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  1. Does this mean?? Jack Black?
  2. No, we're all f****** and we all should be burned with fire. No, 90% of bronies I've meet are what you call "normal".
  3. OC's Name: lighting flash References for color or color you want OC to be: Reference of base/picture you want me to make into vector: Extras: nothing really.
  4. *sigh* Vinyl put you up to this, didn't she? What is 2+2?
  5. Rae Cassidy. One of my favorites.
  6. ...We'll find tomorrow is just ordinary too

  7. lol. In that case, she's perfect to me.
  8. I'm no artist or anything. But where her hind-legs meet seems smaller(proportional wise) than the rest of the body. Other than that,it looks great to me.
  9. Ever watched everyone loves raymond? I put dry foods to my chin before i put them in my mouth.
  10. I want a poster of it! It's really nice. Keep it up @,