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  1. sunne

    Make up a lie about yourself

    im still in this fandom and absolutely know why im on this thread
  2. i mmmmaaaayyyy????? make some pony adopts on (which is what used to be my main pony art account but is now just basically going to be adopts) ??? idk maybe  i keep changing my mind lol

    i no longer watch the show and am not part of the fandom anymore, but ponies are fun to design and draw. and i can still draw them pretty well after three years of just,, not drawing them

    so yeah maybe

    but if humans and humanoids are your thing i def plan on doing human and humanoid adopts sometime soon so go ahead and look

    maybe some creatures and fandom stuff too we’ll see


    a lot has changed about mlpf, man...

    lol im not planning on being active like at all i just signed in to see what haf changed and to look back on my old cringy rping skills lmao

    im more active now on art sites like da and. stuff like toyhouse as sunnearts if ya wanna check it out but i don’t do any pony stuff anymore

  4. How in the world are you holding those headphones?? :awuh:
  5. Heya Sans, why don't ya put away your magic and tell me some humerus puns?
  6. :T (Lol, well thank you, but it wasn't. I used the pencil tool in Firealpaca for it.)
  7. Guess it's okay. I'm just not much of a snuggler until I know you. Lol
  8. *o___o' intensifies* (Lol, do you think my icon was made in MSPaint? you confuse me.)
  9. @@Sonata Jets, I believe at the moment we're all thinking of 1on1 RPs rather than one big RP. If you wanna RP with me, feel free to PM me and we can get something set up =v=
  10. I think it would be best to just be human OCs=v=' @@MiniKirby123, Will do x3.
  11. I suppose it would depend.. Wanna show me the OC(/s) you have in mind? Definitely!! Do you have Google Hangouts?
  12. sunne

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    397808 Thanks x3 I'm good x3 How're you? Yeah, they can be turned off. I was just shocked at the amount of notifications, hah
  13. sunne

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    397806 Wow, leave for a few days and you get 400+ notifications because MLPF automatically makes you follow every forum you post on even though you unfollowed it before. Pff. Mornin', even though it's 2:30 AM here x3