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  1. *wonders what your glorious destiny will be* :wacko: 

  2. I miss you most of all ;a;

  3. baby come back

    1. Varrack


      She's never coming back bruh. Just let her go

    2. Clod



  4. Still have that welcome letter you sent me all those years ago, Love you Mailmare <3

  5. Love you, Mailmare ;}

  6. What is love?

    1. Commander Frost

      Commander Frost

      Baby don't hurt me...

      Don't hurt me...

      No more...

  7. How does a bot like you actually feel?

  8. You are a robot. Can you even feel love?

    1. Mailmare
    2. Commander Frost

      Commander Frost

      Does love feel different to a robot?