12. I think that Shadow Star would fit this RP tho. She's a skilled gambler, fond of a drink and likes to chat to other ponies; tho, it would be advised not to challenge her to a game, cuz she will clean you out. XD
  13. Tartarus. Not exactly the place I planned on spending the rest of eternity. I'm sure that there are others who feel the same. I mean, it's not as tho I did anything that wrong; just tried to take over Equestria and destroy life as we know it, enslave an entire population and sit on a gold throne. Not that bad, by a long chalk. But now, I think that I may have discovered a way out... and I plan to take a few others out with me. Basically, that's the premis. Your character has been put in Tartarus for committing terrible crimes and now is going to join forces with Jinx to take revenge. Jinx
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