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  1. Sparkshower

    Mega Thread Caption the avatar above you.

    I am the queen of stars
  2. I have two possible theories ! this is with prior knowledge like the episode where he was "sick" discord had been trying to invent ways in wich twilight would get her key and with the deadline right in fron of him he had no choice but to BE the reason she got her key 2 he really did believe that tirek was offering him something better because he had not known enough about friendship even then
  3. @@BlastOff, any constellation is fine you can even make up a constellation for it
  4. Jennifer Lawrence she is sheer perfection
  5. ( Aurora has left the forums so I now play his characters in this replay if anyone wants misery please say so) Aurora stood diligently listening as sparkshower took notes Luna explained the whole purpose of the group and what skills they would have to master
  6. Best Reaction Me: Sooooo Im a brony now Friend : HECK YEAH now we can discuss the show worst reaction Me watching mlp: *Dad walks in* Dad: Is that my little pony? Me: Yeah Dad: its late go to bed Me: but im on the last episode of the season Dad: go to bed
  7. Sparkshower

    Open RGAF

    Sparkshower turned to aurora "I have a theory about that, I think everypony has the equal amount of magic in them but it is used in different ways for example earth pony's magic is usually in physical strength or in other things the magic you have anhances your special talent."
  8. *later* The first training session for the constellation crusaders had begun, all of the recruits stood in a line, waiting. From the right entered Luna, dressed in her battle armor looking every bit the feirce warrior she could be. She stopped and addressed the Cadets "In case you haven't already geussed, I will be personally overseeing your training."
  10. I LOVED it, it was clever and to the point its obvious this is referring to the fact that cadence knew of twilights crush (You know what happens when the princess of love finds out about your crush don't you?) but without "shoving him down your throats" I really don't like all the hate he gets just because he's a good guy and not an ex con (seems to be the only male characters to get any love nowadays, at least to be paired with main character) they smiled at each other and it was awesome also twilight was prob too busy trying not to ruin her visit with cadence to worry about the really cu
  11. honestly about why NMM was banished i think it was because BOTH Luna and Celestia were the bearers of the element and the full power of the elements could not be tapped when only one of the bearers was using them, and so instead of petrifying or simply restoring NMM to luna they could only banish her
  12. Sparkshower

    Open RGAF

    Sparkshower coughed and groaned before rising to her hooves slowly she used a quick healing spell to dispell the pain inher muscles. it didnt completely get rid of hit but it quelled it enough to where she could move. "Good fight thunder, I see your experience ohn the battlefeild has served you well for you most certainly won that fight."
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